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(Tuscaloosa News)   Dispatchers hear a little more than they wanted to when people accidentally place 911 call on their cell   ( tuscaloosanews.com) divider line
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2003-03-31 05:32:00 PM  
I accidentally dialed 911 once, but my voice mail number starts with "918". I slipped or something and I dialed 9 and then two very quick 1's.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Apex, NC Policeman showed up at my door.

I told him about my voice mail number, and he said "these things happen." I guess they do pretty often!
2003-03-31 05:42:02 PM  
Once, at like 2 in the morning I was up and so was my Dad and I hit the 911 speed dial on my phone. My dad answered and the dispatcher made him put me on the phone so she could ask me if everything was okay. "Is anything happening? If something is, and you need the police just say yes." I was about 14 at the time, gawd only knows what they thought a 14 year old and her dad were doing up at 2am. I was actually fixing the computer and just stepped on the phone. Heh.
2003-03-31 06:22:52 PM  
Sure you were Kaleas.
2003-03-31 06:41:53 PM  
I'm too lazy to look at the article again, but I was under impression that this story would include at least one embarrassing story about someone calling 911 by mistake with hilarity ensuing. It didn't. Blech.
2003-03-31 07:40:20 PM  
911 on speed dial? i mean, it's already only two buttons, 9 and 11!! farking lazy americans
2003-03-31 08:15:45 PM  
I fell asleep before I got to the end of the story. Any ideas on why I should care?
2003-03-31 08:52:26 PM  
I always thought 911 on speed dial was kind of irresponsible. How often does one dial 911? Wouldn't looking at the speed dial numbers to find the never used 911 take longer then to dial the very familiarly placed 9-1-1? That and how easy it is to misdial.
2003-03-31 09:28:25 PM  
They figured out Phase II. Gnomes surrender.
2003-03-31 09:28:55 PM  
I wonder if the people with 911 on speed dial have 911 in their cell phone phonebooks too.....
2003-03-31 09:30:22 PM  
gee I'm glad ours is 000...that makes it soooo much harder....lol
2003-03-31 09:30:40 PM  
once they start charging you for false calls, i bet the practice will drop significantly.
2003-03-31 09:31:14 PM  
well, that was a waste of time
2003-03-31 09:32:22 PM  
Hartley said moving into Phase II wireless compatibility would be especially helpful for officers during bomb threats stranded motorist calls and accidents.

I'm no English professor, but something tells me that commas are needed in that sentence.
2003-03-31 09:34:42 PM  
I just recently got a new Nextel...i88c. It has a built in GPS feature. While its neat to have, 99% of people won't use it.

However, I understand this is how police departments and other emergency agencies will locate people in distress..or at least one of the methods.

Having said that...taking responsibility in my own hands...how do I turn that function the fark off? I don't want that function enabled. While emergency agencies would be the only ones with access, others would eventually be able to figure it out as well. The last thing I want is my office full of employees checking up on me.

Does anyone know if this is a function that can be disabled....even if the owner has to assume total responsibility?

2003-03-31 09:34:48 PM  
For SurgeonDryHog :

I have a friend who always forgets to lock his cell's keys. He has made accidental calls to me on many occasions. Once, his phone was unintentionally engaged while he was driving this girl back to his place from a club. The nasty bastard was talking dirty to her, telling her about his "jellyfinger" at home, which I assume was a sex toy. . . It was horrifying and hilarious at the same time. He never heard me laughing, and there was no way I was about to hang up.
2003-03-31 09:35:50 PM  
No "obvious" tag? This is old hat.
2003-03-31 09:36:05 PM  
I work for a business that has a 910 exchange, and several times I've been on the phone with a customer who asked me to hold on because the police were at the door after they'd accidently dialed 911, hung up, then dialed the number correctly.
2003-03-31 09:36:07 PM  
Get up uh get get get down...
2003-03-31 09:36:15 PM  
Anyone else think this "Phase II" is a little
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2003-03-31 09:37:50 PM  
"But I don't think the general public realizes that with the invention of the cell phone, when something happens and 911 is busy, it's because everyone in Tuscaloosa is calling, not because we're unresponsive."

That may be the first time in history that someone used the phrase, "everyone in Tuscaloosa" literally, and wasn't not as an expression.
2003-03-31 09:38:10 PM  

And the juicy story is MIA...
2003-03-31 09:39:28 PM  
Hartley said, moving into Phase II, wireles's compatibility,would be especially, helpful for, officer's, during, bomb threat's stranded motorist, call's, and accident's.

Better, Deevo? I put in some apostrophe's for clarification too.
2003-03-31 09:40:21 PM  
I work for a business that has a 910 exchange

While I believe putting 911 is irresponsible, that is outright stupid. Of the 999 (the 1000th is 911) possibilities, they choose one that is 1 away from 911? What is wrong with people?
2003-03-31 09:42:15 PM  
but sometimes it's just a case of dialing 911 instead of 411 for information.

C'mon... I got a Supersize Coke in one hand, a Big Mac in the other, I'm tryin' to get a number for a new club... I'm drivin' fer cryin' out loud! How many hands do ya think I got? How do you expect me to hit 411 instead of 911 when I'm dialing with my nose?
2003-03-31 09:42:23 PM  
"sometimes it's just a case of dialing 911 instead of 411 for information."
That only happens to Michael J. Fox
2003-03-31 09:43:06 PM  
While I believe putting 911 is irresponsible = While I believe putting 911 on speed dial is irresponsible...

I just recently got a new Nextel...i88c. It has a built in GPS feature

Does it send out your GPS coordinates at all times, or just when you call 911? It may not be anything to worry about.
2003-03-31 09:44:24 PM  
Under a policy followed by all three law enforcement agencies in Tuscaloosa County, officers will conduct a welfare check on a 911 hang-up as long as they have an address.

uhhh... "welfare check"?
weird. no wonder so many people abuse the welfare system, all you gotsta do is call 911.
2003-03-31 09:44:43 PM  
Erm...formatting error in the article, or has my computer taken a dump?

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Departmentó1,100 per month

Northport Police Departmentó500 per month


911 hang-upsó300 per month
2003-03-31 09:45:23 PM  

I agree, this was farke advertising.
2003-03-31 09:47:48 PM  
2003-03-31 09:48:14 PM  

998 possibilities other than 911, no?
2003-03-31 09:49:19 PM  

I have no farking clue. And I bet my HTML above doesn't work either. ;-(

2003-03-31 09:49:26 PM  
There'd be a lot less of this if we'd only do the right thing and revert back to rotary dial phones.
2003-03-31 09:49:46 PM  
my new phone is annoying. it has exposed numbers and even under key-lock, it will let you dial 911. more to the point, that is ALL it will let you dial under key-guard. it ignores any keypresses not on the way to finishing 911(send).

so... when you put it in your pants or something and accidentally hit "4239(send)321432(send)312312(send)" the farker dials 911.

i've done it twice... shiatty design.
2003-03-31 09:50:01 PM  



2003-03-31 09:52:10 PM  
This phase II sounds like the workings of "Big Brother" to me.
2003-03-31 09:52:28 PM  
Do you really need to have 911 on speed dial?
2003-03-31 09:53:03 PM  
MorteDiem, depends if you count 000
2003-03-31 09:55:29 PM  
You mention me, Godzilla?
2003-03-31 09:57:00 PM  
Yea... what was the song? Beechwood 45309? Or am I confusing the numbers with Jenny/857-6309...
2003-03-31 09:57:06 PM  

Actually, it "suxxored" big time.
2003-03-31 10:00:16 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
"No. This is 91....2."
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
"Oh, and don't bother calling 911 any more...here's the real number (hands Homer a card with "912")."
2003-03-31 10:00:43 PM  
Yeah that's why I stick to flip-phones, so I don't have to mess with
locking the keypad down. It's old.. an Ericsson T28, but I've never

I get at least one call from a friend of mine in Chicago because he
has bumped against somthing or whatever. Usually it's late at night
and he's at some club. Kinda cool.. I get to check out bands from
Chicago that I normally wouldn't hear.
2003-03-31 10:01:11 PM  
Can't beleive nobody thought of this:

2003-03-31 10:01:18 PM  
One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know. ... While shooting elephants in Africa, I found the tusks were very difficult to remove. But in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa.

/Groucho Marx
2003-03-31 10:04:06 PM  
MorteDiem, yes, if you include 000 and 001 and 011, which you probably don't.

There's a site to look up area codes, distance between zip codes, and stuff like that here if you're really bored...
2003-03-31 10:05:39 PM  
I think I saw some public service commercials a little while back that focused on this topic-- urging people to lock their keypads because it's become such a problem. My mom was a 911 dispatcher a long time ago when I was little and I know that fake 911 calls take up a lot of emergency service people's time when they should be out responding to real emergencies.

/stops sounding like your mother
2003-03-31 10:05:57 PM  
My new phone (nokia 3390)will let you call 911, 08, and 112 all under keylock. I think the last two also just dial the 911 center. Anyone know why it accepts 08 and 112 also?

And my grandmother's area code - south georgia - gets 912.
2003-03-31 10:08:37 PM  
It can be pretty fun, see:
"Distance between ZipCodes Results

Zip 1 = 30306 (ATLANTA, GA)
Zip 2 = 32408 (PANAMA CITY, FL)

Miles between the two ZipCodes = 264.53

Zip 2 is 251.22 Miles South and 84.46 Miles West of Zip 1.

Note that the distance calculated is the "great circle" distance for direct travel between the points. Actual travel distance will most likely be somewhat farther."

Not that I would set foot in Panama City after spring break...or even before or during it. Oh well. I just plucked the zip code out of the air. Must be some repressed memory due to beer, hormones, or other brain damage.
2003-03-31 10:09:17 PM  
Anyone else notice that there are apparently about 15 hangups per day on average, and about 300 per month? Do they have a different calendar system in Tuscaloosa?
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