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(Some Farkette)   Former Tulsa mayoral candidate arrested for throwing a bottle at a passing vehicle (while wearing body armor and riding a bike decorated with a large inflated penis).   ( kotv.com) divider line
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2003-04-04 07:58:55 PM  
I think I voted for that guy.
2003-04-04 09:17:07 PM  
i would have if i could have. i voted for ventura.
2003-04-04 09:23:31 PM  
what party was this guy from? my bet is a wacky republican.
2003-04-04 09:24:54 PM  
It's also a felony to wear body armor while committing a felony, so Tay was arrested for that as well, since he was wearing a bulletproof vest. He's in the Tulsa County jail.

Learn something new everyday.

And why is an inflated penis free speech?
Anyone? Anyone?
2003-04-04 09:25:08 PM  
2003-04-04 09:25:23 PM  
If I had a dollar for everytime this happened to me...
2003-04-04 09:27:44 PM  
And why is an inflated penis free speech?
Anyone? Anyone?

DAMN YOU!!! That's what our troops are fighting for in Iraq you traitorous bastage! Saddam lover!

(sorry....been lurking in the war threads all day and i'm therefore unable to express any opinion on anything without hurling invective. you farking idiot.)

j/k -- hope that was obvious.
2003-04-04 09:28:17 PM  
This guy is crazy, and I've shooken his hand

He wanted to ban cars, and everday leading up to the election day he would ride his bike on the highway slowing down traffic. I don't think he had a party, and I don't remember any of his other stances on issues.

His new thing is Condoms not bombs. Rides his bike around pulling a giant sign with that slogan on it. Hes a nut case, but hes pretty damn amusing.
2003-04-04 09:29:00 PM  
OMFG! I think I saw that guy!!
2003-04-04 09:29:06 PM  
it's these types of people that keep politics in the hands of the masses.
2003-04-04 09:29:50 PM  
OK. nutcases are repulicans by default.
2003-04-04 09:30:06 PM  
He may not win the election in Tulsa, but I bet he'd clean up in East St. Louis.
2003-04-04 09:31:11 PM  
OMFG! I think I AM that guy!
2003-04-04 09:32:33 PM  
Hell, why not vote for him? He couldn't be any worse and at least we could all enjoy the antics. I mean if a former coke head, alcoholic, who was arrested for DUI and went AWOL for a year and graduated college with a 2.0, not to mention a failed business man, who didn't know the names of most of the world's leaders can ge elected, why not this guy?

Oh that's right, his daddy wasn't rich.

Whew, damn I'm a troll
2003-04-04 09:32:42 PM  
Throwing a bottle at my windshield and breaking it? You damn well better be wearing a bulletproof vest.
2003-04-04 09:33:32 PM  
Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense. Ya jus' can't make this shiat up...
2003-04-04 09:33:55 PM  
Ah, if only we had such interesting elections here in San Francisco.
2003-04-04 09:34:17 PM  
OK. nutcases are repulicans by default.

I resemble that comment!
2003-04-04 09:36:17 PM  
He wanted to ban cars, and everday leading up to the election day he would ride his bike on the highway slowing down traffic.

I agree with that, I think most cities would benefit from banning cars. They would just need proper public transportation like Berlin, zgermany or parts of Denver.

/bike rider
2003-04-04 09:36:30 PM  
Off topic, but Picture Stage is closing, does anyone know of a good image host [for Photoshops]?
2003-04-04 09:36:59 PM  
well Farkansas, what inflateable object is on the back of your bike?
2003-04-04 09:37:21 PM  
In other news, the Iraqi Information Minister declares that the giant, armor-plated penis is nowhere near Baghdad...
2003-04-04 09:37:31 PM  
Meet Austin's regular cross dressing mayoral candidate Leslie Cochran.

[image from austinchronicle.com too old to be available]
[image from inadequate.net too old to be available]
2003-04-04 09:38:03 PM  

Yep, almost anythinmg can be a felony.

Doing store security once, I stopped this 18 year old kid after he walked into the store, took two sodas out of a cooler, and walked out the other door.
I stopped him, was met with a few choice curse words, but the result was inevitable. He was 'detained', using the amount of force required to do so.
Police come, report filed, ticket issued, end of story.
Except for the fact that he was out on bail for another crime at the time.
A condition of his bail was that he commit no other crimes while on bail.
When he violated that condition by stealing two bottles of soda, that constituted a breach of his bail, which was interpeted as bail jumping, a felony.

Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.
2003-04-04 09:39:22 PM  
Paul Tay
Pictured here without inflatable penis.

[image from votetay.com too old to be available]

857 people voted for him.
2003-04-04 09:42:20 PM  
I've met Paul Tay a few times and he seems like a pretty nice guy, a bit eccentric, but nice. I have to wonder if he really threw a bottle at a car...
2003-04-04 09:42:50 PM  
"Channel 8 called later that evening and asked for an interview. BoBo, mi amigo, noooo problem. More coverage. KaaaaChing !! "

- Paul Tay
2003-04-04 09:43:33 PM  
When he talks . . a giant penis comes out of his mouth????
2003-04-04 09:45:08 PM  
Am I the only person here to notice the terrible writing in that article?
2003-04-04 09:45:36 PM  
here's his website:

2003-04-04 09:46:32 PM  
That's "Sofa King" unfortunate!
2003-04-04 09:46:48 PM  
WooooHoooo My first successful submission!
2003-04-04 09:47:30 PM  
Yeah, I figure a laser-guided 1000-lb. concrete block ought to take that sonofabiatch out without any collateral damage. Fark up his bike, too.

If only we had that technology...
2003-04-04 09:50:06 PM  
the only good thing in oklahoma is the enormous "now entering TEXAS" sign.
2003-04-04 09:52:39 PM  
Texas has to be the worst state on the map. Full of ass faces.
2003-04-04 09:53:54 PM  
Hell, I'd vote for this guy! KaaaaChing !!
2003-04-04 10:05:07 PM  
It's also a felony to wear body armor while committing a felony

That is the most usefull piece of information I've obtained this week. So, let's say you commit some sort of computer fraud that is a felony. If you just happen to be sporting your bulletproof vest at the time, can you be charged with that crime as well even if you're sitting at home? Oooh, ooh, or, how about if you're wearing your knight's armor while, oh I don't know, stealing a car?

Just out of curiosity, is this law in place so that it's easier for the cops to kill you if they have to shoot at you while you're commiting your original felony?
2003-04-04 10:11:42 PM  

I suspect that it's basically a law so an officer has an easier time killing you. Most "not readily apparent" laws are reactive, as opposed to proactive. If you remember the incident in Los Angeles about 6 or 7 years ago, in which two heavily armored men with assault rifles robbed banks--that could be this law's origin. As I recall, fire from service weapons was ineffective, and only after a few gun shops had been raided of their contents were the men finally put down (one with a head shot, I believe).

But despite my long-winded reponse, yes, these laws are in place took make it easier for a cop to kill you.
2003-04-04 10:14:07 PM  
I'm still fuming over the fact that this guy parades around in public, in front of children, with a giant penis. What is that, a "if your penis is this large you can ride me" advertisment? How is this covered under the rule designed to protect us against persicution by the government for speaking our opinions? It's not speech and it's not print. It's a deliberately offensive obsenity. I don't think even Ben Franklin would approve of this one, and he was a wild man.
2003-04-04 10:18:58 PM  
This guy's website is hilarious--nothing but nonsensical ramblings and grudges; my kind of guy.
2003-04-04 10:21:18 PM  
(one with a head shot, I believe).

The one that died from the headshot did it to themself. He took his life after he was wounded, his rifle ran out of ammo (or jammed) and the pistol he was using was running low.

The other guy bled to death at the scene.

Stephen Yagman (civil rights lawyer in Cali) was representing the estate of the man that bled to death. He claimed the cops let it happen. If i'm not mistaken, he dropped the suit if the cop that one of the guys shot promised to drop his suit against the estate.
2003-04-04 10:22:38 PM  
I'm starting to think, based on commentary from Nonookanano, that perhaps our country WOULD be better if we forced our ideals and opinions on everyone else and said "Sorry, that's not covered by freedom of expression because it's offensive".

Now I'm pissed about the war, since we're trying to take away their blissful suppression. What kind of barbarians are we?
2003-04-04 10:23:20 PM  
if he was wearing body armour that means he was open season for the paintball people. Was he wearing a full face protection mask ?
2003-04-04 10:24:46 PM  
Texas has to be the worst state on the map. Full of ass faces.

Palm Beach is ground zero for stupid.Thats the primary reason FARk has the
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-04-04 10:25:53 PM  
I didn't say I knew the solution, Panda.
I said I see a problem.
2003-04-04 10:29:26 PM  
Why isn't throwing an object through someone's window "free speech"?

[image from thesmartbaby.com too old to be available]
cuckoo cuckoo
2003-04-04 10:34:42 PM  
i can't even see my penis!
2003-04-04 10:34:47 PM  
I have seen this guy on his bike on Riverside Dr.
2003-04-04 10:35:23 PM  
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

Show me where you get "freedom of expression".
And, just what is this guy "expressing"?
He is not saying anything. He is just being obscene.
2003-04-04 10:38:25 PM  
People who misconstrue, pervert and twist the rules for their own ends piss me off. These people think that just because they can get away with something under the present rules makes it okay. That's why we need more and more and more laws all the time. shiat, even Jesus understood that you can not live by laws alone.

Ever heard of "morality"?
I'm sure you think it's an amusing and obsolete concept.
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