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(Local6)   Police officer fakes stripper's traffic records for free nude lap dances   ( local6.com) divider line
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82 clicks; posted to Main » on 11 Apr 2003 at 1:15 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-11 07:07:01 AM  
Well, duh.
2003-04-11 08:22:23 AM  
He's only a dumbass because he got caught.
2003-04-11 10:21:25 AM  
What, no Hero tag?
2003-04-11 11:36:46 AM  
Stories like this are meaningless without photos.
2003-04-11 01:16:49 PM  
Talk about a moving violation.
2003-04-11 01:18:51 PM  
what no "undercover" work
2003-04-11 01:19:34 PM  
why did this guy get a "dumbass" tag? I thought the fark was supposed to be in favour of stupid frat boy like activities.

where's this guy's "hero" tag?
2003-04-11 01:20:08 PM  
At least he is an honest crook. He actually tried to fix the girl's warrants.
2003-04-11 01:21:32 PM  
So how'd they get caught? Some fellow cop not into the ladies?

Seems like a victimless crime.

Move along. Nothing to see here.
2003-04-11 01:22:34 PM  
oh yes, hero in my book, way to work the system, I hate cops
2003-04-11 01:23:35 PM  
For Darth and Peetah:
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-04-11 01:24:32 PM  
This just goes to prove the fact that cops and strippers are nothing but whores.
2003-04-11 01:27:10 PM  
I think this article makes a strong argument for the development of a Genius tag.
2003-04-11 01:27:22 PM  
Since the city paid, she owes the entire city of Miami a lap dance. I say you locals go by the club and collect.
2003-04-11 01:27:25 PM  
Strippers are attracted to cops and vice versa. One of our local boys in blue just got shiat-canned for banging a stripper on duty.
2003-04-11 01:30:28 PM  
Hmm, My husband is thinking of becoming a cop. If the above assertions are true, does that mean I become a stripper by default?

Geez, all that university study for nothing...
2003-04-11 01:31:40 PM  
Just remember, for every "bad" cop, there are ten "good" ones who protect and serve...and oh yeah, the all keep their mouths shut about the corruption.
Fark the police. If you are a cop, or know one: fark you, crook.
2003-04-11 01:32:17 PM  
Could have a Florida tag as well....
2003-04-11 01:33:55 PM  
Ok no one has stated the obvious yet. That dude got paid 33 bucks an hour! That is more than 3 times what I make right now! He makes more than my brother in labtops at Dell! I should join the MPD jesus christ.
2003-04-11 01:34:46 PM  
grand theft?

that's the great thing about pussy.
you can sell it, and you still got it!
(can't remember what movie that's from)
2003-04-11 01:34:57 PM  
lap dances are bad, they get you all worked up for nothing, you get in your car and drive home with "no hands" and kill a truck load of kittens
2003-04-11 01:35:24 PM  
Hey Llarken,
Let me know where you will be dancing, I want to drop in and buy some private dances.
2003-04-11 01:35:56 PM  
...cops can actually make a pretty good salary depending on what they do, where they do it, whether or not that have a college degree/four years in the military and how long they've been with the force. Just FYI.
2003-04-11 01:37:18 PM  
I love strippers too. I don't even know any cops.
2003-04-11 01:38:46 PM  
Everybody hates cops until they need one.
2003-04-11 01:39:24 PM  
"If only I could use my powers of law enforcement for good..."
2003-04-11 01:39:26 PM  
(btw...I believe that the cop in question deserves to be fired and arrested)
2003-04-11 01:43:06 PM  
Llarken - don't forget the benefits. ..like free lapdances.

Demetrius The two times in my life I needed a cop they were farkin' useless. The three times in my life a cop has "helped"... um... "my friend" it was not legitimate.

It is a well known and doccuemnted fact that the AVERAGE IQ of a cop is 104. FARKING 104!!! 85 and below and you are literally considered retarded.
2003-04-11 01:45:08 PM  
The cop wants some ass
those weren't my tax dollars
but I understand
2003-04-11 01:46:15 PM  
2003-04-11 01:47:29 PM  
Gotta love living in the U.S. Cops in less-developed countries get away with some really farkedup stuff, like beatings, murder, extortion, rape, etc. In some countries it is customary to offer a bribe regardless of guilt or innocence.

But it's not as bad as an adult probation officer for Windham County, CT...Richard Straub...who a few years back was convicted on numerous sexual assault (by cohersion)charges for ignoring convicts' probation violations in return for buggering them or getting them to perform oral sex on him.
2003-04-11 01:47:52 PM  
I have had many encounters with police officers and I can say that only 2 were negative. Since (as a youth) I got over 30 traffic tickets, and I can only think of 2 asshat cops, says a lot.

Most cops are damn good people in my book.
2003-04-11 01:50:24 PM  
Llarken: You can't "become" a stripper. Strippers are born, not made. Plus, if you danced, your cop husband couldn't not run around behind your back. Don't ruin the natural course of things. Please

I do salute your enthusiasm
2003-04-11 01:54:08 PM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-04-11 01:54:32 PM  
Wgb423 I suppose the cops running into the WTC were useless, too. I've seen cops save peoples lives in front of my eyes. Solve murders. Get babies or somebody's keys out of their locked car.

Considering average IQ scores are 100 for the total population, I really fail to see your point. In my particular town, and this isn't an indication of everywhere, we require a college degree to become an officer and have the privilige to serve people who sometimes want to shoot at you.

My town, and everywhere else, has bad cops. We've fired a couple in my town. We also have welders who are bad people. Accountants. Store owners. Computer professionals. Being an asshat doesn't isolate you to the law enforcement profession. There are plenty of cops that are jerks, but you meet jerks in every part of life.

I obviously can't comment on what happened to you and your bad experience with the police. Did the courts see it the same way as the cops did for your "friend"?
2003-04-11 01:55:43 PM  

Well its good to know where things stand. I was afraid I was going to metamorphasize into a bleach-blonde, perma-tanned anorexic chick with poor dental work and a built in Aerosmith soundtrack the moment he got his badge.

I am greatful for your reassurance.
2003-04-11 01:55:53 PM  
Jeez folks, if you don't allow the anarchy prevention squad to have a few perks, then how are you going to get new enlistees to keep it in existence?
2003-04-11 01:56:46 PM  
Wgb423 85 and below and you are literally considered retarded.

And, actually, no, it's IQ 50-69 that's considered mild retardation.
2003-04-11 01:57:41 PM  
104 is above average IQ. 100 is the average IQ all across the whole country (US), so if they have an average of 104 then the average cop is noticably smarter than the average american.

If I remember the distribution right, 2/3 of the people in the country fall between 90 and 110. Not that IQ is all that great a measure of intelligence anyways...
2003-04-11 01:59:49 PM  
Wgb423 From the article you cite:

The average national score of a police patrol officer is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average.
2003-04-11 02:01:07 PM  
PowerSlacker: Thank you!
2003-04-11 02:02:15 PM  
$33.36 per hour before.
$3.36 per hour now checking ID's at the same titty bar.

He was caught because he was under investigation for something else. Sounds like it was just a matter of time.
2003-04-11 02:10:02 PM  
Demetrius I'm not going to even touch your WTC comments. Obviously people that put their lives in harms way to save others should be commended.

Look, there are good apples and bad apples in all walks of life. We could argue back and forth with good/bad examples of specific cops.
My point is the police force targets low IQ's to be our "keepers" and to watch over us, and then we act suprised when they behave like 15 yr old boys. It's not a difficult conclusion to draw... Stupid people do stupid sht. Just cause the average IQ is low doesnt mean we have to lower the farking bar for our police force.
2003-04-11 02:20:45 PM  
T S G comes through: [image from thesmokinggun.com too old to be available]
2003-04-11 02:27:53 PM  
...personal shows in the club's VIP room...

Only dancing going on in there, I'm sure.
2003-04-11 03:03:29 PM  
Good point, Necro-99. Are we really talking about just a lap dance? I kinda hope not. If I was to loose my job over something sex related, I hope there would actually be sex involved! Like other people have stated, lap dances are basically useless. Yeah, you can go in like a sleaze with sweatpants and no underwear, and if you're lucky and the stripper likes you, you might manage to actually get some physically quantifiable enjoyment if you know what I mean :), but the chances are slim. Otherwise you're just wasting your time.
2003-04-11 04:20:19 PM  
I've mentioned this before:

Now, what is the difference between these two people that determined such an inequity in treatment for such drastically different offenses? Hmmm, I wonder. I'd like to point out that of the 50 people at traffic school there were 2 females, neither attractive in the least bit.
2003-04-11 07:24:23 PM  
WGB43: The article you referenced states, "The average national score of a police patrol officer is 21 to 22, the equivalent of an IQ of 104, or just a little above average."

That's the AVERAGE score of a police PATROL officer. Read the affidavit submitted by the internal affairs cop who charged the rogue Miami-Dade cop in this case. It's on The Smoking Gun's website. It's evidence of above average work, above average intellect and I doubt the IA investigator's IQ is as low as 104.

You, on the other hand, cannot even spell documented.
2003-04-11 08:25:17 PM  
...well if you doubt it FloridaGator it must be true.
I am sure the guy started as an IA and not a PATROL officer, right. I mean them smart detekatives jest start out as detekatives not as symple paytrollman.

Thanks for the spellcheck, farking loser.
2003-04-11 11:24:17 PM  
Gee, there's a surprise. Another cop abusing his power. Asshat.
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