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2003-04-04 08:32:29 AM  
[image from image.inkfrog.com too old to be available]
2003-04-04 08:45:42 AM  
Emms, of Kingskettle, Fife, Scotland, told police he had sex with the dog last August as a "single act of frustration".
The stereotype lives on!
2003-04-04 08:48:37 AM  
Was the dog male or female?
2003-04-04 08:52:00 AM  
How exactly does this work? Have any of you ever thought about the mechanics of having sex with any animal, much less a dog?

How wouldst thou maintain thine erection? (vomits in trash can)
2003-04-04 08:58:58 AM  
She probably came on to him. Waging her tail, licking his hand. What a hussy!
2003-04-04 08:59:50 AM  
Mrs Emms caught him after hearing strange noises.

Knick-knack paddywhack,
Give a dog a bone...

Legman, do you really want an answer to that question?
2003-04-04 09:14:17 AM  
"Red rocket, red rocket!"
2003-04-04 09:15:20 AM  
Pregnant dog less amused.
2003-04-04 09:27:26 AM  
Sooo... Can we expect some kinda half man/half dog in the future? Cuz I'd really like to see that.
2003-04-04 09:34:35 AM  
You would think the dog would play a little hard to get.
2003-04-04 09:34:43 AM  
"You should seek appropriate counselling."


And the Sun is there...
2003-04-04 09:36:52 AM  
"Mrs Emms caught him after hearing strange noises"

From which party?

And the dog with the black bar over his eyes made me literally LMAO
2003-04-04 10:29:14 AM  
Howz that old joke go?

Guy sees dog licking his balls, says to his friend "I wish I could do that."

Friend replies "You might want to pet him first."

(I'm still laughing at the dog's picture, too...)
2003-04-04 10:29:38 AM  
And they call it puppy love...
2003-04-04 10:38:11 AM  
So... did the dog enjoy it?
2003-04-04 11:02:56 AM  
Scooby Don't
2003-04-04 11:51:29 AM  
It seems to me that someone would have to be inclined to beastiality to do this, and not just driven to it because of desperation. Go to town and "go to town" with a whore, for God's sake.

That said, ladies, please don't deny your husbands sex and then be surprised when you catch him ogling the dog's tail instead of yours.
2003-04-04 11:59:39 AM  
biatch or biatch - take your pick.
2003-04-04 12:08:09 PM  
Gives an all new meaning to doggy style. That's just nasty.
2003-04-04 12:18:49 PM  
Dogs can get married? Hey-Ohhhhhhhh

nice pic, Frank
2003-04-04 12:20:22 PM  
Sudie I would hope that wifey would be surprised if I got down with a dog no matter how long it had been...
2003-04-04 12:20:46 PM  
Pardon me, while I go and scrub my scrotum!

Masturbation wasn't enough?
2003-04-04 12:20:56 PM  
2003-04-04 12:22:04 PM  
"Dammit Darran, not again!"
2003-04-04 12:22:54 PM  
2003-04-04 12:22:58 PM  
Forgot to mention,

I always thought "Farking the dog" was just a saying, to express goofing off for an afternoon.
2003-04-04 12:22:59 PM  
SadDad: I think the guy already had a previous conviction for spanking his monkey.
2003-04-04 12:23:13 PM  
[image from members.tripod.com too old to be available]
They'll send you to the gas chamber for this one for sure.
2003-04-04 12:23:36 PM  
did the dog get the wife pregnant..I am confused. Awww, the baby has his teeth..
2003-04-04 12:23:53 PM  
That is really nasty
2003-04-04 12:24:10 PM  
you don't like me , you just like my doggy style
2003-04-04 12:24:14 PM  
that's just sick

They post THIS and then turn down my submissions?

/shakes head in disgust
2003-04-04 12:24:14 PM  
Frank Beautiful. I'm speechless
2003-04-04 12:24:21 PM  
this is really sick, I'm surprised Fark mods even posted this, and I can't believe people are commenting the way they are...nasty nasty
2003-04-04 12:24:29 PM  
I don't see what the big deal is. All he wanted was a piece of tail. Is that too much to ask?
2003-04-04 12:24:34 PM  
The Sun is great...I used to love reading it on a daily basis when I was over there....my favorite articles always seemed to show up on Page 3, though..I'm more a fan of photographic journalism.

BTW, did anyone ever see the Sun that had the headline "Silenced by the Lambs"? Apparently, it was about a lady that got stampeded over a cliff in Scotland or something.
2003-04-04 12:24:37 PM  
Two legs BAD ! Four legs good, and sexy, and sensuous...

With all being said, I thing he should have considered other options, like divorce.

2003-04-04 12:24:39 PM  
Must'v been a tabacco farmer.
2003-04-04 12:24:40 PM  
"That said, ladies, please don't deny your husbands sex and then be surprised when you catch him ogling the dog's tail instead of yours."

Where did it say she was withholding sex? She was PREGNANT. Obviously she wasn't holding it back too much.
2003-04-04 12:24:46 PM  
I'm appalled. There weren't any decent sheep around? Poor doggie.
2003-04-04 12:24:59 PM  
Heh. Scotsmen.

"Ah cannae take dis shiate anymore! Ah'm gonna hafta shag the dog!"

whatever happened to just getting drunk and, err, gettin' the german soldier marchin to some good ol fashioned PORN?

2003-04-04 12:25:13 PM  
"daddy, what are you doing to my dog?"
2003-04-04 12:25:33 PM  
I think it's strange how men have sex with animals too. It's not like the dog would just "sit" there and let the guy bone-on. What the hell did he do to subdue the dog??

But my biggest question is:

Did the wife have to pour warm water on his private parts to separate them??

/witness to dog sex
2003-04-04 12:25:51 PM  
04-04-03 08:48:37 AM Legman
Was the dog male or female?

Jeeezz. FEMALE. It's not like he's a pervert or something.
2003-04-04 12:25:52 PM  
Another Chicago Cubs fan gets his rocks off!
2003-04-04 12:26:02 PM  
There are some major farked up people in this world and this guy is one of 'em.
2003-04-04 12:26:06 PM  
This is a poor, poor substitute for a boobies link.
2003-04-04 12:27:07 PM  
And just what is wrong with putting a glob of peanut butter on your nut-sack and giving the dog a snack?
2003-04-04 12:27:09 PM  
Maveno: Huh?
2003-04-04 12:27:17 PM  
GrayCat, I made an assumption that he wasn't getting it much because of this statement:

...but blamed it on his six-year relationship with his wife
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