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(The Smoking Gun)   Aspen man busted for showing off his ski pole. The Smoking Gun is there (with mug shot)   ( thesmokinggun.com) divider line
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2003-04-10 04:15:54 PM  
I guess the guy's defense will be that in the freezing weather and snowy conditions, he thought that she might need to be plowed.
2003-04-10 04:16:10 PM  
I guess that's better than offering coke to a 14yo..
2003-04-10 04:16:38 PM  
the smoking gun: exposing idiots whenever possible. i love you, smoking gun.

by the way, is anyone else having to wait a long time for the comment pages to load? i got a high speed connection, and only the fark comments take a long time. oh well.
2003-04-10 04:16:56 PM  
2003-04-10 04:18:11 PM  
Good headline and all, but do we really need to see EVERY story from the Smoking Gun? This one isn't even interesting in the least.
2003-04-10 04:18:18 PM  
honest mistake...
2003-04-10 04:18:24 PM  
aspen sounds familiar...

[image from us.ent4.yimg.com too old to be available]
2003-04-10 04:18:30 PM  
I had JUST read about this guy's hearing today. He pleaded not guilty.

2003-04-10 04:20:35 PM  

[image from sports-point.com too old to be available]
2003-04-10 04:20:58 PM  
The link to another SG page below the caption ... yikes!
2003-04-10 04:21:22 PM  
"Excuse me while I whip this out."

- Anyone?
2003-04-10 04:21:47 PM  
Damn you, BeastlyBitt, damn you to hell!
2003-04-10 04:22:28 PM  
Aspen men suck.
2003-04-10 04:22:37 PM  
How come nobody ever gets arrested for a nipple slip?
2003-04-10 04:23:44 PM  
"I'm talking about a little place called Assssspen." "I don't know Lloyd the French are assholes."
2003-04-10 04:23:56 PM  
Unconfirmed sources say that this was the victim.

[image from toddcam.com too old to be available]
2003-04-10 04:25:18 PM  
Man, he lost his job and his ski pass over it.. that should be enough punishment.
2003-04-10 04:26:36 PM  
he may have been busted this time, but I wonder how many times it has worked?
2003-04-10 04:27:11 PM  
I like how the SG links to the otehr man who castrated a friend.
2003-04-10 04:27:29 PM  
Someday everyone will be on The Smoking Gun for fifteen minutes.

As for the story, ski lift sex is best saved for the gondola....(and with a willing partner).
2003-04-10 04:27:30 PM  
that john denver is full of shiat man
2003-04-10 04:27:44 PM  
Diogenes: Blazing Saddles. /easy. Great reference. "Is it true what they say...?" It's been years since I saw that.
2003-04-10 04:28:14 PM  

Blazing Saddles?
2003-04-10 04:28:27 PM  
Ya gotta pay attention bostony...
2003-04-10 04:29:35 PM  
Well with that "disguised" hairline, he's probably sex-depraved.
2003-04-10 04:29:49 PM  
For some sweet revenge, she could have started to give him a blow job, and then touched his peener to the metal bar on the lift.
2003-04-10 04:30:15 PM  
Diogenes: "Blazing Saddles" of course.
2003-04-10 04:30:21 PM  
That same move has scored me tons o' poon. Something about the hangin wang the ladies just can't resist.
2003-04-10 04:31:23 PM  
Considering the cold, it probably wasn't much to look at anyway.
2003-04-10 04:32:39 PM  
"I guess I forgot to zip up. I was wondering why I was so cold down there."

That's about as good as the guy who busted into the fire station and when caught said, "My mom told me to look for a coloring book". Asshat.

"The alleged perv, who was charged with misdemeanor exposure, pleaded innocent on Tuesday (4/8)"

I love TSG
2003-04-10 04:33:07 PM  
dont blame it on the wang
2003-04-10 04:36:10 PM  
This guy has no style.
I would have asked her "would you mind holding on to my pole while I search for a Kleenex?"
2003-04-10 04:37:04 PM  
I checked the link below the one given, to sum it up a guy castrated a guy he met on the net, he says he's done about 50 and it was with consent of each patient. Btw his name is Mr. Wang, i shiat you not. Here are some clips which i know farking dirty minds will get a kick out of.
"The castration for which Wang was charged occurred in June, and cops say that after the procedure was completed, Wang and his patient sat down and ate some strawberry pie [...] officers did find a container in Wang's refrigerator that held a pair of testicles that did not belong to the 48-year-old man."

I leave you all to make sense of the last one.
2003-04-10 04:37:31 PM  
This could have been a great opening scene for a porn movie. But noooooooo.......
2003-04-10 04:38:57 PM  
Milk and cookies all around for those who answered. I just got all the Mel Brooks movies for Christmas.

Best.Oneliners.Ever. Except maybe for Silent Movie.
2003-04-10 04:40:28 PM  
I seem to remember an article about this guy being posted of fark a while back, and I seem to remember my comment in the thread being something like "if it was that cold and it was still hanging out, I mean, wow".

Yeah, I think I'll stick with that.
2003-04-10 04:40:38 PM  
Aw, the old "I guess I forgot to zip up. I was wondering why I was so cold down there" bit. Classic, and works every time!
2003-04-10 04:40:58 PM  
04-10-03 04:21:22 PM Diogenes
"Excuse me while I whip this out."

- Anyone?

Blazing Saddles. Fantastic movie!
2003-04-10 04:42:07 PM  
On my weener
Makes me happy

(It's a good thing it didn't get stuck to any metal. Thay could have gotten real ugly, real quick.)
2003-04-10 04:43:28 PM  

That name is pronounced "Wong".

Sorry to spoil your fun.
2003-04-10 04:46:04 PM  
Wang, wong, still the same idea for this guy.
2003-04-10 04:46:43 PM  

So, it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to say, "Everybody Wang Chung tonight"?
2003-04-10 04:46:51 PM  
"Oh! It's twue! It's twue!"

Blazing Saddles is pure genius.
2003-04-10 04:47:15 PM  
Woah, woah, woah. The other guy illegally castrated the guy? I am disturbed by the fact that there is a way to do that legally. Very disturbed.
2003-04-10 04:48:22 PM  
"Wang Chung" is onomonopia, a sound effect representing the up and down riff of a guitar, and is therefore pronounced as it is spelled.
2003-04-10 04:48:57 PM  
I mean "down and up".
2003-04-10 04:49:36 PM  
Sweet! A local story on TSG! Any other Farkers in the area?
2003-04-10 04:49:46 PM  
Poor credulous soul actually believed what he read in the Penthouse Forum.

"...and she gasped, but then smiled and moaned with delight as she shifted her position to take every inch of his prodigious man-member..."

"Dumbass is right". There remains a danger, unless it was REALLY cold 'down there' that he might still reproduce.
2003-04-10 04:50:54 PM  
Like that rootbeer commercial, the accent goes on the second syllable of the name "Dumas".
2003-04-10 04:51:26 PM  
"Someplace warm, where the beer flows like wine, and beautiful women flock like the Salmon of Capistrano"

Where I teach there's a tree. over the winter, it has filled up with the most interesting collection of Lingerie-
big ones, petite ones, thongs, g-strings, tops,bottoms,
you name it. and it's all Women's stuff too. so don't
tell me that the ladies don't get funny sometimes too...
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