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(Inca Two Step)   Carbon fiber toilet seat may actually stand up to Taco Bell   ( riderperformancemotorcycles.com) divider line
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83 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Apr 2003 at 3:58 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-11 02:09:15 PM  
$168 for a toilet seat? Sounds like one of those famous 'government purchased' dealies. The ones with the $100 hammers, etc.
2003-04-11 02:26:20 PM  
You forget those $100 hammers/wrenches are custom made for one part that needs it in a airplane engine that costs millions.

Now for my image.

[image from everwonder.com too old to be available]
2003-04-11 02:37:56 PM  
Your gordita style is no match for my carbon fiber stance!
/shaw bros.
2003-04-11 03:29:03 PM  
Cool, I hate Taco Bell. And their little dog too.
2003-04-11 05:33:34 PM  
Chrome bracketing is all wrong for carbon fiber toilet seats. Needs to be burninshed pewter or mat black. Chrome is just awful.

What were they thinking?
2003-04-12 04:04:47 AM  
Christopher Lowell? Is that you? :-p
2003-04-12 04:05:32 AM  
[image from epwu.org too old to be available]
2003-04-12 04:07:04 AM  
After my daily dose of Metamucil, my toilet seat has carbon fibers all over it! But not $168 worth. Go, go, go Metamucil!!
2003-04-12 04:07:44 AM  
I gots the Runs for the Border.
2003-04-12 04:07:54 AM  
[image from lockepet.com too old to be available]
Safe for taco bell, still not safe for kittens!
2003-04-12 04:09:10 AM  
Seriously who would pay $168 for a toilet seat...well maybe some fat ass taco bell eating FREAK
2003-04-12 04:14:32 AM  
[image from landoverbaptist.org too old to be available]
Praise the LORD!!!!
2003-04-12 04:23:06 AM  
From Independence Day:

[At the secret government lab.]
President Thomas Whitmore: I don't understand, where does all this come from? How do you get funding for something like this?
Julius Levinson: You don't actually think they spend $20,000.00 on a hammer, $30,000.00 on a toilet seat do you?
2003-04-12 04:26:27 AM  
For $168 it had better have a mechanical arm that pops out and jacks you off.
2003-04-12 04:30:08 AM  
a real carbon fiber toilet is going to cost at least $7-800. And carbon fiber isn't supposed to be that shiny anyway. That's ovbiously a fake.
2003-04-12 04:36:20 AM  
Well, it does say seat Cover...
2003-04-12 04:39:37 AM  
Next up, titanium.
2003-04-12 04:43:39 AM  
When the title says "Carbon fiber toilet seat may actually stand up to Taco Bell", the submitter apparently has no experience with actual Mexicans eating at Taco Bell. It happens, rarely... and when it does...
2003-04-12 04:44:49 AM  
Is carbon fiber slippery? I would hate to slide off the toilet and smear poop everywhere.
2003-04-12 04:50:04 AM  
Can I get one in bright farking yellow so I can go faster?
2003-04-12 04:59:41 AM  
Carbon fiber? Pffft. I've never felt the need to reduce the weightiness of my shiats. I do, however, enjoy farting thru silk.
2003-04-12 05:02:06 AM  
Perfect for any performance enthusiast! Heh!
2003-04-12 05:02:42 AM  
Kitschnsync, farting thru silk! Did I read that on Fark, in one of the books I'm reading or somewhere else?

(I'm in Austin too)
2003-04-12 05:03:05 AM  
Not Yellow, but it does come in quite the assortment of colors..

[image from deco-tech.com too old to be available][image from deco-tech.com too old to be available][image from deco-tech.com too old to be available][image from deco-tech.com too old to be available]
2003-04-12 05:04:26 AM  
hmm. I know I just read that phrase yesterday, but what do I find doing a google search? Farting thru silk is everywhere. Yes, I have been in a cave for the last several years. Nevermind.
2003-04-12 05:05:32 AM  
Praise be to Yevon. I was just thinking to myself "How can I make my toilet experiences more enjoyable? My performance surely can be improved!"

Yeah, my mind is a vast wasteland.
2003-04-12 05:12:41 AM  
Being married to a man with a gut disorder has made me appreciate the value of a good high tech toilet.
Unfortunatally, we are broke and can only afford the typical rented-a-new-place-walmart-toilet-seat. You know. The nine dollar one. Works fine for me. Mr. Bugdog says he has a problem with his legs falling asleep.
2003-04-12 05:14:14 AM  
Carbon fiber is surprisingly rough, wouldn't want any
carbon fibers splintering my arse.

What about those paper ass-gaskets... I mean salor-bibs
2003-04-12 05:16:45 AM  
Damn ricers...their carboned-up quasi-cars sound like my shrub trimmer...does this mean their farts and pooping will as well?
2003-04-12 05:20:09 AM  
let a 1000 lb man try is out, that would be a trus strength
2003-04-12 05:28:26 AM  
Congrats on being here in Austin. In case anyone wasn't aware of it, Austin, Texas is the coolest place on Earth.

As far as the origins of the phrase "farting thru silk"- I have had it passed down to me via hyperbolic oral tradition. I would love to know who came up with it first.
2003-04-12 05:30:58 AM  
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Yeah.. thanks fark banner ads.
2003-04-12 05:38:43 AM  
Maybe they need these on the Space Shuttle... Would it survive reentry?
2003-04-12 05:46:22 AM  
I have one of those on my harley
2003-04-12 06:01:50 AM  
Brazil: Only if you don't let it touch your wings on the way up.
2003-04-12 06:11:37 AM  
Screw this, when does the kevlar version come out.
2003-04-12 06:31:19 AM  
Stand up to the unholy might of Taco Bell? What foul sorcery is this?!?
2003-04-12 07:10:32 AM  
Demon dogs! Lords of Light! Ookla! Ariel! Riiiiiiiide!
2003-04-12 07:15:55 AM  
Demon dogs! Lords of Light! Ookla! Ariel! Riiiiiiiide!

Thanks Thundar.
2003-04-12 07:18:55 AM  
Love the headline!
2003-04-12 08:08:25 AM  
I read the phrase "farting through silk" in Rudy Rucker's book 'Software' from 1982, though I'm sure the phrase is probably as old as silk underpants are. :)

Carbon Fiber in toilet seat is a Bad Idea.....if you've ever encountered frayed carbon fiber...OUCH! Titanium, though...now there's a cool idea!
2003-04-12 08:30:08 AM  
Here ya go Anti_Freak_Machine!
[image from home.austin.rr.com too old to be available]
2003-04-12 08:40:04 AM  

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Go here for mre details.
2003-04-12 08:41:04 AM  
Grrrr, darn HTML...


Just right-click on the popup ad then paste the url of this annoying thing to your HOSTS file to drive that nasty popup away....

Go here for mre details.
2003-04-12 09:10:03 AM  
The Ass-Seat! is made by a company called AK composites, In Huntington Beach,CA. I should know, They make all my bodywork for my Ducati 916/1024. Plus They will make ANY make, ANY model and ANY material you wish ( carbon 1K x 1K, 12k x 12k, Carbon/Kevlar,Kevlar, Color Kevlar/Carbon fiber and any combination your little heart desires) btw.. A really good price too and they use epoxy and NOT vinyl-ester(s) for their substrates.

And NO I do not work for them ;), they always make a great product at a good price, so thought I'd ad my .000000002 cents' thats all.
2003-04-12 09:12:57 AM  
ass gaskets sold separately
2003-04-12 09:58:50 AM  

So you're sure this thing is 100% carbon fiber, not some crappy walmart seat coated with faux carbon fiber? Or perhaps fiber resin plastic with a carbon coating?

It's just that I've noticed that quite a few of the carbon fiber nick nacks out there are (mostly) not made of carbon fiber.
2003-04-12 10:31:09 AM  
geez/ you know I think I might actually get one of those things? It MUST be the antihistimines(sp). mUSt gIve WifE CrEdiT CaRd bEfOre I Buy ThIS.
2003-04-12 11:37:11 AM  
Carbon... doesn't that leave a charcoally mess?

Probably the closest I'll ever come to gettin' a black ass.
2003-04-12 01:45:39 PM  
if the thing is actually carbon fiber, its probably coated in some plastic stuff, that's why its shiny. Also, if its really carbon fiber the seat must be super lightweight....my roadbike has a carbon fiber fork and the thing weighs about nothing.
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