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2003-04-10 11:38:25 PM  
You've gotta be kidding me. This is at least 20 years old. I love P.J. O'Rourke (and National Lampoon) as much as the next guy, but please...
2003-04-10 11:41:17 PM  
I vote this the longest link ever submitted. After a page I gave up. I got the point.
2003-04-11 03:53:13 AM  
I'm too lazy, I just read the headline, someone tell me what it's about, quick!
2003-04-11 03:53:54 AM  
You read the headline? You're a better man than me.
2003-04-11 03:54:25 AM  
2003-04-11 03:54:29 AM  
It really added a lot that they used only one image and repeated parts of it over and over again
2003-04-11 03:55:29 AM  
Hunh. I thought this mag was dead and buried...
2003-04-11 03:58:01 AM  
[image from ourtennesseevalley.com too old to be available]
2003-04-11 03:58:12 AM  
I saw National Lampoon and PJ O' Roarke and decided it was time to hit the hay.
2003-04-11 03:59:09 AM  
[image from wmassociation.com too old to be available]
2003-04-11 04:02:08 AM  
[image from people.zeelandnet.nl too old to be available]

Reno, O'Rourke, separated at birth?
2003-04-11 04:02:35 AM  
Bob, that's genuinely disturbing.
2003-04-11 04:02:39 AM  
well, fark, I just got home from working a 14 hour day, ran into three ex girlfriends, family falling apart, band splitting up, depressed as shiat, and I read that and it made me laugh, so thanks to whoever submitted it, you just salvaged my night.
2003-04-11 04:03:32 AM  
Well...that sure had a lot of words. One of them was 'blue'.
2003-04-11 04:03:49 AM  
Many, many words
Not a single turtle found
Way too few boobies
2003-04-11 04:06:28 AM  
If I wanted to known this I woulda gone to a university. Some of those kids are pros at this.
2003-04-11 04:07:46 AM  
[image from knox.vic.gov.au too old to be available]
Shorten this article or i'll shoot this dog.
2003-04-11 04:08:02 AM  
i am really thinking about going totalfark, oh yeah, the article was way too long to read for me to post anything intelligent aobut it
2003-04-11 04:08:10 AM  
That was... interesting. I do agree with RQuinn about the reoccuring image. That must be some good shiat he has though.
2003-04-11 04:08:29 AM  
Yeah, real f'n funny.. People like this should be castrated, hobbled, then beat to hell for the fark of it...
2003-04-11 04:14:37 AM  
[image from cybersalt.org too old to be available]

That's it. Article too long...cat is getting it.
2003-04-11 04:16:28 AM  
And the article was from 1979.. yes you had to go to the very bottom of the article to see the reprint info..

way to keep it fresh...
2003-04-11 04:16:56 AM  
When I'm on drugs and beer, I drive really sloooooooooooow, safety first!
2003-04-11 04:17:49 AM  
i dont mean to threadjack, but this kind of relates to the article at hand. im faced with a moral dilemma. i have an assignment due in a few hours and obviously its not done. however i took this class last year(didn't successfully complete it though) and completed this report then. would it be cheating if i resubmitted this again, (after all it is my own work)i have a zero chance of being caught, so that is not a concern.
2003-04-11 04:18:53 AM  
Uh, I don't see the dilemna, can you clarify?
2003-04-11 04:19:34 AM  
would it be considered cheating?
2003-04-11 04:20:07 AM  
2003-04-11 04:20:18 AM  
BTW, I think you're a lightweight, when I was in college, I could write seven pages in the first hour, and then I had to come to the hard part, which was deciding what to write about....
2003-04-11 04:20:20 AM  
it's not that im uptight about it, i just want to know if i would be
2003-04-11 04:20:29 AM  
Wow, P.J. O'Roarke... How very, very 80's.

The Republican poster-boy for the decade of decadence... He, Jay McInerney, and Falco should do like a revival tour or something...

shiat, even the mention of his name makes me think of suspenders, pinstripes, and "power ties."
2003-04-11 04:20:45 AM  
of course it's cheating. I'd probably do it anyways...that is, if i KNEW i wouldn't get caught.
2003-04-11 04:21:15 AM  
for VexedThespian

[image from artworks.co.za too old to be available]
2003-04-11 04:21:18 AM  
Just turn in the report, wuss. *grins*
2003-04-11 04:21:27 AM  
How is it cheating?
2003-04-11 04:21:46 AM  
VexedThespian - Resubmit it, smoke a spliff, tune in, tune out. Even if you feel guilty wondering if you're cheating, you won't care. 'Cause you smoked a fatty. Awww yeah, baby.
2003-04-11 04:21:54 AM  
allright thanks, i just wanted someone to say go for it, (i really gotta stop spending so much time on fark...nah.)
2003-04-11 04:22:59 AM  
Son of a biatch I went to school with once spoke to Eliza for an hour and then turned that in for a paper. And the son of a biatch got an "A".
2003-04-11 04:23:22 AM  
Glad to know we can be of help in the way of a social concience. ;-) Gives ya the war fuzzy nelson "ha ha" feeling.
2003-04-11 04:24:13 AM  
VexedThespian, are you asking FARKERs at 1:30am for moral advice?
2003-04-11 04:24:27 AM  
if you get caught, just tell'em whose fault it really is:

[image from artifexcreations.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-04-11 04:24:32 AM  
too long to read, not so funny f.uck that
2003-04-11 04:25:12 AM  
I dunno... I laughed my ass off.

*begins counting candles*....
2003-04-11 04:25:24 AM  
Um, were you born a thespian or is that a lifestyle choice you have made?
2003-04-11 04:26:25 AM  
i didn't want GOOD moral advice from people with, you know, morals. i just needed an enabler, either way, now i have to recopy it.
2003-04-11 04:26:41 AM  
I think that you could probably succeed in arguing in a court of law that it's not cheating. It's your own work, and unless there's something in the assignment that says you can't do the assignment a year early, you're fine. If you get "caught," deny nothing. Be proud of it, and if they try to fail you or bring any other action against you, threaten legal action. However, if this assignment or your quality of work at the time was the reason you didn't complete this class, you might want to look at it again to see if it's worthy.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.
2003-04-11 04:27:31 AM  

Submit away...

Keep trying until you get it right
2003-04-11 04:27:59 AM  
Do biker chicks really do anything you want? Really? Anything? No really I'd like to know, being a biker chick myself...I'll wear leather, I'll do it in the open air, I'll wrap my thighs all around it...yup, I sure love my bike.
[image from sgyseman.demon.co.uk too old to be available]
That's not my bike anymore, btw.
2003-04-11 04:28:28 AM  
wow RandomBob, that was funny, i never heard that one before! /sarcasm

seriously though, that was a good one
2003-04-11 04:29:32 AM  
After a page I gave up. I got the point.

At this time of the night(I am on PDT)my eyes hurt from just scanning a page that long
2003-04-11 04:31:14 AM  
You're on a roll tonight...
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