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(Some barbary ape)   The Miss Gibraltar finalists: Meet Mmm-mmmm, Mmmm, Mm, Hmm, Meh and OMFG NUKE IT FROM SPACE   ( chronicle.gi) divider line
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2009-12-23 03:02:50 PM  

Farkwaddle: Yeah, I'd tape her mouth shut and plow her into the next field.

/just sayin'

Flo? Hell, I'd leave that mouth untaped! I'm sure she'd have all sorts of dirty, dirty things to shout out while I rode her like a shoddy carnival ride.

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2009-12-23 03:03:37 PM  
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2009-12-23 03:05:52 PM  
Hey, fnottr, who's that cute little robot in the second picture?
2009-12-23 03:12:59 PM  
Is Number 6 the Albino from The Princess Bride?
2009-12-23 03:21:13 PM  

googled it.
2009-12-23 03:24:20 PM  
About #6: I've seen better, but I've also seen MUCH worse.
I give her 6/10.
2009-12-23 03:26:50 PM  

CapnChernobyl: About #6: I've seen better, but I've also seen MUCH worse.
I give her 6/10.

You need to get out more.
2009-12-23 03:38:11 PM  
I don't care what you think.
2009-12-23 03:46:59 PM  

CapnChernobyl: I don't care what you think.

Oh, it's gonna be like that is it? I guess I should have started with this...

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2009-12-23 04:36:00 PM  
How is it cruel to say that someone who enters a BEAUTY CONTEST, and asks people to JUDGE them, is ugly? I mean if she's just some lady walking down the street, by all means keep your opinions to yourself, but #6 knows damn well that she's hideous and has no business being in the audience of a beauty contest, let alone on the friggin' stage in a bikini.

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2009-12-23 04:41:07 PM  

PeppaJack: thoughts?

It looks like her face got in a knife fight and lost. I'm assuming she will also die from subby's nuke from space.
2009-12-23 04:44:28 PM  

GAT_00: Godscrack: img268.imageshack.us

You're saying she's a dude in a fat suit in a decent rock band?

You are seriously calling the Foo Fighters decent?
Just decent? Really?
I'd fark Dave Grohl before i'd touch that hosebeast.
2009-12-23 04:59:10 PM  

Lineman7: xd45acp: b>Lineman7:

Wow. And the 2nd beauty is?

Michelle Gielan, CBS News...
She's brainy and a pilot too, increasing the hotness factor

She WAS a student pilot, but never finished getting her rating.
2009-12-23 05:09:27 PM  
farm5.static.flickr.comView Full Size
2009-12-23 05:10:35 PM  
if only I lived in Gibraltar, I would be totally hot
And I could say sympathetically to number 6 "you have pretty....................... hair"
2009-12-23 06:16:36 PM  

Anti-Politicrit: Is Number 6 the Albino from The Princess Bride?

Good call.

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2009-12-23 08:07:33 PM  
Fortunately, for all of Gibraltar, Kaiane Aldorino won.
2009-12-23 08:18:16 PM  

Ashelth: ITIL Prince: Luckily I have this one all to myself:

/it's hot
//she's hot
///I'm no longer bored

I'm guessing you masturbate to pictures of Sara Silverman fairly often.

And yes there is something wrong with that.

Often? No, not very often. Occasionally.

Wait. Maybe sometimes more than occasionally. A few times a year.

How do you define "a few"? I should maybe revise that estimate up a bit.

Screw it, all this thinking about Sarah got me going. I'm doing it right now.
2009-12-23 08:22:06 PM  

Leskay: gunther_bumpass: The Iron duke: ITIL Prince: Luckily I have this one all to myself:

/it's hot
//she's hot
///I'm no longer bored

Dude.."I am a dog person, especially Irish Wolfhounds. Every dog save one has been killed by inattentive drivers, as well as the one cat that I liked. Please pay attention when you drive your strap-on weighing several thousand pounds." from profile.
while i morn with you on the loss of a cherished little, or big, furry friend..WTF? how about they were not where those strap-on weighing several thousand pounds did not reside? chain..gate..door..even a cage.
/hope theres more to the story..


She's whinging about her pets being killed by inattentive car drivers.

Farker has replied asking why her pets were on the street.

Farker messed up italics / quotes so it reads like a rambling diatribe from one crazy person

/just a guess

Terrible guess. A. Dude. B. It was the dog's own damn fault for running out in front of a car. They should know better. C. This is a rambling diatribe from two crazy people. D. I'm the other one. E. "Strap on" indicates the dickless driver who only feels empowered when behind the wheel. Once they climb out of the thing they're witless cowards. F. I'm the other one. E. Gotta go take some meds, I think.
2009-12-23 09:13:29 PM  

digitalrain: sigh... Oxhorn?

well at least someone got it.
2009-12-23 09:14:17 PM  

Glasgowsfinest: Snarfangel: Here is the winner

#3. I knew it.

Agreed, too many guys get thrown off by fake blond hair.
If you are not into the details, then you are not a true connoisseur.
2009-12-23 10:04:05 PM  

schattenteufel: I think she sold me auto insurance.

Do not dis Progressive chick. You wish your insurance agent was that enthused.
2009-12-23 10:31:21 PM  
chronicle.giView Full Size

I would learn Gibraltish to get to know this one.
2009-12-23 10:58:07 PM  


First thing I thought as well.
2009-12-23 11:00:13 PM  
limboslam Quote 2009-12-23 12:29:40 AM

Ok I've been thinking about it and I like the Little Miss Sunshine reference more than the Infantisima chick from Black Adder.
2009-12-24 01:48:34 AM  
Hey! I know a guy who looks just like #6! A shout out to ya, Barry!
2009-12-24 03:57:46 AM  

NewportBarGuy: Kludge: I would rock that chick.

The Rock of Gibraltar already beat you to her face.

This may be the single greatest post of all time.
2009-12-24 04:02:22 AM  
#4 reminds me of
batman.neoseeker.comView Full Size
2009-12-24 11:51:51 AM  

DubyaHater: #6 is what my father always described as a "Double-Bagger". One bag for her, and one bag for me in case her bag breaks. He always had a way with words

Nope, definitely a three-bagger. One for her, one for you, and one for the dog so he'll respect you in the morning.
2009-12-24 10:26:20 PM  

SilentStrider: Ahem.

"She looks like she was tied to the bumper of the ugly truck with the ugly rope and then dragged down Ugly Street for fifty ugly miles."

/props to anyone who knows where that's from.

[image from radiotimes.com too old to be available]?
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