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(eBay)   For sale: The high-tech thingie that Wil used to attract babes on Star Trek   ( divider line
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135 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2003 at 7:41 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-03 07:43:56 AM  
Wow, Salia is hot!
2003-04-03 07:44:46 AM  
Wow - A genuine babe magnet (not wheaton ;-)
2003-04-03 07:44:55 AM  
This is soooo mine.
2003-04-03 07:45:44 AM  
What? He had a pocket rocket? Thats how he attracted babes. Sly Wil, very sly.
2003-04-03 07:45:57 AM  
I predict its going to go a bit higher than the 800-1000 us dollars estimated

/gotta get me a Wesley Crusher magnet device
2003-04-03 07:47:22 AM  
Like anyone on Fark needs that. Pfft.
2003-04-03 07:47:57 AM  
seriously....fark wheaton... fark startrek

fark the whole following... you're like glorified soap opera fans
2003-04-03 07:48:24 AM  
I've never seen a vibrator that looked like that. That's the future for ya, I guess.
2003-04-03 07:48:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

She is kinds hot.

still I'd hit it Wheaton style.
2003-04-03 07:49:04 AM  
is this the 25th century equivalent of a date-rape drug?
2003-04-03 07:49:32 AM  
Johnathan Frakes looks on in envy...
2003-04-03 07:51:32 AM  
2003-04-03 07:54:41 AM  
I'd like some taquitos!
2003-04-03 07:56:05 AM  
Bet you could make a sweet pipe with that thing.
2003-04-03 07:58:17 AM  
But she turned into a shapeshifting bug blatter beast in the end, so I guess it didn't really work too well for him...

/ashamed for remembering that
2003-04-03 07:59:44 AM  
Yeah - part of the 'where are they now' files...

I think they had a seat reserved next to Helix. ;)
2003-04-03 08:05:14 AM  
So they're selling Wil's perfect early nineties/late eighties hair?

2003-04-03 08:10:57 AM  
I feel sorry for anybody whose auction gets posted on Fark. It must take a lot of time to sort through all the fake bids.
2003-04-03 08:13:35 AM  
what the fark?

who would want this?

//shudders at the thought of people saying "me"
2003-04-03 08:16:22 AM  
If anyone's intersted, here's the preview for that episode.

and no, i'm some TNG geek. (sighs).
2003-04-03 08:16:47 AM  
fuk startrek
2003-04-03 08:17:44 AM  
fuk people who say fuk startrek
2003-04-03 08:17:48 AM  
OMG. I've just clicked on an EBAY link.

Millions of spam emails for knob extentions are the only certain result.
2003-04-03 08:18:57 AM  
fark the whole following... you're like glorified soap opera fans

Star Trek TNG wasn't episodic. Just FYI
2003-04-03 08:19:59 AM  
fuk people who say fuk people who say fuk startrek.

Next please.
2003-04-03 08:20:50 AM  
Anybody who is thinking of buying this please turn off your computer, go outside and GET A LIFE.
2003-04-03 08:21:37 AM  
uh, fuk peoples who be sayin fuk?
2003-04-03 08:21:50 AM  
Wesley Crusher and

Ensign Robin Lefler

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 08:33:05 AM  
it's too hard to get a star trek flame war going here... i'm off to
2003-04-03 08:33:12 AM  

2003-04-03 08:37:16 AM  
Wesley should have boned Troi.
2003-04-03 08:37:22 AM  
/me predicts a "feh" response from Wil.

So freakin' predictable.
2003-04-03 08:41:04 AM  
What's REALLY creepy is that there's this much information on Ashley Judd's character, who appeared on all of two shows.
2003-04-03 08:43:09 AM  
Jesus crap. I just noticed the price. $800-$1000? I was expecting $100 or something, and was going to come one here moaning about fools being easily parted from their money. That's insane.
2003-04-03 08:43:29 AM  
For sale: The high-tech thingie that Wil used to attract babes on Star Trek

They're selling Wesley's dingus?
2003-04-03 08:50:13 AM  
wil, you old dog..
2003-04-03 08:50:50 AM  
Mmmmm Heather Thomas........

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 08:51:11 AM  
Who would pay $800-$1000 for that? Who would pay for that at all?
2003-04-03 08:52:32 AM  
A Trek babe magnet that attracts Treky girls. Beam me one now Scotty.
2003-04-03 08:53:00 AM  
I'd pay $800-$1000 for Heather Thomas.

Oh, wait. That's wasn't what you were talking about...
2003-04-03 08:53:15 AM  
04-03-03 08:33:12 AM Akazanar


Too skinny.

Too many teeth showing. I fear the sharks.

Huge head. Probably an impression resulting from comment #1.

In other pictures I've seen of her -- a lovely woman.
2003-04-03 08:54:41 AM  
Ashley Judd... I'd hit it.
2003-04-03 08:58:20 AM  
yeah, but, in this pic you can see the bottom of her right nipple
2003-04-03 09:10:08 AM  
For 800 bucks I better get one of Wesley's kidneys included
2003-04-03 09:11:17 AM  
2003-04-03 09:11:27 AM  
Can I bid on one of those Salia thingies instead?

As far as ST:TNG props go, this is a little obscure. I'm afraid to ask how much tricorders and comm badges go for.
2003-04-03 09:11:31 AM  
HONK I wasn't necessarily talking about this picture of her. More like the movies she's been in. She was sooo hot in Kiss the Girls.

2003-04-03 09:15:09 AM  
Erm, I guess I should have clicked "View all lots in this catalog" first.

Hmm, I could use a phaser. Or maybe a PADD. Are batteries included?
2003-04-03 09:17:19 AM  
Damn, check out the rest of the lots in this auction...some cool memorabilia in there...

A Batarang from Batman Forever, the hoverboard from Back To The Future, Darth Vader's fighting helmet from Star Wars...
2003-04-03 09:30:37 AM  
Ahh Ashley Judd...

F'ing A I'd hit it--even if in all likelihood she'd use my soul as decorative floormat. Somethin' about them Judd women....
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