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95 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Apr 2003 at 1:46 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-10 10:43:20 AM  
Yay, an even cheaper and lower quality version of the stale urine that is Corona. I wonder if it comes in a light?
2003-04-10 10:58:49 AM  
We don't even have 7-11's down here. All we have are crappy Circle K's.
2003-04-10 11:00:16 AM  
I'm sure Circle K beer would be much better.
2003-04-10 11:04:22 AM  

I wonder if it comes in a light?

You know when your pee is clear and not yellow...?
2003-04-10 11:05:39 AM  
ummm.. yeah.

$6 a six-pack though.. doesn't anybody else think that a beer with a 7-11 label is in the same class as beer with a Coors label, and therefore should be about the same price, or cheaper?

Sorry, I just can't see 7-11 beer competing with Bass Ale for my $6.. although i'm sure the guys at 7-11 know what they're doing. who knows.
2003-04-10 11:05:46 AM  
7-11 is the 800-pound gorilla in the business...

Does this make AM/PM the 5 pound spider monkey? More corporations should be ranked using primates.
2003-04-10 11:07:57 AM  
StomachMonkey That's the best damn idea I've heard in quite awhile. You should be a CEO.
2003-04-10 11:15:28 AM  
Are there any Stop N Go's anywhere anymore? They became extinct around here like the Cantius frugivorus

(props to StomachMonkey)
2003-04-10 11:27:41 AM  
I would buy Piggly Wiggly beer for sure.
2003-04-10 11:37:16 AM  
Thats nice 7-11

Sell your El Salvadoran beer instead of American.

Then paint yourselves as a patriotic company.

I am sure the guys at Bud and Miller and Coors applaud your decision...
2003-04-10 12:26:10 PM  
I'm holding out for AM/PM beer.
2003-04-10 01:25:55 PM  
Are there any Stop N Go's anywhere anymore?

I remember my sister talking about one near the campus of University of Cincinnati that was more commonly known as "Stop 'N Rob".
2003-04-10 01:52:51 PM  
Drew Surrenders?
2003-04-10 01:53:31 PM  
mmmmmmmmmmmmmm tastes like chicken.
2003-04-10 01:54:56 PM  
Hey hey, man, I'm from San Salvador, El Salvador. I don't know why I said that, just giving props to my homeland.

2003-04-10 01:55:05 PM  
Bring on the beer slushies!
2003-04-10 01:56:24 PM  
7-Eleven's strategy in recent years has been to build on the success of its longtime proprietary Slurpee frozen drink

I thought 7-Eleven's drink was caled the "ICY" (icee, whatever).

The best were those Slush Puppies that you made yourself at the Circle K's way back when. All of the Circle K's here got bought out.
2003-04-10 01:56:30 PM  
$6 a six-pack?

I think the cheapest around here is Natty Light = $6.50/12-pack

...and I can't see 7-11 being substantially better than Natty Light
2003-04-10 01:56:45 PM  
Milwaukee's Best Ice in the house,y'all!

(or whatever the young kids are saying nowadays)
2003-04-10 01:57:59 PM  
You ever try to make jello out of beer? One word: Don't.
2003-04-10 01:58:33 PM  
We had a big convience store called 'Stop 'N Shop' by my old middle school that sold burgers and had a small deli and everything, it was huge, so it was real easy for us 8th graders to steal beer. We called it the 'Stop 'N Steal'.
2003-04-10 01:59:46 PM  
When I bought my house, I was poking around the basement and found a yellow can with a pull-tab simply marked "BEER". Then I lost it.

That is all.
2003-04-10 02:00:03 PM  
I've never been in a 7-11.

2003-04-10 02:00:09 PM  
Fave store brand beer = Quick Trip's "QT" (quittin' time).
2003-04-10 02:00:19 PM  
I believe they would be saying
"Milwizzle's Bizzle Izzle, in tha hizzle, fo' shizzle!"
2003-04-10 02:02:35 PM  
You know what...screw calling it "Santiago" or whatever and trying to hide what it is. Put the stuff in green and orange vcans with the big 7-11 logo emblazoned across and sell it proudly for what it is, stale, knockoff, drinking-just-to-get-wasted-cheap pond swill
2003-04-10 02:02:53 PM  
Any STL peeps out there?

"Cheap, Cheap! Fun, Fun!"
2003-04-10 02:03:05 PM  
Ogima: You're a southerner and never been to a 7-Eleven?? Wow. I think you're the first southerner I've heard of that hasn't been to a 7-Eleven. How about Wal-Mart? If you say you haven't been to a Wal-Mart, you officially win the "Most Amazing Southern Resistance" Award.
2003-04-10 02:03:31 PM  
Natural Light, I believe, is the only beer that can legally be purchased with food stamps.
2003-04-10 02:03:39 PM  
There's a 7-11 in Barcelona, Spain.
2003-04-10 02:04:53 PM  
Scansinboy: LOL. Thanks.
2003-04-10 02:08:07 PM  
Cheapest beer here: 24-pack of Hamms at WinCo for $10. Tastes like ass, though.
2003-04-10 02:08:43 PM  
7-11 coffee is horrible ....I can't even imagine what their beer will taste like
2003-04-10 02:09:10 PM  
mmmmmm, hamm........

2003-04-10 02:09:18 PM  

Best. Beer. Ever.

/had to be done
2003-04-10 02:09:48 PM  
Dirt Cheap in tha house!

My favorite is plain old generic "beer". White can, black letters. I think they need generic versions of everything.
2003-04-10 02:10:22 PM  
UM, beer slushies would rock! I purposely half freeze my beer to get the nice icies in it! Yeah, I'm odd.
And Scans, why did that even sound like a good idea to begin with?!?! ICK!
Well shinzle my wizzle, 7-11 actually thinks they can compete with bud, coors, etc., and that's not even mentioning the really good beer out there!!
I think I would rather drinks me a skunky natty lite than to drink a 7-11 brand beer!!
I just wish I could find me some wart hog beer around here, but if ! want it I have to go to good ol canada!
/me frowns
2003-04-10 02:12:19 PM  
7-11 is owned by a Japanese company.

People who buy beer at 7-11 obviously aren't true beer people. They just buy something that tastes like beer and is cheap. So it's smart that 7-11 tries to sell their own label - more money for them.
2003-04-10 02:12:28 PM  
No love for PA. I spose we aren't missing much, tho.

All time best convenience store name (down towards Big Spring, I believe): Git n' Go.
2003-04-10 02:14:39 PM  

I nominate the Kum 'n' Go.
2003-04-10 02:17:04 PM  
I wonder what the Cum N Go chain will name their beer.
2003-04-10 02:17:09 PM  
got five gallons of wheat beer fermenting in my kitchen right now. we don't need no stinkin' storebought....
2003-04-10 02:17:34 PM  
The 7-11 by my school sells Coors and Old Milwaukee (16oz). That wouldn't be odd, but I'm in Mexico. Why the fark would you import Old Mil? Christ almighty, who drinks that shiat in the US?
2003-04-10 02:17:40 PM  
Can I point out an interesting tidbit?

Never trust a friend named Santiago to be alone with your woman. That name means to "supplant" or to "usurp."

This is a very aptly named beer, because it's going to supplant and usurp the other beers.

Bravo 7-11! Very sly.
2003-04-10 02:18:53 PM  
I think that rather than give it some snazzy name and slick package, they should just give it a silver can and have it say "BEER" on it. I'd buy it..
2003-04-10 02:21:41 PM  
04-10-03 02:17:04 PM CB
I wonder what the Cum N Go chain will name their beer.

You mean the Ejaculate and Evacuate?
2003-04-10 02:22:33 PM  
when i was a kid the first beer i ever go drunk off was shop & save brand. it was a bright yellow can that said "Beer" in black letters and had crap in the bottem that was the texture of mustard. Here's hopeing this 711 piss is better.
2003-04-10 02:24:39 PM  
Did you hear that Stop 'N' Go and A&P are going to merge?

They're going to call the new stores Stop 'N' P.

(wonder what their house beer will be called...)
2003-04-10 02:26:45 PM  
Yes, good ol' Ejaculate and Evacuate.
2003-04-10 02:31:56 PM  
"The Dallas-based convenience-store chain said its imported beer is being made ... in a joint venture with London-based SABMiller PLC, parent company to Miller Brewing Co."

Why am I disappointed to learn that the Champagne of Beers is owned by the Brits? I mean, it's swill and all, but it's Miller. Our crappy old-school mass brewers should be owned by red-blooded 'merkins.
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