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2001-09-21 12:05:40 AM  

2001-09-21 12:13:11 AM  
If pot were legal we could make many flags out of hemp:)
2001-09-21 12:23:56 AM  
I was gonna sew some flags but then I got high ......
2001-09-21 12:35:14 AM  
Rock bottom labor costs meaning they get pennies per hour. Why not make 'em in America?
2001-09-21 12:47:45 AM  
nightshade: correction- if pot were legal we could start making flags out of hemp again.
and this should be obvious, not ironic.</font
do you think colonial americans made flags out of nylon and polyester?
2001-09-21 12:49:07 AM  
Is it so the stripes will come out extra red?

I'm here all week, folks...
2001-09-21 12:55:43 AM  
"We have good machines and rock-bottom labor costs"

God bless "free trade": forcing foreign sweatshop workers make our symbol of freedom and democracy.

"If pot were legal we could make many flags out of hemp:)"

Pot doesn't have to be legal to make stuff out of hemp, just hemp. That's the misconception that keeps hemp illegal.
2001-09-21 01:05:20 AM  
good point, fusillade. there are, after all, strains of cannabis that are extremely low in THC, which are, in fact, better for use in producing hemp fiber products. or so i've heard.
2001-09-21 01:09:41 AM  
And I've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -- chinese working o-ver-time!

Get the reference and win a prize!
2001-09-21 01:11:03 AM  
This actually inspired me to make my own flag
2001-09-21 01:12:22 AM  
Ahhhhhhh... mercy... I have never read anything for a long time that made me laugh so hard as, "Chinese working overtime to sew U.S. flags".
2001-09-21 01:15:55 AM  
"...Wu said as he fingered an American flag."

I am not entirely certain, but that sounds unconstitutional to me. Or something like that.
2001-09-21 01:20:26 AM  
good point, fusillade. there are, after all, strains of cannabis that are extremely low in THC,

What good is pot that is low in THC:?
2001-09-21 01:21:27 AM  
Spacegoat: Country Joe and the Fish?
2001-09-21 02:02:16 AM  
Spacegoat... that would be.. XTC would it not?
2001-09-21 02:10:18 AM  
Bumjube wins the prize!!!
2001-09-21 02:12:36 AM  
Oh yeahhh! Whats the prize? Or should I have asked that before I answered?
2001-09-21 02:15:07 AM  
nightshade: low thc pot isn't very good for anything. but legalization of the cannabis plant for purposes of harvesting hemp makes sense economically regardless of the legalization of pot. in fact, if you know your cannabis prohibition history, the real reason it is illegal is because the hemp industry makes too much sense economically. the fact that thc is an intoxicant was just used as a propaganda tool by william randolph hearst to protect his wood pulp industry.
2001-09-21 02:15:36 AM  
Um... the prize is ... uh...

Respect and admiration from your peers? Peer?

Uh, I can tell you how to make $10,000 a month right from the comfort of your own home in the lucrative world of freebase manufacturing and distribution.
2001-09-21 02:17:03 AM  
Anywho, more people should listen to XTC is all I'm saying.
2001-09-21 02:18:01 AM  
Do I gotta wear heels for this job? Or can I keep the kitty slippers and fuzzy dressing gown on?
2001-09-21 02:23:47 AM  
Your lab coat will be supplied. Whatever else you wear is up to you.

Wearing kitty slippers around your "customers" will likely get you either laughed at or shot.
2001-09-21 02:40:25 AM  
Yep, it's all a conspiracy, Meat. To keep you from getting a job, a life, and a girlfriend.

Or it could be the pot.
2001-09-21 02:41:41 AM  
I get laughed at all the time anyway. What am I manufacturing?
2001-09-21 02:42:20 AM  
Where I live we all support legalization of hemp and I don't even smoke dope. They are killing our grass seed fields because they are burned and the smoke pollutes. Turn those into hemp fields and we can make WAY more pulp for paper products in a WAY smaller area than trees, and it renews every year. Too bad loggers don't want to become farmers.
2001-09-21 02:52:55 AM  
Amen Fuh_Q
2001-09-21 04:22:43 AM  
"...Wu said as he fingered an American flag."

I am not entirely certain, but that sounds unconstitutional to me. Or something like that.

Unconstitutional? Well not exactly when they're making them in China.

While reading this story I couldn't stop laughing. Is it sick to laugh at the misfortunes(somewhat) of your own people? :P
2001-09-21 04:33:04 AM  
Why bother making a flag out of hemp? better to just print a flag on blotter paper...
2001-09-21 05:24:20 AM  
i was gonna smoke a flag , then I dropped acid...
2001-09-21 05:25:23 AM  
China makin' flags
voice of dude from SNL
2001-09-21 06:05:22 AM  
"Is it sick to laugh at the misfortunes(somewhat) of your own people?"

Yes, but it's also a time-honored tradition here on Fark. Otherwise known as:

schadenfreude \SHAD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others.

WoodyTX: Conspiracy's a pretty broad term, but I think it applies in the case of "Hearst vs Hemp"

Spacegoat: XTC rocks! I'm convinced they'd be huge if Andy could get on stage w/o puking so they could tour a bit.
2001-09-21 07:33:22 AM  
I have copyrighted the american flag with 51 stars. So when puerto rico (or canada, or mexico) join, i'll be in the money. Or maybe the US can annex France. That would be cool 2.
2001-09-21 09:57:45 AM  
Seems like there should be a 'who's your daddy' or 'who owns you' post somewhere in here.
2001-09-21 11:38:52 AM  
Don't care much for the whole "flag" fad. Why don't we all get tattoos?
2001-09-21 12:09:33 PM  
Why can't we get our underpaid Chinese/Mexican workers to make the flags here?
2001-09-21 12:41:08 PM  

Wow! You summed it all up in about six words. To wit: the real patriots were waving flags before this whole mess happened.


Andy's neuroses are all part of his charm. Too bad about XTC not being more known, getting screwed by Virgin, etc.



I thought it was pretty clear that what you are to be manufacturing is freebase. It's in the post, silly! ;-) LOL
2001-09-21 02:34:36 PM  
Spacegoat, Well, what can I say... Oops? When I am slightly more awake, I shall think of a really good excuse as to why I overlooked that part...
2001-09-21 03:34:09 PM  
Two Hail Marys, one Our Father, and pass the enchaladas.

I'm going to Disneyland!
2001-09-21 08:09:07 PM  
diu le..
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