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(via World Net Daily)   First shots fired on Afghan soil between Taliban and British SAS   ( dailytelegraph.news.com.au) divider line
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2001-09-23 10:52:13 PM  
Didn't really expect the first shots to be fired by the SAS...
2001-09-23 10:54:44 PM  
Kick some ass c-bass
2001-09-23 11:03:38 PM  
2001-09-23 11:04:25 PM  
here it goes...................
2001-09-23 11:04:38 PM  
British SAS: "FIRST SHOT!!"
2001-09-23 11:06:03 PM  
...Satan and Saddam soon to follow
2001-09-23 11:07:36 PM  
How 'bout the Brits jumpin' in first and setting up camp!!!
2001-09-23 11:08:11 PM  
Go UK!!!
2001-09-23 11:08:11 PM  
I propose a WAR tag for Fark. If anyone can do better, then by all means do it, but I think this whole topic deserves more than the "NEWS" tag. I always thought that that one was to be used when an article was reporting something inane as if it was worthy of the front page of the New York Times.
2001-09-23 11:10:23 PM  
How about a "kaboom" tag?
2001-09-23 11:12:49 PM  
Ummmm.... Is World Net Daily a reputable source?
2001-09-23 11:14:33 PM  
Didn't Garth Ennis predict this?
2001-09-23 11:16:20 PM  
[image from falken.homestead.com too old to be available]
2001-09-23 11:20:28 PM  
2001-09-23 11:23:20 PM  
I was watching the WWF pay per view tonight with friends and we thought the ultimate WWF bad guy would be a wrestler named O-SLAMa bin Ladin.
2001-09-23 11:24:25 PM  
God bless the SAS. They did good work in desert storm. And they seem to be doing it here.
2001-09-23 11:24:40 PM  
Why not a 'GONE TO ALLAH' tag. That's where Bin Laden at the rest of that mob of coonts will end up.
2001-09-23 11:25:05 PM  
What does SAS stand for?
2001-09-23 11:26:03 PM  
How about Sodom Iza Llama?
2001-09-23 11:27:14 PM  
Special Air Service
2001-09-23 11:27:19 PM  
I think the SAS deserve another cup of coffee!

And SAS stands for special air service, which makes it sound like they're first class flight attendants, but I digress.
2001-09-23 11:27:24 PM  
Why not a 'GONE TO ALLAH' tag. That's where Bin Laden and the rest of that mob of coonts will end up.
2001-09-23 11:29:03 PM  
SAS = Special Air Service
2001-09-23 11:29:55 PM  
<Unreal Tournament> SAS drew first blood! </Unreal Tournament>
2001-09-23 11:30:06 PM  
The story has also been reported by the BBC:
BBC Story

SAS background info
2001-09-23 11:32:30 PM  
Sweet. Those little SAS units can tear it up. Just ask Iraq.
2001-09-23 11:37:26 PM  
GO SAS!!!! Thanks TONY!!!!
2001-09-23 11:40:11 PM  
First shots fired on Afghan soil between Taliban and British SAS

2001-09-23 11:40:32 PM  
Can't get to the BBC page. It must be getting lotsa hits.
2001-09-23 11:41:48 PM  
They won't end up with Allah, they'll end up in Gehenna.
2001-09-23 11:43:39 PM  


James Bond
2001-09-23 11:46:55 PM  
"...while planes carrying troops and surveillance equipment have made secret night landings in Afghanistan's neighboring countries."

umm, they were secret. Our media coverage of event around the world turns out to be the enemies' best source intelligence!
2001-09-23 11:48:51 PM  
[image from members.bbnow.net too old to be available]

Kick Some Ass
2001-09-23 11:50:34 PM  

Where or what is Gehenna?
2001-09-23 11:50:55 PM  
It begins.

One big w00t to the SAS, but I'm still waiting for the headline 'CF-18 Superhornets drop some science on bin Laden's ass.' That would be sweet.
2001-09-23 11:53:33 PM  
Useless Info #12945: SAS stands for the Special Air Service. It's a unit of special ops troops set up during WW2 (maybe WW1? I'm pretty sure it was the second) to counter the Germans, and was given the name Special Air Service to make it seem like a benign, harmless organisation - not worthy of German attention.

There are SAS branches throughout the world, the British SAS obviously was the first, but there are chapters in Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere (maybe Canada?). AFAIK they all specialise in different areas so that they can come together and have a broad skills base (the NZ SAS specialises in counter-terrorism, for instance). SAS troops from the various countries inter-mingle also.. There are Aussies / Kiwis in the British SAS as there are Brits in the Aussie / NZ SAS.

The SAS is widely regarded as the most elite special ops force in the world, with good reason.. They're VERY hard men, if you ever meet one you'll see what I mean. I know a couple of people who were asked to carve open a goat and drink its blood as a punishment for being late for training :o

Although, they haven't had a totally flawless record :)
2001-09-23 11:57:29 PM  
Ohhhh, I thought SAS stood for: Shoot All Sandmonkeys. My mistake.
2001-09-24 12:00:14 AM  
What is the Taliban's punishement for being late??

They fark the goat!!!
2001-09-24 12:00:53 AM  
Taleban wouldn't consider that a punishment, Eljefe :)
2001-09-24 12:01:32 AM  
They are the goat.
2001-09-24 12:06:31 AM  
Brilliant strategy! Have the Brits go in first. Less blame on the US for being tyranical. Excellent job Blair & Bush.
2001-09-24 12:31:02 AM  
Just a clarification. The SAS weren't necessarily in first. They just fired the first shots. Any recon unit will tell you that it's far better not to have been seen than to exchange fire, even if you win the fight.

Having said that, let me give a virtual high-five to the SAS. "Who dares, wins."

The telling sentence was: "The rebel Northern Alliance, which already may be receiving assistance from special forces, claimed to have killed 50 Taliban fighters at the weekend."

Our SF is predominantly a training organization. They enter an area, make contact with our enemy's opposition (in this case, the NA), assist them with tactics and training, and bring them weapons, food and medicine. They are considered a force multiplier. Watch the NA. They will be much more active and successful than they have been historically.
2001-09-24 12:40:47 AM  
2001-09-24 12:45:37 AM  
more about SAS forces:


these guys are good

Motto: Who Dares Wins
2001-09-24 01:01:28 AM  
"09-23-01 11:23:20 PM Katalyst
I was watching the WWF pay per view tonight with friends and we thought the ultimate WWF bad guy would be a wrestler named O-SLAMa bin Ladin."

or of course..

The Tale-bandit, The Afghan Madman!
2001-09-24 01:26:46 AM  
You go RobbieFal. I was thinking he could use the Tale-bomb as a finisher. (like a powerbomb, not a real bomb).

Dont even get me started on his other moves. I am going to hell for thinking of them...but oh well, i'll get to hang out with pirates.
2001-09-24 01:38:37 AM  
A prediction:

The last thing Osama will see is a SEAL or SAS member. Lights out.

I'm pretty sure if they can't capture him alive they at least want a confirmed kill. That's why the special ops units are going in. Bombing isn't going to cut it. Got to be sure he's done.
2001-09-24 01:40:57 AM  
Osama Yo Mama

let's chill with the race shiat
2001-09-24 02:35:37 AM  
I used to have an ex-SAS scout leader
he was a very very uncompromising type.
and the ex-SAS colonel that used to be in my chain of command was a great bloke, but you wouldn't want to be on his wrong side. He could do 20+ chin-ups with full pack and webbing, even at his age (40+), and having been retired from the SAS for a number of years. i think he went on to be the first artillery officer to command an infantry regiment.
2001-09-24 03:39:48 AM  
"Farklands-scale deployment"
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