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2003-04-07 12:21:48 PM  
Vegas is my favorite vacation site but I don't get the strip club mentality. So some hot girl sits on your lap and rubs against you for 5 minutes, then what? She leaves and goes to some other dude leaving you there all hot and bothered with nothing to look forward to. ƒuck that. I'll lose my money at the craps table.
2003-04-07 12:51:56 PM  
Kudos to the headline writer on this submission. Where did you come up with such a clever title?
2003-04-07 02:56:36 PM  
Hmmm. Does this mean I can concurrently piss away hundreds of dollars at the craps table, while pissing away hundreds of dollars on lap dances? AT THE SAME TIME????

I am so there.
2003-04-07 04:26:14 PM  
Mmmm, topless cocktail waitresses.

Or maybe change "tail" to "tease" above...
2003-04-07 05:59:02 PM  
Damn. I can't find a picture of Ben Stiller when he played Steve Wynn on that SNL sketch.

"We got freakin' Picasso's on the wall."
2003-04-07 05:59:09 PM  
How much can a stripper make in a year's time anyhow?

/just curious
2003-04-07 05:59:38 PM  
As if I don't blow enough farking money there as it is.
2003-04-07 06:00:37 PM  
I won't be happy until they have a Casino/Brother, so I can get blown while blowing hundreds of dollars.
2003-04-07 06:01:21 PM  
Countdown until hotel shaped like giant boobies.

2003-04-07 06:01:41 PM  
Sheena, my girl friend's sister averaged over 10g's a month for the three months she was in vegas last year.

i am so there, though craps is off limits to me, but blackjack and booty... hell yizeah
2003-04-07 06:01:45 PM  
Dammit. I meant brothel.
2003-04-07 06:02:22 PM  
Darn. I chose the wrong career...
2003-04-07 06:03:07 PM  
yeah and i went all ebonics and stuff woth that yizeah thing... sorry bout that

/back to sleep (aka reading the war threads)
2003-04-07 06:03:40 PM  
Gonna have a HARD time counting cards in Blackjack with a pair off tits dealing.

This could be fun....
2003-04-07 06:03:42 PM  
Wilbur: "Vegas and Boobies?"
Orville: "It will never fly Wilbur"
Wilbur: "Back to the bicycle shop! Post haste....."

A ledgend at Kittihawk was born!
2003-04-07 06:04:31 PM  
thank jehosophat, it's about time they realized that if i wanted a stinkin "fambly" vacation, i'd go to dizzyland!

ugh, i've been holdong that in for a while...
2003-04-07 06:04:31 PM  
The strip clubs in Vegas are no better than the clubs in any major city. They're probably more expensive, and the fully nude clubs don't even serve booze.
I live near the Canadian border, and the clubs in Canada blow away any strip joint in the US, including in Vegas.
2003-04-07 06:05:39 PM  
hmmm, cheap beer does not improve my typing skills apparently
2003-04-07 06:06:10 PM  

where in canada??

/planing sumer vacation
2003-04-07 06:10:32 PM  
yeah... about the clubs in canada;

club Supersex in Montreal...by far the best strip club on the planet. It just has to be.
2003-04-07 06:11:51 PM  
New Vegas? Its called LAS VEGAS!
2003-04-07 06:13:28 PM  
I am so there! not only will that save a few bucks in cab fare, there won't be any goddamn kids running around the hotel!
2003-04-07 06:16:21 PM  
By the way, Canadian strip clubs are sleazier and the dancers make less money (didn't Courtney Love strip in Canada?) . So while they may be better from a customer standpoint, dancers usually prefer to work in the United States. And we do not accept Canadian rubles, er, money.
2003-04-07 06:18:55 PM  
I don't know where in Canada you're going, but in Southern Ontario, try Private Eyes in Niagara On the Lake, Mints in Niagara Falls and Pure Platinum in Fort Erie.
2003-04-07 06:24:04 PM  

My friend's wife used to be a "ballerina" in Toronto, Canada. Now that's been a fun domestic situation to watch. According to her, dancers can make $50-60K/year if they don't do what's termed "private lap dancing" and over six figures if they decide to go the extra mile and start putting out.
2003-04-07 06:24:45 PM  
Shinaynay, Supersex was by no means sleazy. It was quite the opposite. I would say that at least a third or more of the clientele were maried couples dressed up for a night on the town. The women were stunning, and if i had to describe it in a word, I would say classy.
2003-04-07 06:24:51 PM  
04-07-03 06:04:31 PM Ceebee
thank jehosophat, it's about time they realized that if i wanted a stinkin "fambly" vacation, i'd go to dizzyland!

I'll second that - I got real tired of tripping over rugrats in the casinos (unsupervised, of course, 'cause Mommy 'n Daddy are too busy shoving nickels into the slot machines to pay attention to their kids).

Welcome back, Sin City - we've missed ya.
2003-04-07 06:27:49 PM  

Six figures, huh? Tempting, but I'm a little too shy to start rubbing my butt in strangers' laps and shaking my breasts in their faces, much less, what else a girl would have to do...
2003-04-07 06:30:25 PM  
Yeah, there is nothing more classy than some bimbo sticking her muff in my face.... Now, this is not to be construed as not liking strip clubs, I just wouldn't call them "classy"
2003-04-07 06:31:24 PM  

I will put Houston up against your whole cold ass country on the stripper / strip club action.
2003-04-07 06:36:00 PM  
Sheena: "Tempting, but I'm a little too shy to start rubbing my butt in strangers' laps";

You have just triggered, SONG LYRICS!!!

People are strange, when you're a stranger.
Faces look ugly when you're alone.
People seem wicked, when you're unwanted.
Streets are uneven, when you're down.

When you're strange, faces come out of the rain.
When you're strange, no one remembers your name.
When you're strange, when you're strange, when you're strange.
2003-04-07 06:41:37 PM  

Ha! Glad to be of assitance...
2003-04-07 06:42:17 PM  
assitance = assistance

yeah, i can spell
2003-04-07 06:42:53 PM  
Vegas casino operators have been saying this since last year, they've put much into offering "Family Oriented" entertainment and it's mostly worked well but they do want to cater more to the "Adult" crowd again.

Unfortunately the way these people think, they will be looking at making everything "Upscale" and/or "Classy", read that as "Expensive".

I'll stick to my "Local" gals around here who just Strip and do some Lap Dances for a living. I get along just Fine with them, have all my Life!
2003-04-07 06:47:13 PM  

Yeah, if the thought of being butt naked in a room full of strange drunken men disturbs you, don't bother filling out an application. It takes a certain type, of that much I'm sure.
2003-04-07 06:52:42 PM  
as strip clubs go, i found it classy.
2003-04-07 06:55:38 PM  

LOL Thanks for making the picture even clearer in my mind. Now I KNOW I would never be able to do it.

It was a nice thought to think that I MIGHT be brave enough, though, even for only 5 seconds.

Ever notice that some days, it seems that everyone else's life seems more fun?

2003-04-07 06:58:45 PM  
Went to Vegas last weekend for a bachelor party. Went to Saphires which is supposedly the biggest strip club in the world. If you ever go there ask for a girl named rain, cuz man. The best farkin lap dance i've ever had. Most of the girls won't let you touch them above the thigh but this girl didn't give a damn. Ran my hands all over her firm round.....uh hold on. *washes hands* Yeah, so anyway it was pretty good.
2003-04-07 07:05:59 PM  
Im getting sick of Las Vegas. The first couple of times I went it was neat, but now it just seems like a waste of time and money. Im gonna go to Mexico from now on. Cheap alcohol, dirty whores, the chance of coming back with a nasty disease, oh yeah.
2003-04-07 07:06:29 PM  
Blue Dog, you could be right, I've been to Houston, my sister-in law lives there, but I did not visit the strip joints. I've been to clubs in Florida, New York City, Denver, Las Vegas and my own home town of Buffalo, but none of those compare to Canadian strip joints for value and, well, full frontal nudity leaving nothing to the imagination. And I would guess that the clubs in Houston are better than the overrated, overpriced ripoffs in Vegas.
2003-04-07 07:09:11 PM  
That article was pretty stripped down.
2003-04-07 07:11:17 PM  
Spaggetiowes is right, I live in Vegas and have a job where I meet an awful lot of strippers, and have spent too much time going to the clubs with people. The nicest/best club here is nothing compared to some of the places I've been to in Montreal and Toronto.

And Sheena, 10k a month is a high-middle figure, in a nice club you could do much more. Adtually many many strippers in Vegas are from California, they work as teachers or nurses or whatever during the week and come out twice a month on weekends to make a few bucks and have fun.
2003-04-07 07:12:50 PM  
good. cuz if a strip club as gaming in it then it can't have a cover charge! hahahaha! thats gunna rock! see in vegas if a place has any type of gambling in it they can't charge you to get in. that will so rock.
2003-04-07 07:14:20 PM  
I hear you Sheena, and I think that's why a lot of these girls get into it. I've seen the lifestyle from close-up, though, and it's not nearly as much fun as it looks. My friend's wife was actually sending most of her money back to Costa Rica to support her family. Most of her girlfriends seemed to spend their off time clubbing, doing dope, endlessly gossiping on their cell phones, and stabbing each other in the back in really petty ways. A pretty empty existence. In all honesty, when my pal started dating this girl I tailed along to some parties, with the idea of, well, you know. A couple of hours in the company of these folks, though, and those thoughts were dashed. One word - boring.
2003-04-07 07:20:46 PM  
Lapdances are so much better when the stripper is crying.


Btw: There is no better strip club in Vegas than the OG. Though I have not tried that new huge one yet (71,000 sq ft)
2003-04-07 07:28:43 PM  
What kind of a username is Ceebee anyways? It sounds so boring and retarded, almost as if you registered using the first thing that popped into your head just so you could reply to a post, and then ended up living the rest of your life stuck with a sucky Fark name.
2003-04-07 07:42:09 PM  
Thanks for the confirmation, El_Swino. It's nice to hear a little touch of reality...

That life probably sucks WAY more than mine does!

/my life doesn't really suck THAT bad :)
2003-04-07 07:46:16 PM  
Im planning a trip to Vegas for May 1-3. Its my first time, as I turn 21 the week before. Can anyone who has ever been there tell me where the best places to go are?
2003-04-07 07:48:28 PM  
I had picked up this hitchhiker that was sweatin' gallons through a pair of daisy duke cutoffs and one of those fruit of the loom tanktops.

Well, that night I lost myself to ruby red lips, milky white skin and baby blue eyes. Name was Russell ....
2003-04-07 07:49:26 PM  
When I stripped I usually wound up in jail. Of course I was stripping in a normal bar after a hard week of drinking.
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