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(Some Guy)   Very Disturbing Weight Watchers Recipes from the 1970's   ( divider line
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780 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Mar 2003 at 1:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-31 09:51:01 AM  
This guy says he is bandwidth poor. Something tells me this site is gonna get farked real quick.
2003-03-31 09:59:16 AM  
owie. that is some seriously funny shiat. i've done my ab workout for the day now. way to multi-task - slacking with fitness...
2003-03-31 10:03:51 AM  
This site is gonna be farked, too bad it is hilarious.

And my mom still makes that salmon shaped mousse.
2003-03-31 10:15:48 AM  
"Traffic situation update: the mirror site to the WW cards is helping, but a link on a USA Today weblog on Friday brought my traffic closer to the monthly limit than I'd hoped I'd be. It appears I'm going to go over my limit still, but with luck it'll only be an extra $100 or so."

Something tells me his page being linked on 'Fark' isn't going to help things much.
2003-03-31 10:22:20 AM  
Wasn't this up a while ago? Or maybe it was just on Daypop a while ago.

/Let's do the time warp again
2003-03-31 10:41:34 AM  
I found a very FARK like reference under "Inspiration Soup" - a dish that no doubt leaves you with a bad tast for the USA and makes you spout liberal trolling comments.
2003-03-31 10:43:02 AM  
That "Rosey Perfection Salad" looks like something out of the Temple of Doom. Sweet Fancy Moses!
2003-03-31 10:43:25 AM  
Those fish balls look mighty tasty indeed.
2003-03-31 11:09:16 AM  
OK, I know this was on here before because that onion sauce dish gave me nightmares for weeks.
2003-03-31 11:20:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Any jellied (or jello salad), fruit or otherwise, is just plain nasty. Salads are not supposed hold a form. They are not supposed to be shiny, jiggly, bouncy and transparent. And "mold" in the title or directions of a recipe just makes it that much more unappealing.
2003-03-31 11:21:32 AM  
Frankfurter Spectacular sounds like some gay porn mag.
2003-03-31 11:26:22 AM  
B0rg9 The best reciepe I ever got was out of a gay porn mag. It was called Mississippi Mudd Pie. It was made with dark chocolate, rice and corn- heated to 98.6 and served in a porcelin bowl.
2003-03-31 11:50:04 AM  
Yeah Bump, I saw a recipe for Packed Fudge but was turned off by the preparation.

ps. That "Inspiration Soup" reference is hilarious!
2003-03-31 12:31:16 PM  
Well, if the site gets farked, there's always The Gallery of Regrettable Foods.
2003-03-31 01:33:52 PM  
2003-03-31 01:55:26 PM  
Potatos are what WE eat!

...sorry, too much MST3K over the weekend.
2003-03-31 01:56:04 PM  
Wow, that didnt last long at all.
And why is FARK so slow today?! Who broke teh intarweb?!
2003-03-31 02:00:27 PM  
2003-03-31 02:00:33 PM  
Yes indeed, it's farked already.


(I always wanted to say that!)
2003-03-31 02:01:10 PM  
Thank God I have a high metabolism. I can eat whatever and not gain weight. I fear that my liver will give me problems before my gaining weight will.
2003-03-31 02:05:33 PM  
Frankfurter Spectacular sounds like some gay porn mag.

bwahahahaha! *spurt*

That was the sound of coke hitting my keyboard, via my nose. Not, well, you know...
2003-03-31 02:06:30 PM  
Not to fear, more grosing stuff here.
2003-03-31 02:06:30 PM  
The Old School Weight Watcher's page loaded faster than the Fark comments thingee.

It's not farked.
2003-03-31 02:11:48 PM  
Awwwww. Without the grease all you can taste is the hog anus.
2003-03-31 02:16:57 PM  
I wouldn't even serve most of those things on Fear Factor.
2003-03-31 02:17:16 PM  
Eeewwww. Jellied mackeral? No wonder they're losing weight.
2003-03-31 02:22:39 PM  
My mom said that back in the day you weren't allowed to have any type of nuts if you were on Weight Watchers. They recommended putting mushrooms (not the fun kind) in the oven and baking them until they resembled little pebbles.

2003-03-31 02:30:08 PM  
It was posted last friday at b3ta...
2003-03-31 02:30:15 PM  
This thing tried to attack me night while i was walking home.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-31 02:31:25 PM  
The recipes in wartime LIFE magazines are better. There are entire pages of mack-nasty recipes with about a 40:1 gack:non-gack ratio.

And what was the big fascination with drinking soup out of glasses in the 70's? Did that make it more exotic?
2003-03-31 02:35:06 PM  
Any Farkers out there on WW?
2003-03-31 02:39:44 PM  
2003-03-31 02:42:36 PM  
My mum and sister have just started weight watchers, as long as it does not interfere with my food intake i could'nt give a shiat.

Myself i would rather just do exersize.

All that counting up points seems a big waste of time.
2003-03-31 02:43:41 PM  
Bandwidth problems be damned. This stuff deserves to be preserved (lousy choice of words, sorry) on a non-farkable site where it can frighten and nauseate generations to come.
2003-03-31 02:43:57 PM  
Zenpickle: That site's a riot! I'm still laughing at the "house cakes", especially the one for Thanksgiving.
2003-03-31 02:45:21 PM  
The points are a hassle, but after the first few weeks you really don't notice, Ive lost 30 pounds so far since the beginning of Feb. Of course, I do work out 3 times a week sometimes more.
2003-03-31 02:48:05 PM  
server is... crawling... almost... so close to being farked.
2003-03-31 02:48:35 PM  
Bump -

You read gay porn mags for recipes? That's just wrong in so many ways. (at least to this straight male).
2003-03-31 02:48:42 PM  
Why would it occur to anyone, even on a diet, that they might want to eat anything called CAUCASIAN SHASHLIK?

Shame they don't post the ingredients. "Start by washing and cubing one large shashlik..."
2003-03-31 02:49:24 PM  
Personally, I get a kick out of the "caucasian sausages". Hey kids! It's the most un-exciting food ever!
2003-03-31 02:49:52 PM  
REAL food rarely photographs very well. There are obviously exceptions..but give me some shiny plastic and perfect lighting...makes me hungry every time!

bad photography? This is not exactly and excuse for some of this nastyness though.
2003-03-31 02:52:43 PM  
Sudie - I have to say, ANYTIME people put crap like vegetables in Jello, it's a crime.
2003-03-31 02:52:45 PM  
Lexi, you must have been looking at the wrong caucasian's sausages then. I know when the ladies see what I'm cookin with, their mouths all get watery.
2003-03-31 02:54:02 PM  

First time I saw it, my co-workers found me underneath my cubicle because I fell out of my chair laughing at the "Meat, Meat, Meat" section.
2003-03-31 02:55:42 PM  
Just what I needed to make my Monday go a little faster. (my abs are killing me from trying to silently laugh without my boss catching me) I'd develop a serious eating disorder if I was forced to eat any of that crap. I shall never eat Jello again.....
2003-03-31 03:07:55 PM  
hmmm... does anyone here has a good raspberry pie recipe?
2003-03-31 03:10:20 PM  
You guys are all so picky! I have one rule about my food:

I read the ingredients label...if I can't pronounce it, I don't swallow it!
2003-03-31 03:15:44 PM  
oooo... tough call there Mwccatlady.

I'd starve if I followed that rule.
2003-03-31 03:19:40 PM  
This proves it: If you missed it on, you can find the links two weeks later on fark.
2003-03-31 03:19:44 PM  
Our resident nutritionist says...
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