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2001-09-24 03:36:33 PM  
It's not so fun in the states, either.
2001-09-24 03:40:32 PM  
I like not working from home ;)
2001-09-24 03:46:52 PM  
Britain may consider itself as a bastion of comedy, and the global headquarters of the sense of humour.

I got this far, and just had to stop.
2001-09-24 03:53:47 PM  
Yeah it is.
Men behaving badly, they think it's all over, the fast show, game on. Need I continue? Just 'cause all you get in this country is Are you being served? and keeping up appearances doesn't mean that that's all we make.
Besides, anything's better than Just Shoot Me.
2001-09-24 03:55:03 PM  
Although Britain has a few comedies much funnier than anything over here, the vast majority are tedious and might as well have been written by the French
2001-09-24 03:59:52 PM  
Drew: Two words: "Red Dwarf", "Ab' Fab'" and "Benny Hill".
O.K. Three words.....
2001-09-24 04:00:09 PM  
"Britain may consider itself as a bastion of comedy, and the global headquarters of the sense of humour."

Yeah, sure. British comedy is retarded.
2001-09-24 04:04:12 PM  
"Whacky ideas such as... allowing pranks, introducing brain teasers and games to warm people up before a meeting are way down the scale in the UK," the institute said.
No thanks,
just give my a nice bonus instead.
2001-09-24 04:05:49 PM  
Drew I don't care if this is your website but if you ever compare anything English with anything French then I'm going to cry and I'm not going to stop until you apologise and send me a case of beer.
2001-09-24 04:06:52 PM  
I assume Drew knows that a lot of British comedy is written by Dawn French!
2001-09-24 04:11:20 PM  
I'm British... my "photoshop this pic" of Drew has 25 votes! Okay, so it's based on an American pop culture reference... but still... 25 of you laughed!!
2001-09-24 04:12:47 PM  
Computers are the cotton gin of the 20th century.
2001-09-24 04:21:56 PM  
The article's true; and my experience is that there's more fun in a US workplace than a UK one. It's one of the reasons I emigrated.
As for comedy... how can you argue with anything as sick, twisted and hilarious as "The Day Today", "The League of Gentlemen", "Big Train", ...
2001-09-24 04:28:15 PM  
That was the week, that was!
2001-09-24 04:50:32 PM  
Japan allows employees to have punchbags of their bosses? I love that country even more now!
2001-09-24 04:53:27 PM  
Guess I'm one of the few. We used to have chair races around an obstacle course made up of desks in the office. As for humor, what about "The Good Life" (called Good Neighbors in the US for some reason) and "Black Adder"..?
2001-09-24 05:15:29 PM  
Drew said : "Although the US has a few comedies almost as funny as most over there, the vast majority are tedious and might as well have been written by squirrels."

Drew, in all seriousness, please tell me of one consistantly funny series in the US, and I'll make the effort to watch more than 7 minutes of our trash.
Please exclude Major, Major etc
P.S. I quite liked Sesame Street! And Captain Pugwash(UK) was the funniest shiat I ever saw.
2001-09-24 05:31:34 PM  
South Park.

The Man Show.

Drew Carey.

The Simpsons.


Northern Exposure, for the intellectoids.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (the first two seasons).

Saturday Night Live (Never mind, you said consistently funny.)

And don't get me started on movies....
2001-09-24 05:35:43 PM  
"The League of Gentlemen" was the WORST show I have ever seen. It was so unfunny, it hurt. Honestly, British comedy is hit and miss. And rarely do they hit.
2001-09-24 05:35:51 PM  
I only wanted one, and your name is not Drew. So I will ignor that list of simplistic slapshot fodder!
Drew Carey is good though:)
2001-09-24 06:11:29 PM  
The Day Today
People Like Us
League Of Gentlemen (you either love it, or hate it)
Brass Eye
Red Dwarf (it's gone arse, but it used to be good)
Father Ted

All fantastic & british. I'm sure if I thought hard enough I could spew out at least twice as many cack british comedies, but when I name good american comedies sommat interesting happens...

Family Guy (VERY under rated)

They're all animations! It must be something about animations which makes originality bloom in its writers.

Good british animations: Hmmm.... err... Stressed Eric was good once, perhaps. But throw some clay about & we get the fantastic wallace & grommit and rex the runt.

I've put forward enough views now, I'm off to bed.
2001-09-24 06:18:09 PM  
I forgot Ali G. I'll never forgive myself.
As for cack comedy, Johnny should have stuck with the Big Breakfast.
2001-09-24 06:21:12 PM  
Dr: What about Murry Walker?
2001-09-24 06:24:18 PM  
Murry was the longest running comedy on British TV if I recall :)
2001-09-24 06:26:01 PM  
Fun came 11th out of 12 for priorities to increase creativity in the workplace. 12th, of course, being basic dental hygiene.
2001-09-24 06:27:10 PM  
No, 12 was turning up sober !
2001-09-24 06:28:23 PM  
muwaahaaaha the funniest thing about this thread is americans even suggesting their comedies are funnier than british ones. the vast majority are tedious?! from the home of the most arse suckingly tedious comedy of all time bar none - friends. all your comedies are about the same thing - some bunch of sad 20 somethings living in some plush apartment talking bullshiat all day long. if our comedy is so crap then why do you guys rip off our sitcoms (i.e. till death us do part/in sickness & in health and absolutley fabulous to name just 2) and then either rename it or change the characters name and just generally cock the whole thing up?
granted the simpsons is pure genius, it lays out anything else stone cold. other than that i'd give credit to seinfeld and the phil silvers show but thats about it.
2001-09-24 06:34:43 PM  
First of all, I'd imagine "Ab Fab" is really only funny to flaming homosexuals and soccer moms who are trying in vain to remember the days when people would want to have sex with them for interests outside of the realm of morbid curiosity.

Second of all, be it American OR British, televised comedy is very, VERY rarely funny at all. 99% recycled, contrived crap. Save your pointless nationalism for something REALLY important like, oh, I don't know, cola preference.
2001-09-24 06:34:45 PM  
You could say men behaving badly was just a couple of middle aged men sitting in a shiatty apartment talking cack. Personally I hate Friends, but I think Men Behaving Badly (another I missed out) is amazing. I think it's just a case of national taste.

Btw, do you get Father Ted over in America?
2001-09-24 06:37:00 PM  
I find ab fab funny because I know people who are still trying to live in the 60's. I'm not a flaming homosexual nor am I trying to relive the 60's. Let's try and keep the conversation out of the 13 year old level insults please.
2001-09-24 06:38:28 PM  
No. 13 year old level insults are fun.
2001-09-24 06:40:03 PM  
well it's fun being aussie working in london. all those convict and criminal taunts are real funny. yep.
2001-09-24 06:41:56 PM  
oh get over it man its only a joke (even if it ain't that funny)
2001-09-24 06:44:30 PM  
normally i just mention the cricket or rugby then the talk turns work related real quick anyhow
2001-09-24 06:44:58 PM  
Recharge, I'd think the non-stop Crocodile Hunter imitations you hear would be much more aggrivating. I share a name with a famous television character, and after two or three years I was damn near driven to violence from the non-stop requests of "Hey, say (characters catch phrase)!!!" The funniest part was, every person who said it somehow thought they were being original.
2001-09-24 06:52:42 PM  
ok i'm off to practice my Jonathan Ross voice so i can have some fun at work tomowow...or try to
2001-09-24 07:11:25 PM  
they should just do what they do at my work: free beer and mechanical bull rides.
2001-09-24 07:11:26 PM  
...something like "good ship lolly pop"
Ahaa haa haaaa!
2001-09-24 07:31:54 PM  
DangerDummy, I feel your pain. If I ever see Rick Springfield I'm going to kill him for writing "Jesse's Girl." It gets so old with the people thinking they're being clever and nobody has ever made the connection with my name and the title of that stupid farking song! Idiots!

My favorite British comedy ever was "The Young Ones" Now that was a funny show.

About the article though I really can't believe that people are people and I'm sure you put me in any job and I'll find a way to goof off and have fun.
2001-09-24 07:34:17 PM  
Thirdrail: I'm sorry to hear your real name is VIVIAN!!!!!
2001-09-24 07:44:47 PM  
Animation is consistently better than live action because it costs the same to draw a sitcom, or to draw an action sequence. Plus, since cartoons aren't real (we all knew that, right?), the censors are a lot more relxed, like when Brian the dog sniffed cocaine on the Family Guy, then moved to LA to become a porn director ("I love the smell of Astroglide in the morning!").
2001-09-24 07:49:27 PM  
We82bl8: Hey a felow Virginian! Tornados popping up be careful! Anyways Let's see there was Vivian, Neil, Rick or I like to pronounce it VERRRiick and the cool guy Mike. I have all there shows taped on BETA but don't have a BETA VCR I've been keeping the damn tape thinking that maybe one day I'll find an old BETA VCR. I wish I could find a DVD of those shows.

BOOMSHANKA- My the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman.
2001-09-24 07:51:51 PM  

BOOMSHANKA - May the seed of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman.
2001-09-24 08:01:50 PM  
Thirdrail: It's available on VCR, see :
http://www.bbcamericashop.com/default.asp?cpa=productinstrands&rpa=2&i​d=Young+ Ones%2C+The
2001-09-24 08:08:28 PM  
Watch out for the lentils, mice and especially the landlord.
These storms can cathcha by the bollocks!
2001-09-24 08:26:28 PM  
We82bl8, Thanks so much for the link! I've been trying lately to only buy USA products, I just gotta get these!

Thanks again. I feel like I just found a gold mine. Tons of lines from the show are going through my head especailly you bringing up lentils. Iloved the one where Vivian claimed to be pregnant and Neil had to get a job.
Neil:"Open up it's the pigs!" I still use that line when knocking on my friends doors and nobody knows why I think that's so funny.
2001-09-24 08:41:17 PM  
Well, I haven't seen it for what seems like 20 years (it could be that long!) so I'll have to take your word about Neil getting a job!
Brilliant, he came through the door, and he didn't even open it.
2001-09-24 08:56:00 PM  
geez what rubbish, we got upto all sorts at the UK firm i worked at, when i was working at dreamworks in the US, we couldn't even put up a darwin fish on a whiteboard, i even got told off for leaving my copies of loaded lying around.. So god help us if we'd gaffer taped someone to a wheely chair left him in the elevator, then had the managing director pee all over him from the second storey window after he'd hobbled his way outside.. Father ted is on bbc america, along with british men behaving badly, which had to be renamed since the yanks tried men behaving badly, and it was pants. Of course not anywhere near as god awful terrible as the US version of red dwarf which was utter garbage and only got as far as the pilot........ Dr_Satan i can't believe you left out brilliant/fast show....
2001-09-24 09:34:16 PM  
Truely funny US comedies:
Duckman (I'd completely forgotten about this untill I saw it mentioned above)
American News programs (They *are* meant to be comedy, right?)

Truely funny UK comedies:
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Fawlty Towers
Red Dwarf
Big Train
Father Ted
Black Adder
The Fast Show
Shooting Stars
The Smell Of Reeves & Mortimer
Rex The Runt

And we even have the comic genius of Marc & Lard on BBC Radio 1. So we win. Nyer :P
2001-09-24 09:51:11 PM  
...what have the romans ever done for us........
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