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(CNN)   War. Hunngh. What is it good for? Edwin Starr dead at 61   ( divider line
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42 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2003 at 5:18 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-04-03 05:42:49 AM  
As soon as an admin gets here, it'll be gone.

Move along.
2003-04-03 05:48:59 AM  
But what if we want to piss and moan about not getting our money's worth? ;)

*plants a big slobbery one on Squinth*

Good to see you in the threads again!
2003-04-03 05:50:53 AM  
'hunngh' ?!?!??
2003-04-03 05:52:12 AM  
2 death announcement in one night, damn. And both are the singer of.. wait..
2003-04-03 05:57:19 AM  
Right back atchya Mal! *mua*

I don't see any pissing and moaning in here. That doesn't happen at Fark, does it?
2003-04-03 05:58:52 AM  
Pete and Repeat went into a store. Pete came out.

Who was left?
2003-04-03 05:59:16 AM  
2003-04-03 06:04:13 AM  
He died again?
2003-04-03 06:05:56 AM  
Holy shiat, someone thought my lame=ass joke was funny?

Or were you laughing at the sheer stupidity of it?

Hell, either way it got the desired effect. :D
2003-04-03 06:06:14 AM  
2003-04-03 06:07:09 AM  
Yes, he died again. And from the looks of the queue, he has died several times. Before the day is over, he will die a hundred deaths.

Or something.
2003-04-03 06:08:57 AM  
*piss* *moan* *grumble*
2003-04-03 06:09:54 AM  
Repeat on the same day.

I'm not complaining though...

Here's a squirrel to make it better
[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 06:09:59 AM  
I think he was a cat and had 9 lives. This is only his second death meaning he still has seven deaths to go.
2003-04-03 06:10:33 AM  
Jwrebholz: That seriously made me laugh out loud. :)
2003-04-03 06:16:30 AM  
Well, what a shame to lose them all on the same day. I thought the point was backups.
2003-04-03 06:20:19 AM  
04-03-03 05:58:52 AM Jwrebholz
Pete and Repeat went into a store. Pete came out.

Who was left?

Nobody. The moderator manager went postal and shot everyone in the store.
2003-04-03 06:28:44 AM  
Ok, I've had my one shining moment. Time to go back to making no sense whatsoever.

So here's a late link for all those interested.

2003-04-03 06:29:24 AM  
2003-04-03 06:29:35 AM  
Ah, fark it.

/HTML impaired
2003-04-03 06:30:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Stay back!!! I've got a hostage!
2003-04-03 06:31:23 AM  
That reminds me. Where the hell are all the boobies?!
2003-04-03 06:32:19 AM  
That IS a cat, isn't it?
2003-04-03 06:33:03 AM  
Hah. Wait for the update in a hour: "Nope. Still dead."
2003-04-03 06:39:19 AM  
Actually it's one of those 1337 h4X0rz from yesterday!

Ummm, actually that's not me. I'm not even holding anything cute at the moment. One pup keeps giving me a paw, so I guess it's time to deal with RL again...

*ducks away from the moderating managerial wrath*
2003-04-03 06:55:01 AM  
repeats..uhhh..good god... what are they good for? absolutely nothing
2003-04-03 07:10:26 AM  
What is this Slashdot?

2003-04-03 07:15:10 AM  
Borisbaloney wrote:

Grrr Arggh? (the M.E. tagline?) hehehe
2003-04-03 07:18:41 AM  
Deader than Geralissimo Francisco Franco
2003-04-03 07:19:52 AM  
Grrrrr *GeNeralissimo*
2003-04-03 07:28:13 AM  
Zerk, when I saw this double I immediately thought of Chevy Chase's SNL repeated "Franco" announcements, good ref.
2003-04-03 07:38:08 AM  
I shall stifle the urge.

/just moving on
2003-04-03 07:38:50 AM  
Like I said on the other thread...

Why is it some celebrity deaths never make it on Fark (even if they are submitted), while some make it twice?

Once again, I say "meh".

Forgive Dok, he's a little sleepy still.
2003-04-03 07:57:12 AM  
I heard that he had a heart attack when he saw the size of his latest royalty check for the song.

Also, worst non-use of Ironic tag.
2003-04-03 08:18:34 AM  
Damn, died AGAIN?
2003-04-03 08:19:08 AM  
04-03-03 07:10:26 AM Borisbaloney
What is this Slashdot?


That would not happen on slashdot....OH wait....
2003-04-03 08:28:31 AM  
"sunovab*tch better stay dead!"

/obscure Sam Waterston quote
2003-04-03 09:18:42 AM  
Dok: Psst...mods don't approve stories, admins do. Before you go insulting people's intellignce, perhaps you should get your facts straight so you don't end up looking like an idiotic farktard like you just did.
2003-04-03 09:33:50 AM  
I'll always remember that song in the form of Homer Simpson in his skivvies in a church in The Homega Man.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-04-03 09:39:25 AM  
twas a great episode the_sneak
2003-04-03 09:39:50 AM  
Dude died twice? Damn.
2003-04-03 09:39:51 AM  
"Repeats...UNGGHH, good God, what are they good for? Absoluteley Nothing!"
2003-04-03 09:40:46 AM  
"Misspellings, UNNGGHH, Good God....."
2003-04-03 09:42:25 AM  
Anyone heard Dj Krush "Chie no wa"? Good song
2003-04-03 09:44:34 AM  
I got absolutely nothing

/say it again.
2003-04-03 09:53:09 AM  
Bildo: Funny on more than one level, since this is a REPEAT
2003-04-03 09:53:59 AM  
nope.... nothing either
2003-04-03 09:57:18 AM  
Fark is looking like total fark today.
2003-04-03 10:00:38 AM  


2+2=5 for extremely large values of 2

Britney != Sexy

Equal = Sugar Substitute


2003-04-03 10:01:47 AM  
Admins take down my photoshops but leave two of the same story about some peacenik and dumb song.

/sits with arms crossed and pouty lip
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