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(MSNBC)   Chemical Ali believed killed (with working link)   ( divider line
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52 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Apr 2003 at 8:38 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-05 08:40:49 PM  
Any relation to mohammad ali?
2003-04-05 08:41:25 PM  
Me thinks I spelled that wrong.
2003-04-05 08:41:32 PM  
screw it, get them all at once.
2003-04-05 08:42:19 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"I velcome your american rock music and freedom fries. Have you seen my gun?"

2003-04-05 08:42:24 PM  
2003-04-05 08:42:34 PM  
He was the greatest.
2003-04-05 08:42:46 PM  
"Real #(@)head Ali" to his friends (the ones that are only perturbed...not dead by him)
2003-04-05 08:42:53 PM  
It appears he was born with the name "Nuclear Clay," but he changed his name when he converted to Islam.
2003-04-05 08:43:40 PM  
Hope so. This was a baaad dude.
2003-04-05 08:44:06 PM  
Was he one of the Chemical Brothers?
2003-04-05 08:44:16 PM  
If Chem Ali were alive, he would tell you to set your clocks ahead one hour.

then he would send a chemweapon your way.

2003-04-05 08:44:27 PM  
Now....., if we could only kill Ali G......
2003-04-05 08:44:44 PM  
Can we go after Ali G next?
2003-04-05 08:45:04 PM  
Is that one of those George W. Bush nicknames?
2003-04-05 08:45:31 PM  
Damn, too slow
2003-04-05 08:46:24 PM  
Look, if your country is getting bombed by the U.S., and yet you stay at your house, the one everyone knows is yours, you deserve to get your dumbass blown up.
Although I suppose poisoning and torturing his own people also deserves a thorough killing as well.
2003-04-05 08:46:27 PM  
Sounds like someone you'd see on UHF...

/can't find picture

Google image search sucks.
2003-04-05 08:46:44 PM  
I'm going to miss him. He was such a nice fellow.
2003-04-05 08:46:45 PM  
If Coalition Forces were looking to kill me, would I go hide at home(!)?

If I were Coalition Forces, could I be able to believe my luck when this genious thinks that he is going to be safe at home.
2003-04-05 08:47:10 PM  
Can we go after Ali G next?

Yo. Respect.
2003-04-05 08:47:21 PM  
Ali G. Worst.Comedian.Ever. with the Worst.Show.Ever.

and I use the term "comedian" loosely.
2003-04-05 08:48:28 PM  
DrToast has
been validated, Ali

/non-conformist haiku
2003-04-05 08:48:37 PM  
Jesus don't kill them! Capture them and subject them to years of public hummilitation!
2003-04-05 08:49:00 PM  
pfffffffff they run out of news. Now they just gonna predict people die.
2003-04-05 08:49:15 PM  
He floats like a butterfly and stings like a VX gas attack
2003-04-05 08:51:03 PM  
2003-04-05 08:51:42 PM  
I'd rather watch The Young Ones than Ali G but I don't mind the occasional installment of Bartok's shenanigans...
2003-04-05 08:52:49 PM  
Chemical Ali sucks. Ali G rocks.

You guys just don't get it. Period.
2003-04-05 08:53:15 PM  
I expect that the Iraqi Minister of Information will soon come out to deny this, and say that in fact, Chemical Ali wiped out an entire U.S. armored division with a nail clipper.
2003-04-05 08:54:08 PM  
one down. 11 to go.
2003-04-05 08:56:32 PM  

"No, absolutely not! Chemical Ali is not dead. In fact, we just finished cloning him and now there are two Chemical Ali's to fight the infidels!"
2003-04-05 08:56:46 PM  

2003-04-05 08:57:41 PM  
"It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves
pound the sand. I gas people." - "Chemical" Ali
2003-04-05 08:57:41 PM  
Iraqi Information Minister: Chemical Ali is not dead, he is alive. He's just taking a nap, yes... er, its just a nap. Poor bugger, he's been working so hard on his crop-duster, he needed a little nap.
2003-04-05 08:58:19 PM  
why exactly was my phrase

may he be skinned in a tub of bleach and made to swim in a sea of salty salty pigs blood

filtered out? wierd
2003-04-05 08:58:47 PM  
Chemical Frazier not available for comment.

Ali G. Kicks ass.
2003-04-05 09:00:06 PM  
*plays the Final Fantasy "Victory Theme"*
2003-04-05 09:00:29 PM  
Um, yeah ... just like Saddam, right? I'm going to wait for independent confirmation on this one -- just like I'm going to wait for independent confirmation on ANYTHING the DoD comes up with.
2003-04-05 09:00:45 PM  
Bad day to be him.
2003-04-05 09:00:53 PM  
04-05-03 08:40:49 PM Robbie_star
Any relation to mohammad ali?

Is that seriously all you've got?
2003-04-05 09:00:56 PM  
This is really cool. Chemical Ali was the 4th most evil man in Iraq, next to Saddam and his 2 psychopath sons. He was Saddam's cousin, trusted general, and he was in charge of the forces that committed genocide on the Kurds in the North during the Al Anfal campaign. I believe he was also in charge of a quadrant of Iraq's armed forces or something. Either way its a big boost for us to get this sucker.
2003-04-05 09:01:57 PM  
Jumping Jack Flash?
2003-04-05 09:02:47 PM  
A few weeks ago, I tried to sit through the Ali G. show. It was so bad. The thought of strangling myself kept popping into my head.

I tried, I really did try. But damn, he was AWFUL.
2003-04-05 09:04:16 PM  
You stayed up til one AM for that crap?
2003-04-05 09:04:37 PM  
Only because I wanted to see what the hype was about.
2003-04-05 09:04:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Actually, most esteemed master of Chemicals Ali is not dead. In fact I will drive a whole bunch of allied reporters out to him tomorrow. I just saw him two hours ago casting magical spells and causing the Americans' tanks to explode. I am seven feet tall. One time I ate a stack of pancakes twenty feet high and got drunk off of 3 fifths of vodka and beat up four black men with baseball bats.
2003-04-05 09:04:59 PM  
But, then who's gonna fight Tooth Decay?
2003-04-05 09:06:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Oh no!
2003-04-05 09:06:18 PM  
Iraqi Information Minister: Chemical Ali is not dead, he is alive. He's just taking a nap, yes... er, its just a nap. Poor bugger, he's been working so hard on his crop-duster, he needed a little nap.

Heh. That was precious.
2003-04-05 09:06:24 PM  
I watched the show last week (drunk as hell) and laughed my ass off.
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