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2001-09-23 11:38:26 PM  
Woo hoo! Enjoy the pics, folks, I expect some good photoshops out of these. Please use and enjoy, and if you can give credit to the photographer (me), do so. :)
2001-09-23 11:44:38 PM  
How come I can post to an article that isn't on the main page yet? Staging area for the midnight update? If I hadn't looked through my logs I wouldn't have been able to figure out which ID link was associated with this article
2001-09-24 12:08:55 AM  
Countdown till we fark the site....
2001-09-24 12:16:17 AM  
...and he has a stalk of celery for an arm...and he has Patrick Duffy for a leg...

Some friggin' people.
2001-09-24 12:18:17 AM  
Um, I must apologize. That last post was to appear under the thread for the monsters in Utah. Hooo-boy..."some friggin' people" indeed.
2001-09-24 12:31:38 AM  
it's pretty farked already
2001-09-24 12:35:23 AM  
Damn, Froggy gets plugged on fark.
Nice goin there
2001-09-24 12:38:13 AM  
Do I spy Sgamer with a beer? Isn't he a minor?
2001-09-24 12:39:06 AM  
I should point out that I don't really care, I'm a minor and I'm pretty buzzed right now, but still... ah, nevermind, must sleep....
2001-09-24 01:41:25 AM  
[image from froggynet.com too old to be available]

No wonder the webcam was deserted. Lousy farting monster
2001-09-24 01:48:08 AM  
Woo hoo! Enjoy the pics, folks, I expect some good photoshops out of these. Please use and enjoy, and if you can give credit to the photographer (me), do so. :)

I would Froggy, but your copyright scares me. ;)
2001-09-24 02:47:04 AM  
I'd love to PS these, but Froggy says no.......

copyrights scare me.....
2001-09-24 02:47:47 AM  
oh, I see that has been mentioned... nevermind..... '

screen too blurry to read... must sleep
2001-09-24 02:51:35 AM  
But what's with that death threat anyways? Do you really believe there is such great value to your work that you need to threaten castration for touching a photo?
2001-09-24 03:12:35 AM  
The site is slower than a slow thing that's stuck in glue and had it's speed switch set to slow.
2001-09-24 04:16:53 AM  
Good God, Qwerty2. That was damn funny.
2001-09-24 05:31:58 AM  
so who brought the 20 sided die and dungeon master's guide?

pepito pea
2001-09-24 05:33:45 AM  
there are some damn ugly farkers out there
2001-09-24 06:14:21 AM  
A party where everyone has their clothes on? I would have expected a FARK party to have some BOOBIES! If y'all ever have a FARK party in my neck of the woods it'll be different.
2001-09-24 06:16:30 AM  
Drunk people should not operate camera equipment.
Friends don't let friends photograph drunk.
I got a buzz trying to get focus on those pics.
2001-09-24 08:40:28 AM  
I think some captions would be cool... Who knows what the hell is going on in half the pictures :)
2001-09-24 09:12:08 AM  
I vote for captions too. Like who's the babe in the short dress????
2001-09-24 10:21:31 AM  
Hey, I dig that hat on tyger's head in http://www.froggynet.com/gallery/farkathon1/farkathon1-12_m.jpg . Gotta get me one of them...
2001-09-24 10:30:10 AM  
Very funny, Rathumos. :) They are nice hats, though. I was sportin' mine while spinning. ;P
2001-09-24 10:45:50 AM  
OK, changed the copyright notice on that page on those pictures. You goons now have it in writing that you can fark with the pictures all you like. :)
2001-09-24 10:48:17 AM  
The site has already pushed through over 650 Megabytes of traffic in the past 11 hours. Woot!
2001-09-24 10:55:28 AM  
Let it be known to one and all that Froggy looks damn sexy in that hat... 'specially while spinning...
2001-09-24 10:56:25 AM  
Aww shucks, you're just saying that.
2001-09-24 11:29:46 AM  
omfg! they look so, so...normal!
2001-09-24 11:42:26 AM  

"Let's all go out and go to a Fark Party!"
"Then when we get there... uhhh.... when we get there... we can... huddle around... a computer... surfing? shiat! I coulda did this at home!"
2001-09-24 11:50:16 AM  
*siff* I wish I coulda made it.... I wanted to harass CYberpunk some.. I miss doing that.
2001-09-24 12:08:27 PM  
No offense, but you guys are farking nerds.
2001-09-24 12:17:43 PM  
I may have been in the corner for about an hour or so watching TV, but is watching Road Trip on HBO with subtitles and no sound really any worse than huddling around a webcam and a couple computers and trying to impress the people who aren't there? :P
2001-09-24 12:22:04 PM  
William Shatner: I'd just like to say... GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it's just FARK! I mean, look at you, look at the way you're dressed! You've turned an enjoyable little job, that I did as a lark for a few years, into a COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME!

[ a crowd of shocked and dismayed Farkies.... ]

I mean, how old are you people? What have you done with yourselves?

You, you must be almost 30... have you ever kissed a girl?

['Farkie' hangs his head ]

I didn't think so! There's a whole world out there! When I was your age, I didn't watch television! I LIVED! So... move out of your parent's basements! And get your own apartments and GROW THE HELL UP! I mean, it's just FARK dammit, IT'S JUST A Web Site!
2001-09-24 12:49:58 PM  
Just a website? All this time I thought it compulsory for me to get through my day without falling asleep or actually getting anything accomplished.
2001-09-24 01:24:02 PM  
More Cowbell has an awesome account number!!
2001-09-24 01:36:33 PM  
Wow, what a party! 2 women, greatly outnumbered by hefty guys in party-ready hawaiian shirts, all of them huddled around a laptop. too much!
2001-09-24 01:58:52 PM  
Ahh, I'm so glad the pessimists in this forum are able to deduce EXACTLY what went down at a party from a couple of pictures and the limited view of the webcam. I won't justify anyone's stupid responses to these pictures accept to say one thing: YOU get a life. Who's worse? The idiot at a Fark party or the idiot talking about the idiots at the Fark party?
2001-09-24 02:10:32 PM  
It's one of those things where you just had to be there. :)

If you weren't, you won't get it, and no point in trying to explain it to those that don't get it.

I had a hell of a good weekend. :)
2001-09-24 02:11:13 PM  
Man... I wouldn't have thought fellow farkers would be so bitter towards the party going farkers. There are many types of parties... you don't need to have dozens of scantily clad women and keg stands and hip-hop music w/ lighting to have a good time (although, it never hurts ;) ). I think the people w/ the negative comments are missing the point: which was to get together with other people who like this site and hang out and do whatever the f... you felt like. And it that involved a web cam than so be it. **And if you don't like it than never show up to a fark party and !!shut up!!**. Man...


And as for men outnumbering women: that about sums up every single party I've ever been to, heard of, seen, read about, etc. Drunk men scare and or annoy many women... and rightfully so.
2001-09-24 02:35:48 PM  
I'm going to have to agree with Mike. This was an AWESOME weekend. Very much needed after the recent world events.

2001-09-24 02:48:00 PM  
i remember last year folks on fark would violently disagree about something, call each other names, and then invite the other person to fly out for a man to man fight! heck i think even cyberpunk offered to buy someone's plane ticket for that reason! was there any fighting at the party, or was that all just talk??
2001-09-24 02:57:17 PM  
Yeah, I - along with Nutdip - offered to fly The Name Which Cannot Be Spoken out to Seattle for a rumble.

And "the folks" that would violently disagree about something were usually someone and The Name Which Cannot Be Spoken. So I wouldn't say "that was a lot of talk", I would say, "the person whom I want to beat in a back alley wasn't there".

So, to answer your question, there was no fighting. This last weekend was a blast. Everyone who didn't show missed out on a lot of fun.
2001-09-24 02:59:02 PM  
I couldn't get down there for my regularly scheduled Cyberpunk ass-whuppin'.
2001-09-24 03:00:28 PM  
Cyberpunk says, "Bring it, conserva-nazi."

2001-09-24 03:42:17 PM  
uh-oh, cyberpunk & benjamin are exchanging happy-face emoticons. i guess nostradamus was right.
2001-09-24 05:14:03 PM  
I understand you all had a good time, but that does not convince me that you're not more than a little nerdy. But, hey, that's not necessarily a bad thing, as long you're nice, right?
2001-09-24 05:18:10 PM  
Stanfan114 - You're just jealous that my emoticons are now aimed at Ben and not you. Deal.
2001-09-24 05:22:41 PM  
2001-09-24 06:21:58 PM  
That Vici is so my type.

Of course by "my type" I mean, "Willing to get her hoots out."
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