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(HMB Review)   Drug suspect disappears after jumping off 200 ft. cliff to avoid arrest   ( divider line
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2180 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Sep 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-24 10:46:45 PM  
Superlab. Drug lords get superlabs, but what about us, eh?
2001-09-25 12:11:17 AM  
are you competing for the most boobiess w/o actually pointing it out? :P
2001-09-25 12:12:02 AM  
haha. i'm a tard
2001-09-25 12:13:21 AM  
The guy took a flying leap off a 200 foot cliff, and the cops wonder why they can't find him. Hmmmm, maybe has something to do with the AMPHETAMINES?!?!?!?

Did they think to look up?
2001-09-25 12:27:35 AM  
They well never catch me!
2001-09-25 12:44:00 AM  
I fell 10 feet once, it farked my knee up :( I'd hate to think of 200.
2001-09-25 01:06:31 AM  
A guy has a drug "super lab" and escapes the cops by jumping off a cliff. Just wait, in a few months someone in colorfull tights will show up. Comics do not lie.
2001-09-25 01:37:50 AM  
"What? Are you people on drugs?"
(Mr. Hand, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
2001-09-25 01:41:36 AM  
Ehhhhnnnn!! Thank you for playing!

That should be:
"What are you people? On dope?"

(Memory resource failure warning)
2001-09-25 02:09:42 AM  
Me, get boobies? That's an idea.
2001-09-25 05:25:57 AM  
Nanook Thanks for correcting yourself. We purists need to see that kind of diligence when it comes to Fast Times.

Did it say if this guy jumped into the ocean? Half Moon Bay is scary- Mavs is out there, and all those sharks...
2001-09-25 09:02:18 AM  
We used to spend summers on this lake in Canada and they had a 90 ft cliff called Indian head. We used to jump off into the lake, it was key that you wear tennis shoes and make sure you land feet first.

One summer this kid jumped off without his sneakers and landed on a HUGE snapping turtle that was swimming about 2 ft below the surface. He broke about 45 bones in his foot. Ahhhh to go back to my youth.
2001-09-25 09:37:51 AM  
Albert: how was the turtle?
2001-09-25 09:44:19 AM  
2001-09-25 09:56:59 AM  
not a fish, but:
"Oh, I wish I wish I wish I hadn't squished that fish..."
Homer, the time traveling toaster part of a Treehouse of Horrors
(apologizes if I didn't get it exactly...d'oh)
2001-09-25 10:30:21 AM  

The turtle's shell was cracked from head to hind and you could see all this pink fleshy meat. It was still alive and snapping at us when we pulled it onto shore. Being 13 yr old boys we teased it and poked it with sticks until it finally died.
2001-09-25 10:32:29 AM  
Damn Mexicans come over here and take all of the good Motorcycle Gang jobs. Something needs to be done!
2001-09-25 11:01:42 AM  
But was the turtle soup good?
2001-09-25 11:44:28 AM  
Guess they will need to make the cliff a little higher to prevent this from happening again
2001-09-25 11:56:46 AM  
Who's Cliff ?
2001-09-25 12:18:59 PM  
Cliff? He's a guy with no arms and no legs. Hangs out on the side of a mountain.

He's one of a set of quintuplets all born with no arms or legs.

Bob: Likes to swim
Skip: Loves to water ski
Matt: Just lays in front of the door
Art: Just hangs around on the wall.
2001-09-25 12:58:41 PM  
You forgot cousin Rustle: loves to play in the leaves.
2001-09-25 01:00:27 PM  
Jack : has a strong neck, works on cars
2001-09-25 02:22:13 PM  
Can't we all just remember-what-mama-done-said-after-she-
it"-and dat's whjen she slapped-you-up-and-say-"fool,-if-
everybody-done-jumped-offa-de-cliff..." along?
2001-09-25 03:24:56 PM  
You forgot their brother Claude. He hangs out in Lions Den's.
2001-09-25 03:25:54 PM  
Does anyone know if this guy watched First Blood before he jumped?
2001-09-25 07:59:16 PM  
heheh $20 says that they're gonna find him in the oddest say on the ground where they haven't looked yet...
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