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(Yahoo)   North Korea surprises many by hunkering down   ( divider line
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40 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Apr 2003 at 12:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-08 04:55:48 PM  
Yeah, what has Lil Kim been up to?
2003-04-08 05:21:42 PM  
Observers say television pictures of U.S. tanks and warplanes rolling through Iraq may have intimidated North Korea's leaders and may prompt them to seek a peaceful solution to the Korean crisis.

But the images also may reinforce their determination to arm themselves with nuclear weapons as a deterrent against a U.S. invasion.

Observers sure do say a lot. Have they any basis for this, or are they just assuming?

Soon after the war started in Iraq, South Korea put its troops on a heightened alert. This, and the monthlong South Korea-U.S. war games that ended last week, may have deterred Northern military actions recently, observers say.

Oh, well then, maybe that had something to do with it?

Or maybe the 'observers' would have noted that nothing said in North Korea would make the news while we're all so busy gazing slack-jawed at the "Baghdad-cam" and saying "Oh, wow, that was a big explosion!"

Pyongyang, April 7 (KCNA) --The crime-woven history of the United States, the kingpin of state terrorism, has continued in the new century. Its history is characterized by plunder, massacre, armed intervention in others' internal affairs, plots to topple other governments, aggression and war.

Pyongyang, April 2 (KCNA) -- The situation on the Korean Peninsula is reminiscent of an eve of a war as the U.S.-South Korea joint war exercises are at their height.

Korean army ready for war

American warmongers' reckless remarks under fire

The N. Koreans have not shut up, they are still issuing just as many provocative statements. They just aren't getting the press coverage they did prior to the Iraq War. OK, they haven't launched an attack, but who thought they would? They have more to gain by provoking the US with words.
2003-04-08 06:12:51 PM  
It's because China cut of their oil pipeline into North Korea politely suggesting they STFU.
2003-04-08 07:14:46 PM  
nobody cares about north korea becaues they have a modern military capable of defending itself ... duh
2003-04-08 07:44:07 PM  
Well, when their leader's already dead too, what do you expect?
[image from too old to be available]
Sorry, I had to...
2003-04-08 07:44:33 PM  
It'll take them about a year to make the nukes. Come back then.
2003-04-08 08:27:06 PM  
Thank you, Malinois. Look at him, all hunkered down!
2003-04-08 08:53:08 PM  
Shhhh... don't jinx it!!
2003-04-08 09:21:17 PM  
So, since they haven't been in the news for...what?...3 days, that's means they've stopped farking with Bush's vision?

Rediculous...they (who?) simply WANT us to believe this.
2003-04-09 12:37:49 AM  
I think this has less to do with the US invading Iraq than it does with China giving Kim Jong Il a nice steaming cup of STFU.
2003-04-09 12:37:58 AM  
they're just worried they'll fall faster than iraq did making them look like just another two bit terrorist nation.

oh wait, they are.
2003-04-09 12:38:28 AM  
Calm before the storm?
2003-04-09 12:38:36 AM  
Are they headed for financial extinction yet? Let them follow in the Soviet's footsteps.
2003-04-09 12:39:37 AM  
When the other side hunkers down it's time for our side to bow up.
2003-04-09 12:41:14 AM  
I think China took them to the wood shed.
2003-04-09 12:42:04 AM  
They're too busy to wage war now, it's planting season. Should be all quiet til next winter.
2003-04-09 12:43:47 AM  
(Sorry, that was just traditional pep talk rhetoric, not a political viewpoint. Carry on.)
2003-04-09 12:45:57 AM  
I've said it before: if North Korea nukes South Korea or any American soil, the Chinese will invade the North immediately. China cannot allow Jong-Il to play this kind of nutball game with the US.
2003-04-09 12:46:23 AM  
Well if it was China it's about time they dealt with that mess.
2003-04-09 12:47:14 AM  
i think they're just waiting 'til they can get some real attention and reap billions of dollars of pay-off money... (aka US government funds)

/it's possible
2003-04-09 12:47:43 AM  
I wonder how many troops the U.S. is going to lose the the NK's nukes...
2003-04-09 12:50:23 AM  

Looks like 'Weekend at Lil' Kim's' <--- check all those apostrophes.

I think it's a healthy mix of strong handed diplomacy and big demonstration of military might only a few timezones away.
2003-04-09 12:55:46 AM  
KnightShyfte - Probably none. NK isn't stupid, despite appearances. It doesn't matter if they've got nukes, the fact remains that the US has more (and they're better).

It'd go very badly for them, far worse than it would for us.
2003-04-09 12:58:49 AM  
Castro jails dissidents, Kim Jong threatens to nuke the U.S., Mugabe kill farmers left and right in "reverse diversity" actions.

"Peace" protestors protest Bush as the source of all evil.
2003-04-09 12:59:12 AM  
All of the "rogue states" are paying attention:

1) No Nukes + Crappy Army + Crazy Dictator = US Invasion
2) Nuke(s) + Crappy Army + Crazy Dictator = No Invasion

I suspect there will be a few Crazy Dictators with Crappy Armys shopping for nukes in the near future.
2003-04-09 12:59:37 AM  
04-08-03 06:12:51 PM BrandonSi
It's because China cut off their oil pipeline into North Korea politely suggesting they STFU.

...and there is your all-explaining answer.
2003-04-09 12:59:54 AM  
There's a major Catch-22 in the world today. People complain that the U.S. is the world's policeman, and then those same people promptly make every world crisis OUR PROBLEM. Let China and Japan clean up their own backyard for a change.

We are where we are with NK because they backed out of an agreement that they signed with the Clinton Administration. I don't blame Clinton for this and I don't blame Bush. I blame NK.

Pull our troops out and let China, SK, and Japan nuke it out... I mean duke it out on the Korean Pen. As long as a stray missile doesn't land in downtown L.A., I'm O.K.
2003-04-09 01:01:18 AM  
Steamed:Castro jails dissidents

Castro must have already implemented Total Information Awareness
2003-04-09 01:01:44 AM  
weakness is provocative.
2003-04-09 01:03:46 AM  
Had some questionable mexican food for dinner, so I just got done "hunkerin' down".
2003-04-09 01:03:55 AM  
Who's surprised? They're watching CNN and think they're going to be next.

I'd be keeping my head down for a little while, too.

Even if Kim does look like something from Weekend at Bernie's.
2003-04-09 01:04:15 AM  
They brainwashed many servicemen it the Korean War to assasinate our leaders, when their mothers showed them the queen of hearts. Trust me.
2003-04-09 01:06:52 AM  
They're just pretending to hunker.

Any day now, they'll jump up and yell SUPPLIES!
2003-04-09 01:07:44 AM  
North Korea taunts you!
/ignore North Korea
2003-04-09 01:09:02 AM  

1) North Korea
2) U.S.of A.
3) Myopia
/ North Korea=Myopia

1) You
2) Me
3) Them

Thank you very much.
2003-04-09 01:10:52 AM  
weakness is provocative. gutless wishywashy liberal peaceniks promote the exact course of action most likely to cause a disaster. sept. 11th happened because clinton reacted so weakly to the u.s.s. cole bombing, the embassy bombings in east africa and other actions. bin laden saw the u.s.a. as cowardly and ripe for attack. this happened in vietnam too where l.b.j. practically begged the commies to negotiate with him after he sent in troops. they saw he was weak so they defied him and won. as long as you are tough and are a credible threat you generally are respected and tend not to have to fight. if bush stays tough the north koreans will behave and eventually collapse cuz they are an evil and incompetent regim
2003-04-09 01:11:29 AM  
Shower_in_my_socks - "Pull our troops out and let China, SK, and Japan nuke it out... I mean duke it out on the Korean Pen."

I'd agree with you if you were suggesting this for Israel/Palestine, but I think Japan has been a pretty conscientious nation. All Amnesty has on them is the death penalty, a minor problem with how some prisoners are detained (the US has done worse, and the US is angelic when compared to many other nations), and Japan's reluctance to offer asylum to refugees (a fault shared by virtually every other nation on the planet).

I don't think they deserve to be nuked again.
2003-04-09 01:11:37 AM  
Eccehomer Uhhhh...I don't get it.
2003-04-09 01:12:08 AM  
When did NK threaten nuclear annihilation?

You are pulling from a pretty diverse tapestry of historical events. Conversely, why hasn't the US stepped up to end those abuses of power like it has with its noble crusade against Iraq?

China did, and Japan is not allowed to have a modern military of any size. It has to rely on the UN for military protection.
2003-04-09 01:14:23 AM  
Numberz: What You did with that massive post, was very cool. I, for one appreciate it.
2003-04-09 01:14:57 AM  
Hillbilly-Zekesept. 11th happened because clinton reacted so weakly to the u.s.s. cole bombing, the embassy bombings in east africa and other actions.

And why did those things happen?
2003-04-09 01:15:37 AM  
It's only the liberal media attempting to antagonize the North Koreans by ACCUSING them of hunkering down...
2003-04-09 01:16:00 AM  
I participated in those war games, fun stuff. Unfortunately the curfew for going off-base was changed to 7pm which sucked because I didn't get to go off base to the bars.
2003-04-09 01:17:56 AM  
North Korea has the fourth-largest army in the world and they are very well supplied by China. We justly fear them.
2003-04-09 01:18:00 AM  
Hillbilly-zeke so explain why Israel still has terrorist attacks constantly? Seems to me they're the epitome of "we're going to stomp the hell out of you if you do anything." Every other day they're in the paper for accidentally killing Israeli security workers, shooting people picking crops, etc. and yet they still have problems.
2003-04-09 01:18:03 AM  
04-09-03 12:47:43 AM KnightShyfte
I wonder how many troops the U.S. is going to lose the the NK's nukes...

Do you studder when you talk also?
2003-04-09 01:18:22 AM  
Anyone notice how CNN is ripping off MTV? I saw "CNN Cribs" the other night, when they rolled through some playah named Sadam's pad. Pretty tight, yo. Didn't see an escalade out front with the rims that keep spinnin when you stop, so he must be small time. Got punk'd by some guys in a big truck when they rolled through the front door (excellent image, btw).

Next week, on CNN: Cribs - Hit up Krazy Kim and see how the hairstyle challenged do it, yo.

Word to your dictator.
2003-04-09 01:19:31 AM  
Actually Japan does have a military force. It's the Japanese Self-Defense Force. According to their Constitution though, they're only allowed to use military force if there's credible threat to their homeland. Though I have heard they changed their consitution sent some units to help us out in Afghanistan but I'm not sure if it's true.
2003-04-09 01:21:50 AM  
er it's suppose to be Though, I have heard they changed their consitution and sent some units to help us out...
2003-04-09 01:26:14 AM  
Of course they stfu. They see we can come and kick their asses. They remember that Axis of Evil speech and they are learning not to f*ck with us.
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