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(Some Guy)   The top 10 television episodes of 2009   ( divider line
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16324 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 20 Dec 2009 at 1:41 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2009-12-20 10:06:01 AM  
No Jughead?
2009-12-20 10:15:47 AM  
No Chuck?
2009-12-20 10:43:41 AM  
As always, I'm forced to ask why no love for Psych?
2009-12-20 10:56:22 AM  
Your favorite show is not as good as you think it is.
2009-12-20 11:04:01 AM  
No Monk?
2009-12-20 11:04:24 AM  
No Yes, Dear?
2009-12-20 12:01:47 PM  
No Lost?
2009-12-20 12:50:44 PM  
no According to Jim?
2009-12-20 1:05:00 PM  
No 'Two and a Half Men'?
2009-12-20 1:21:37 PM  
The Battlestar Gallactica finale?

That list is crap right there. "Emotional closure?" WTF was the TFA author smoking?
2009-12-20 1:23:48 PM  
No Venture Brothers?
2009-12-20 1:28:35 PM  
god that "Better off Ted" episode listed was farking hilarious.
2009-12-20 1:30:11 PM  
No Yule Log?
2009-12-20 1:33:11 PM  
No Dollhou--

Oh, right. That show's farking terrible.
2009-12-20 1:44:26 PM  
No Countdown with Keith Olbermann?
2009-12-20 1:44:32 PM  
WHY OH WHY do people love Jughead so much? that episode really didn't do it for me, but young Ellie was a hot piece of work.
2009-12-20 1:45:02 PM  

Last One Left: No Venture Brothers?

2009-12-20 1:46:55 PM  

GreenAdder: No Dollhou--

Oh, right. That show's farking terrible.

Dollhouse is on there.
2009-12-20 1:47:22 PM  
No O'Reilly Factor?
2009-12-20 1:47:38 PM  
No How I Met Your Mother?
2009-12-20 1:48:23 PM  
No Sunny?
2009-12-20 1:50:17 PM  
No Glenn Beck?
2009-12-20 1:50:46 PM  
No Any Retard with a Blog can Post Lists?
2009-12-20 1:51:13 PM  
No Breaking Bad?fark THIS LIST FOREVER.
2009-12-20 1:51:36 PM  
No Sabado Gigante?
2009-12-20 1:53:55 PM  
No Doctor Who?
2009-12-20 1:54:20 PM  
No Flapjack?
2009-12-20 1:55:06 PM  
Not the DNA on a napkin 'Big Bang Theory' ep?
2009-12-20 1:55:07 PM  
No Insert T.V. Show Here?
2009-12-20 1:57:20 PM  
No No?
2009-12-20 1:57:26 PM  

Cyrusv10: No Glenn Beck?

The episode when he apologizes for raping and murdering a girl in 1990 will be the best episode of all time.

I'm onboard with BSG being on there. I get that people hate the Deus Ex Machina ending of Daybreak, but we're so used to seeing it in science fiction in the form of technological gobbeldygook (see Star Trek Voyager). In this case they simply used an actual God.

/Broke was also one of the best office episodes ever.
2009-12-20 1:57:58 PM  
No Spongebob?
2009-12-20 1:59:18 PM  
Was ready to make a post stating that I hadn't seen a single episode on the list, since I only watch one show.

Sons of Anarchy.

Glad to see a brilliant show getting some love. Kurt Sutter shows that he was a large part of the success of The Shield, or at least that he learned well from his 7 seasons on that show and took that knowledge when he created SoA.
2009-12-20 2:05:09 PM  
I don't watch any of those shows. does that make me smug, or just living in a cave?
2009-12-20 2:05:30 PM  
The post Super Bowl episode of The Office was better. Dwight lighting a fire, then going crazy on the CPR dummy was comedy gold.

Oh, and the season finale of Chuck was great too.
2009-12-20 2:06:02 PM  
no Jersey Shore?!?
2009-12-20 2:07:17 PM  

James May's Haircut: no Jersey Shore?!?

Jwoww is not impressed.
2009-12-20 2:07:20 PM  
No Mad Men or Breaking Bad?

but the BSG finale and Dollhouse...

i'm thinking this person's taste is very unlike my own.
2009-12-20 2:08:45 PM  

Wombatzu: No Mad Men or Breaking Bad?

but the BSG finale and Dollhouse...

i'm thinking this person's taste is very unlike my own.

Re-read the list. You erred.
2009-12-20 2:11:12 PM  
Honestly, I love TV, but it kind of sucked this year. Except for Mad Men.
2009-12-20 2:12:28 PM  
No How It's Made?
2009-12-20 2:12:46 PM  
the d.e.n.n.I.s system
the playbook

all need to be on the list
2009-12-20 2:12:47 PM  

nanim: Not the DNA on a napkin 'Big Bang Theory' ep?

THIS. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
2009-12-20 2:13:12 PM  
No House season premiere?
2009-12-20 2:17:04 PM  
People with lousy opinions who get them published for the masses as definitive "best of" need to start losing fingers when they are this bad.

I feel dirty inside after reading it.
2009-12-20 2:17:55 PM  
The series finale to BSG was an abomination and I hate it.
2009-12-20 2:18:18 PM  

GAT_00: As always, I'm forced to ask why no love for Psych?

Psych produces a lot of great episodes, but there wasn't one superior episode this past season.

Also, am I the only one who didn't care for the "Epitath One" episode? I thought "Belonging" was much better episode, and it's sad that the show didn't pick up steam until that episode (1 1/4 seasons into the show). Whedon apologists will blame Fox, despite a mediocre at best 1 1/4 seasons.

Finally, BSG went pretty downhill after the episodes around the hub. Aside from the moment with Starbuck playing the Cylon song, the final episodes just weren't very good. By the time the finale rolled around, I didn't care at all and barely remember what happened.

/Nice to see Better Off Ted get some love
2009-12-20 2:19:40 PM  
Venture Bros - Pinstripes & Poltergeists

The end of that episode blew my mind.
2009-12-20 2:19:40 PM  

DamnYankees: James May's Haircut: no Jersey Shore?!?

Jwoww is not impressed.

I have no problem admitting its on TV right now and I am watching.
2009-12-20 2:19:55 PM  
Dexter Season Finale and House first two episodes of the season. List sucked.
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