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2001-09-21 02:18:08 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2001-09-21 02:18:11 PM  
Soupgoblin: Very much so...
2001-09-21 02:25:00 PM  
the network is coming more and more to light
2001-09-21 02:25:32 PM  
For those of you referring to the incident in Magadishu, I suggest reading Black Hawk Down. A lot of what went on over there was not relayed to the public via the press.
2001-09-21 02:47:37 PM  
Maybe Clinton would have been able to do more if he wasn't under constant political attack by the Republicans in his second term. I think the Republican party is more to blame for all of that time and energy being wasted in 98 and 99.
2001-09-21 02:51:14 PM  
Has anyone seen confirmation of this story in other places?
2001-09-21 03:03:09 PM  
[image from atlantic.photoisland.com too old to be available] Bin Laden's new job...
2001-09-21 03:07:57 PM  
The Philly INquirer ran an excellent series of articles about the Somalia incident. You don't need to buy the book. Go Here.
2001-09-21 03:09:09 PM  
Glenlivid and TheWhiteDragon:
You both will pay dearly for those remarks. I will start with you and work my way down through your fami...er, ah...I mean how dare you associate me with that ruthless terrorist piec of scum.
2001-09-21 03:10:13 PM  
You may catch Laden, but there will be others, probably even more vicious freedom fighters who will not rest until americans start minding their own business and go home.
2001-09-21 03:17:12 PM  
Yeah, yeah, it was all Clinton's fault, blah blah blah.

Do some research, blame-shifters. Start with the name "George H.W. Bush" and work your way back from there.

Jesus. Even now people can't get away from the bipartisan crap.
2001-09-21 03:18:54 PM  
Want some? Come get some. Wish I knew how to post a picture of my biatches shredding osama
2001-09-21 03:24:00 PM  
The western world cannot win the kind of war these people will wage. It's been proven time and again that guerilla warfare will always defeat regular forces on what might be called the battlefield. The only way to win that type of war is to round up every man, woman and child in the area, put them in concentration camps and then destroy all sources of food to deprive the guerilla forces of support. Since the western world will not do this, it cannot win.
2001-09-21 03:27:35 PM  
Bardi, glad to see someone aggreed with my statement.
George Sr. really screwed our military.
It was personal for me. He closed our base and put a family member into forced retirement after like 30 years of service.
2001-09-21 03:30:29 PM  
Soupgoublin. Using the DEA's resources to support the military instead of trying to stop people from using drugs makes perfect sense. That is why it will never happen.
2001-09-21 03:33:15 PM  
Why are we getting all these critical reports from oddball presses?

Is CNN covering this?
2001-09-21 03:35:52 PM  
I don't mean to add to the Bipartison fire, but Farkeater, perhaps Clinton could have focused on the job more if he weren't getting BJ's in the Oval Office.
2001-09-21 03:39:24 PM  
Walkman: A couple of errors:

1. You're assuming that the locals will support the terrorists.
2. To continue a guerilla effort, the guerillas need a constant supply of ammunition and arms. IN Viet Nam, they came from the USSR and China. In the American revolution, they came from France, etc, etc. The Somalis or Afghans will eventually run out of ammo (really fast if we encourage that shooting in the air thing they like to do) and then they're dead ducks.
3. If you can break the will of the people to no longer defy you or if you simply convince them it's easier to knuckle under (France surrenders), you will win. What does supporting these terrorists get them except anguish?
2001-09-21 03:39:55 PM  
why do I keep getting these flashbacks to the late Roman Empire?

You now, the days when the soft Roman Army was being harrassed by Barbarians from Central Asia?

"Don't worry lads, we still have the biggest military in the world..."
2001-09-21 03:40:53 PM  
Farkeater: I agree. (don't have a stroke!)
2001-09-21 03:41:25 PM  
Kraf.... if you don't want to be in America... just get out. that easy.
2001-09-21 03:42:32 PM  
Oh my gawd, The Washington Times (nb not "the Post").

This is owned by the Moon organization, I swear!
2001-09-21 03:45:13 PM  
Bin Laden flees Afghanistan, Doo-dah, doo-dah
2001-09-21 03:45:59 PM  
And remember never to fight a land war in Asia
2001-09-21 03:48:41 PM  
2001-09-21 03:50:23 PM  
I'm just glad Gore isn't president.. He'd pee his pants or something, AT least Bush has some badass advisors and his dad to refer to.

But then again, I'm partial to republicans, shame on my bipartisanship, no eggs for me!
2001-09-21 03:50:41 PM  
I knew it wouldn't take long....
2001-09-21 03:56:25 PM  
I hope the starving people in Somalia eat this loser. How pathetic, he has others go kill themselves to fight his "great enemy", but when it comes time for him to face the "enemy" he instead sticks his tail between his legs and runs. Coward.
2001-09-21 04:07:53 PM  
Hey Drew,
(or whoever just changed the comments thingee comments.pl) -- It's a cool change (saves mucho bandwidth) but don't allow "Offset" to increment past the end of comments. You can keep hitting the right arrow to increment offset beyond where current comments exist. There should be a test for a right arrow boundary condition similar to what exists for the left arrow (change it to a non-link).
2001-09-21 04:07:53 PM  
The locals are already supporting terrorism or they would have killed them years ago.

I really don't think they'll run out of ammo anytime soon because they have support in a large part of the world. I'd say Kaddafi and Hussein will gladly supply them with all they want.

Break the will of the people? How? These are people who have already been thru Hell and back. Nothing the western world can do will make it any worse.
2001-09-21 04:09:32 PM  
Make it worse. I have an idea!

No more boobies for those who support terrorists.

Now thats harsh!
2001-09-21 04:19:57 PM  
i just finished reading the black hawk down article.
grim and scary shiat. walkman, what is your take? are we just walking into a death trap? even with NATO support.
2001-09-21 04:25:08 PM  
Why hasn't this been posted on CNN? Is this legit or is CNN slow?
2001-09-21 04:25:29 PM  
Hey, anyone know where I can get tat pic of uncle sam rolling up his sleeves in the fark logo??? I can't seem to find it when it was posted. Thanks. Email me at g92v­r4­[nospam-﹫-backwards]ooh­ay*co­m
2001-09-21 04:28:30 PM  
Machine: thats... inhumane, everyone needs boobies, even our friends the Lesbians
2001-09-21 04:29:54 PM  
You have no idea what you're talking about, do you Walkman?

Afghanistan was in much better shape before Russia than they are now. The Russians were rolling over them before we jumped in with the Stingers, etc.

"Land war in Asia", my ass! We won every company-sized or larger engagement in Vietnam. We lost the domestic front, because we didn't take the war seriously until too late. We rolled over Hussein's "Fourth Largest Army in the World" in a mere four days. The only problem was feeding all the PW's.

The average Afghan probably would like to see the Taliban taken out. Hell, we are the number one source of foreign aid to Afghanistan. I'm sure they see USA all over their food shipments.

In addition, every member of the US military would love marching orders to Somalia. We killed hundreds of them, and they only got 18 of us? And they treated one of our soldier's body as a trophy in front of the cameras. Yeah, I'd reenlist just to go there and get some.
2001-09-21 04:36:01 PM  
I am afraid. I am running from you Infidels. You are too stupid to find me, American Swine.
2001-09-21 04:41:08 PM  
I think the US and its allies is walking into a hellstorm and it's going to get worse. There's no way to fight a people who are fully convinced you mean to destroy them and their religious beliefs, particularly when virtually all of them are willing to suicide attack anything or anybody. It's impossible to make them fear anything.
2001-09-21 04:43:31 PM  
That is right Infidel. If you attack us, we will ALL BLOW OURSELVES UP!!

oh, wait... crap.
2001-09-21 04:45:39 PM  
superjoe-- Delayed response...
"If he tries to fly there, we should hit the plane with a giant tower."
2001-09-21 04:46:08 PM  
"Land war in Asia", Woody relax it is from a book, then later made into a movie.

My two cents- if you want to bring up Vietnam- read the book "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brian. Whole new perspective.
2001-09-21 04:49:00 PM  
Woah! A paging system for the comments! It wasn't here a few minutes ago.
2001-09-21 04:52:02 PM  
The US lost in Viet Nam because it was a political war, not a miltary one.

The US lost the Indian wars a 100 years ago because it had to kill off the indigenious people to win.

The Afghanis might not have been winning their war against Russia but they weren't losing.

Iraq I'll grant you because it was given to the miltary to win and the politicos stayed out of it. Not because they wanted to but because Norman went in so fast and so overwhelmingly they didn't have time to do anything to interfere.

All of those fights were against a people who were more or less stuck in one place. Fighting terrorists is an entirely different thing because they won't stay in one place and they aren't fighting for territory. They're fighting for their very survival and will take it worldwide.

You think WTC was bad? What will happen when they start taking out schools? Every kid in the country will be kept at home, occupying at least one parent and more likely both because either mom or dad or both will be staying home and carrying a weapon. Where happens to your army when every parent in the military refuses to leave home because the government can't protect the kids?
2001-09-21 04:58:25 PM  
Out of place for this comment but Britney gives good head. Just had to be said.
2001-09-21 05:01:04 PM  
The paging system seems to have a bug:
Click on '5' at the bottom of the page then scroll down and hit '4' at the bottom of that page.
The page it brings up has the posts for both pages 4 and 5.
I think it can be continued by clicking on 3 to get 3 pages worth.
2001-09-21 05:04:31 PM  

You need some boobies. They make us all feel better.
2001-09-21 05:09:13 PM  
I think you should take your sensationalism and vagina elsewhere.
2001-09-21 05:10:06 PM  
Yeah, well... I'm taking a lady backpacking this weekend who has never been camping in her life and she told me I had to protect her while we were in the woods. I think I'll be feeling a whole lot better about 1/2 hour or so after we crawl in the double sleeping bag tonight.
2001-09-21 05:10:54 PM  
Less planes, less troops and shiat. I think we have alot more technology now, and more high tech bombs and stuff.
2001-09-21 05:11:05 PM  
Sensationalism? Nope, just reality.
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