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(Yahoo)   Do not settle grudge by throwing 40 plastic bags filled with dog feces   ( divider line
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50 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2003 at 7:32 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-09 07:35:20 AM  
Right. Never throw them!
Instead, put m-80's inside of them and place in front of the door after lighting.
2003-04-09 07:35:35 AM  
Boobies poopie!
2003-04-09 07:46:15 AM  
Just another example of how the man is keep us feces throwers down.
2003-04-09 07:48:21 AM  
$150 = 40 plastic bags of dog feces
Bill Gates = 13,000,000,000 bags of dog feces
2003-04-09 07:49:57 AM  
anyways it sticks better when you don't use bags.
2003-04-09 07:51:41 AM  
Troopers told the Cheboygan Daily Tribune that the campaign began last November and extended through January.

WHAT?!?!?! Were these like 50 pound bags of dog crap? They sure were slinging a bunch of shiat.
2003-04-09 07:51:49 AM  
This advice came about 30 minutes too late. Woe is me...
2003-04-09 07:52:44 AM  
Did this really deserve to make in onto the site?
2003-04-09 07:52:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-09 07:57:22 AM  
HahAhahHahAaha Cheboygan, Michigan!

Please God get me out of this state.
2003-04-09 08:00:55 AM  
Ok, I must diplay my lameity...what the fark does PSA mean?
2003-04-09 08:05:42 AM  
The toilet paper part got me nervousitillated. Why was there toilet paper in there? Do they wipe their dogs? Do they have old dogs that have to scoot around on those little coasters? I've always been amazed at the lengths we go to for our animals. My friend Janice has paths of carpet samples going across the tiled rooms in her home for the sake of her weak-legged old Bee'shound. I hate that little white dog, the way the fur aroundabout he eyes get all yellered. My dog's treatment is only so special. She gets a walk to the schoolyard before the kids get there in the morning. I always snicker, thinking of their little shoes.

DslainteC, I'm going to sneak into your house and lick your furniture. Just you wait til you get home!
2003-04-09 08:07:30 AM  
DslainteC: However, first I'm going to replace i with b.
2003-04-09 08:10:14 AM  
Do not settle grudge by throwing 40 plastic bags filled with dog feces.

But it is a good start
2003-04-09 08:10:46 AM  
Blankoboy, Public Service Announcement. Check the FAQ.

I didn't know either at first. I just associated to Playstation somehow :/

Playstation.. uh... Advanced? Woo. Heh.
2003-04-09 08:12:36 AM  
Don't f*** with me, ioy!
2003-04-09 08:21:35 AM  
I can think of a couple people I'd be willing to pay the state 150 bucks for the right to pelt their home with dog crap!
2003-04-09 08:35:26 AM  
Cheboygan County prosecutors authorized littering charges against Frank Scott, 51, and Sharyn Ostroske, 55.

Jeebus, I remember this kind of thing when I was growing up. I think everyone in my town grew out of it around the age of 12.

Oh well, must not be much to do in Cheboygan...
2003-04-09 08:36:15 AM  
This is actually a really good idea. The only problem is, I live in a dorm, hence no dog. Where the fark am I gonna find 40 bags of crap?
2003-04-09 08:36:29 AM  
Antialias: My yard is littered with it.... you are welcome to come help yourself.
2003-04-09 08:37:30 AM  
Same goes for you NAZ
2003-04-09 08:49:10 AM  
Aw man, there goes my easter plans...
2003-04-09 08:50:39 AM  
Thats a load of crap
2003-04-09 09:27:25 AM  
Jillifer: Already bagged?
2003-04-09 09:28:44 AM  
DslainteC: Please don't conjure up imagery of Divine so early in the day, especialy not of that scene!
2003-04-09 09:58:02 AM  
Everyone knows the correct number of dog feces bags to throw is 42.
2003-04-09 10:07:15 AM  
Furious fecal flinging forces fines. Fark.
2003-04-09 10:09:49 AM  
Creationists surrender...
2003-04-09 10:10:10 AM  
Diabolik Only on Magrathea.
2003-04-09 10:15:45 AM  
Hytes Xian

The TP was prolly in there b/c they picked up the shiat with it.

So, if you don't settle a grudge by throwing shiat, how do you settle one?
2003-04-09 10:50:45 AM  
Makes me sad that smellypoop went out of business.

For those of you that are scared to go there - it's not some scat play site - they used to ship actual poo to people as revenge until they found out it was illegal.
2003-04-09 11:50:58 AM  
For $150, that's almost worth it, as long as the perp didn't have to clean it up as well.
2003-04-09 11:53:12 AM  
150 bucks? Its worth every penny. hehehehehhehe
2003-04-09 12:40:25 PM  
Notice how the headline specifically instructs us not to settle a grudge by throwing 40 bags of dog shiat. I assume, then, that any other number is ok? 39? 41? 400?

"Three hams will kill him!"
/obscure brak show reference
2003-04-09 01:06:49 PM  
Feh. $150? Lucky they didn't get me as a judge... I would have made them clean up every bag.

Without using their hands.
2003-04-09 01:46:36 PM  
Do taunt Happy Fun Bag of Dog Feces.
2003-04-09 01:52:23 PM  
see the thing kids these days need to learn is that the burning bag of dog poo must be paper... the kids that tried that at my house had not yet learned this and all I got was the nasty smell of burnt plastic. They missed the porch too. Losers. Of course, they also threw a CONDOM filled with water at the door... I certainly hope those 12 year old learn that condoms aren't supposed to break when hittin' something...
2003-04-09 02:04:39 PM  
Three ham's will fill him!!! Three ham's will thrill him!!!
Feed him three ham's!!!!
2003-04-09 04:58:13 PM  
I would have to see the whole story behind it. If the neighbors didn't deserve it, I'd side with the neighbors. If they had it coming, I side with the poop throwers.
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