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2003-04-04 06:23:38 PM  
Always was my favorite cliche....
2003-04-04 06:50:53 PM  
It's the only one that isn't terribly annoying yet, Phrenile. Plus, it can be really clever when it's done right, as it is above.
2003-04-04 06:59:28 PM  
Yeah, well, i'm doing my part so thanks.
2003-04-04 07:11:41 PM  
I was kind of hoping that cliche was dead.
2003-04-04 08:30:16 PM  
Face it. We all have wanted to ram other cars at one point or another. The septa-, octo-, nonagenerians, and centenarians simply realize that the may kick at any time and that if they're ever gonna live out the fantasy they might as well do it now. Beisdes, it can liven un an otherwise dull existence with some real excitement. Shiat! At the rate the TV networks are going with their "reality" shows these days, it's only a matter of time before they hit this demographic. Can't you just enivision "Alzheimers Factor, The Multiple Widow, Survivor: the Medicated Years, Big Great-Great-Grandmother, So You Want to Marry a Non-Denture Wearer, Joe Successful Bowel Movement, Boot Hill Camp," etc.

/57 channels and nothing on ... and nuthin' much from me
#2 [TotalFark]
2003-04-04 08:42:56 PM  
Oh, that brake...
[image from sei-brake.co.jp too old to be available]I thought they meant the other break
http://www.sei-brake.co.jp/images/necchuu/brake/brake-1.gif>[image from day-without-rain.org too old to be available]I thought they meant the other break
2003-04-04 08:54:56 PM  
That's some nice doo-dahing
2003-04-04 09:23:45 PM  
Love that Doo-dah!
2003-04-05 12:00:55 AM  
"LEGGO MY EGGO !" VVVVVRooooooooommmm **Crash !**
[image from winchesterstar.com too old to be available]
2003-04-05 01:15:30 AM  
i love Waffle House
2003-04-05 01:15:36 AM  
Freakin' funny headline for this one...
2003-04-05 01:16:03 AM  
"Just tell me which one is the accelerometer and which the deceleratrix."
2003-04-05 01:17:32 AM  
High-quality doo-dah. Go poster.
2003-04-05 01:17:49 AM  
When I die I want to go just like my grandfather, in his sleep, not screaming like the other people in the car.

/ my sig.
2003-04-05 01:18:54 AM  
great headline
2003-04-05 01:19:55 AM  
What's it going to take to get some good strong federal laws to take care of senile drivers? I have had two accidents due to elderly motorists. One turned right in front of me against the light, the other rear ended me in a major way. He got out and he was wandering around in circles mumbling how he hoped it wouldn't screw up his heart condition!
Thing is... would a politician that supported this be committing suicide?
2003-04-05 01:20:10 AM  
Old people shouldn't drive.
2003-04-05 01:20:58 AM  
Quote: It's alleged that when Taylor's foot shifted, he pressed the accelerator rather than the brake, and his foot became stuck under the gas pedal, Eckman said.

Stuck under the gas pedal? That doesn't make sence....

Great tag line though...
2003-04-05 01:21:12 AM  
Best use of the 'doo-dah' cliche I've seen to date on fark.

Bravo Zulu!
2003-04-05 01:23:19 AM  
No puns now, just popped in to state that old people shouldn't be driving.

I mean, I don't see how the hell you can do this. Confuse the brake and the gas pedal. Also, what are these people doing, slamming down on the gas? I mean, you would think that after the first second, they would realize they were stepping on the gas and not the brakes?
2003-04-05 01:24:29 AM  
2003-04-05 01:25:44 AM  
Irving47: Yes, I guess it would be political suicide, in spite of the fact that it makes sence and is supported by facts. Most elderly people have the smarts to realise when their skills begin to fall below an acceptable level, and choose to stop driving. But others, some for real reasons, continue.

I have always held that once you pass a certain age you should be required to be tested every time you renew your licence or rego (not sure how you do it in the States and Europe, here in Qld.Au you have to renew your licence at least every five years...)
2003-04-05 01:27:48 AM  
Irving47 for one of my classes I did a presentation that basically, over 65 drivers should be required to go into the DMV (no renewal by mail) and take a basic test for reflexes, situational awareness, etc. If they were mildly impaired, they would be allowed to drive outside of cities/urban areas and not allowed on major interstates.
2003-04-05 01:27:49 AM  
Nobody whose age is more than 5 years from mine should be allowed to drive.
2003-04-05 01:28:26 AM  
Irving47: What's it going to take to get some good strong federal laws to take care of senile drivers? I have had two accidents due to elderly motorists. One turned right in front of me against the light, the other rear ended me in a major way.

Dittio, except in my case, it was the driver side both times. They drifted (more like lurched) into my lane. I was not in their blind spots (well for a regular person). They simply failed to turn their heads and see me there parallel to their vehicles.
2003-04-05 01:29:03 AM  
Ghost_who_walks, it depends upon the state here (licenses are issued by the state). Some states can do up to 8 years between renewals. Often you can renew by mail, usually with some limitations.
2003-04-05 01:29:16 AM  
Let's see, if you think the gas pedal is the brake, you would press harder to stop the speeding car, making it speed more, making you press even harder... until you slammed into the Waffle House, scattering blueberries, maple syrup, and dead bodies everywhere.

Well... only if you're senile, of course...
2003-04-05 01:29:23 AM  
Old people shouldn't necessarily be banned from driving, but they should for sure be forced to undergo regular testing to make sure their driving skills are still up to scratch. My old man's in his 70s and drives his Porsche far better and more skillfully than I can. Then again, he takes a voluntary test every six months to make sure his reflexes, etc. are still up to par.
Excellent doo dah, btw.
2003-04-05 01:29:59 AM  
Can you blame the guy? I always "put the hammer down" when I see a Waffle House. Perhaps he thought they stopped serving waffles after 1:00pm and wanted to get his order in ASAP.
2003-04-05 01:31:45 AM  
Ohh, BTW: FoamingPipeSnake , there is no such thing as a closing IMG tag. It's just extra typing.

2003-04-05 01:32:10 AM  
Oh yea, don't blame me if you are humming the song in the men's room.
2003-04-05 01:32:51 AM  
most likely, Tumbleintherough, they were trying to get the early bird special at the sizzler..

harumph, dinner at 3pm...
2003-04-05 01:34:13 AM  
Actually...I usually eat dunch at something like 3-5 PM and I'm 21. I have work and school in the morning, I don't like breakfast, and I'm too lazy to make a lunch. So I usually end up eating one big meal then and one small meal around 8 or 9.
2003-04-05 01:35:37 AM  
same thing happened in my town, the geezer busted through a Hardee's window.
2003-04-05 01:37:20 AM  
Tinrobot, well spotted there. I suppose if you think your foot is already on the brake and you're accelerating, I guess you would press harder, making things worse...

..and LoL@Tumbleintherough...
2003-04-05 01:38:14 AM  
Okay, so I have HTML OCD. I can live with that.
2003-04-05 01:41:42 AM  
Just curious, but when did you notice my use of the </img> tag?
2003-04-05 01:43:17 AM  
Just what we need after a war-debate thread: Silly old man revs his engine, careens down the street, and hits a tree.
Further proof that, say it with me now, old people shouldn't drive.
2003-04-05 01:47:25 AM  
Ladies and gentlemen, I submit proof:
[image from winchesterstar.com too old to be available]

If you are over say, 65, you should take a reaction test and the driving test. No if's, and's or but's. If you cannot perform standard driving skills with a sufficient reaction time then you cannot drive. Easy and simple.

2003-04-05 01:48:53 AM  
/me says it with NinjasAreKeen: old people shouldn't drive

Heard this somewhere: Ever notice how anyone who drives slower than you is a moron and anyone who drives faster than you is an idiot?
2003-04-05 01:50:29 AM  
Just curious, but when did you notice my use of the </img> tag?

He's talking about the HTML tags on your profile page.
2003-04-05 01:50:34 AM  
100% with ya there Beezlebob. Old people on the road are trouble.
2003-04-05 01:53:42 AM  
Heh. It's a fair cop.
2003-04-05 01:54:07 AM  
Hey grampa, whadya do today?
HuaHeehee, I smacked some lil' whippersnapper's car to bits.
But Grampa, can't you get in trouble for that?
Heck no, I just ask old and dumb and they fall for it every time.
2003-04-05 01:54:58 AM  
Yoorble: Old people shouldn't necessarily be banned from driving, but they should for sure be forced to undergo regular testing to make sure their driving skills are still up to scratch.

Agreed, but I would even go further and say that I'd like to see all drivers tested regularly for motor reflexes, ability to follow instructions, and most importantly ability to be considerate to other people. The third thing would cut out about 60% of current drivers. Contempt for those around you seems to be responsible for most of the stress/road rage we all experience, and directly responsible for accidents from time to time.

I would also like to see speeding changed from a fine to jail time. Every 15 MPH over the speed limit is 24 hours in jail. This way, the law isn't devastating for poor people and such a joke they can afford to repeatedly ignore it for rich people.
2003-04-05 01:56:26 AM  
The Campptown ladies sing this song...
2003-04-05 01:57:03 AM  
There seems to be a movement happening here...

I wonder how many people are going to come into this tread and state one of the following:

a) Old people shouldn't be on the road. Period.
b) Old people should be tested regularly.
c) For that matter, everyone should be tested regularly.
d) Nice headline, dude.

Therefor all future post can now simply be a combination of a, b, c, or d.

That is all.
2003-04-05 01:57:22 AM  
it bothers me that the first doodah thingy has an extra syllable
2003-04-05 01:58:23 AM  
i think this guy got the idea from livia in the sopranos
2003-04-05 02:01:37 AM  
Excellent Doo-dah!
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