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(Some Guy)   Trainload of tanks passes by Farker FrAnKiE's Texas home (pics)   ( divider line
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8007 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2001 at 5:35 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-20 06:22:01 PM  
different train tracks
2001-09-20 06:36:13 PM  
Air saturates.
Tanks penetrate.
ATVs let slip the dogs of war.
2001-09-20 06:42:28 PM  
Duh! That's "IFV", of course.
2001-09-20 06:45:55 PM  
those were bought from Canada for training purposes - chill out!
2001-09-20 06:45:58 PM  
Chach: Yep, it sucks alright. But my theory is that if the No. Alliance in Afg. will fight with us like they claim then the land and tactics won't be as bad. I think it is all about a major change in tactics. Hit and run - the way a geurilla (sp?) war should be fought. Nail them with spec op trained teams with air support hitting specific targets rather than a carpet bombing and major land occupation. Keep the units and support presence small and living in the mountains like the natives. It would be long and ugly (also not very newsworthy) but seems like a good tactic.

Nobody in their right mind would want to stay in Afg, so let's be sneaky, kill off the military threat there and move to the next target country that "is harboring terrorists."
2001-09-20 06:46:43 PM  
2001-09-20 06:52:46 PM  
I love those TOWs. The mechanical shop at one of the places that I used to work at had a working thermal scope off of one (we didn't ask where they got it, they never told).
2001-09-20 06:59:45 PM  
I liek the javelin. My roomate(military genious) was tellign me russians had a missle liek that in the 70's
2001-09-20 07:06:33 PM  

"Hold the titties. Caress the titties. No no. Do not hurt. So soft. So nice. AAaaaaaaahhhh."
2001-09-20 07:10:11 PM  
When intervied a army oficer said "uhhh what tanks.. oh those oh there just going to Yeah painted thats it." heehhe osama is going down.
2001-09-20 07:17:22 PM  
That is pretty jaw dropping.
Saw the first pic and though "Big deal, a couple of carriers".
Saw the next pic.. Damn...

I wonder if they are BMW?
2001-09-20 07:32:08 PM  
Very very good. Now go and take some pictures of airfields, army barracks, navy shipyards, etc etc. and be sure and post them on the internet right away.

You farking moron.
2001-09-20 07:45:16 PM  
why don't you tell us how you really feel, Tucci?
2001-09-20 07:51:53 PM  
well at least it gives trainspotters something kinda more interesting to talk about
2001-09-20 08:04:10 PM  
Good point Tucci. No Osama knows that we have tanks. Dang!
2001-09-20 08:04:15 PM  
with our great network of information and media coverage theyll be able to see us coming from days away
2001-09-20 08:08:03 PM  
Now go and take some pictures of airfields, army barracks, navy shipyards, etc etc. and be sure and post them on the internet right away.

You farking moron.

Yeah, you traitor. Now they know we have tanks. And that we move them. On trains. (oh CHRIST, they know we have trains now!) The whole secret's blown, you SOB.
2001-09-20 08:27:29 PM  
Those are older versions of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. From the closer pictures you can see that there is no unit marking on them. That leads me to believe these ones are going back to a depot to be rebuilt and refitted with the newer armor and targeting systems. This goes on all the time. They were probably sidelined on that rail to let higher priority cargo move down the main lines.
Some quick facts on the Bradley;
25mm main gun, rate of firing is from 1 round per trigger squeeze up to 300 rounds a minute. Has Armor piercing and High explosive rounds.
7.62 millimeter machine gun. nuff said.
Tow missile, can open up a tank, bunker, or even a ship at up to 3750 meters. Wire guided, optically tracked.
holds up to 11 people depending on configuration.
600 hp turbo diesel made by cummins.
can go up to 45 mph
weighs anywhere from 26 to 40 tons depending on armor package.
It is a lot of fun to fire, in the day or in the night.
Oh yeah, has a kickass smoke generator too.
2001-09-20 08:55:30 PM  
Speaking of how difficult it is to fight in Afganistan:
Alexander the Great failed.
The Roman Empire failed.
Genghis Khan failed.
The Mogul Empire failed.
The USSR failed.
And many more in between. I don't think that area of the world has ever been conquered.
Maybe we'll be the first to succeed, but we're in for a hell of a fight.
2001-09-20 09:07:00 PM  
HOLY shiat, Another NutSack on This Board.

Not only That But He Is From My Home Town.

Hello NutSackDance

2001-09-20 09:23:39 PM  
HnB: The Taliban has sucessfully conquered Afghanistan.

attrition...starvation...destruction of the financial system...

this is how this war will be won.

we will freeze the financial assets of these camelfarkers,
and hunt them down as they run like beggars and thieves trying to escape a tireless foe.

we will catch them and destroy them, but not with tanks...

not with a BANG, but with a whimper.
2001-09-20 09:33:08 PM  
Man, that's a shiatload of tanks.
2001-09-20 09:39:57 PM  
Chach: on your map, I found a locality named "faruk youall". what do you s'pose is going on THERE?
2001-09-20 09:41:50 PM  

they are personnel carriers with a bb gun.

this is a tank:

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-20 09:55:07 PM  
I concur: they're definitely APCs not Tanks. Note that there's no large gun barrel on them. There sure are a chitload of them though.
2001-09-20 09:55:12 PM  
Chach this is so true...
"Nothing is better than losing several hundred dollars to a sadistic slot machine, splitting sixes, or doubling down on eleven and getting an ace."
2001-09-20 09:55:12 PM  

I am speechless.
2001-09-20 10:00:42 PM  
Have to agree with 'Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel'. Those are older Bradleys that are going to be sitting out this engagement. How can I tell ? No gun, no bang-bang. Not a single one of those vehicles has its main weapon.
One of my Co-wokers (ex-Army) got to train on the Abrams.
He said the one of the differences between an Bradley and an Abrams was that the Bradley went over a hill and that at 50 MPH an Abrams flatteded the hill.
2001-09-20 10:07:48 PM  
Anyone got the specs on the Abrams for comparision to the Bradley.

Off topic: I wonder how many those anti aircraft missiles the Telaban has left from the Soviet-Afghan war and what the shelf-life was ?
2001-09-20 10:18:32 PM  
the missles you speak of are stingers, and i'm pretty sure they're shelf life has expired.

and i can give you the specs of the abrams as i used to drive them :)

engine: 1500hp turbine engine
main gun: 120mm smooth barrel
misc. weapons: .50 cal browning, 2 7.62mm crew served weapons
weight: 63 tons

those are the main items that come to mind.
2001-09-20 10:19:22 PM  
oh yea...bradley has a 25mm main gun and a 7.62mm crew served weapon. not sure about the rest.
2001-09-20 10:22:53 PM  
Disinformation plot & saber rattling? Hundreds of unmarked tanks are dragged around the US, through towns & cities no less, completely uncovered with no attempt to conceal their presence.

Gullible, ignorant americans like FrAnKiE start disseminating pictures, going "look at the big mobilization!". Photos start appearing from Texas today, Nevada tomorrow, Utah the next day, etc.

Our enemies see what appears to be millions of tanks in the western US, and begin to prepare for a ground invasion, or give up entirely.

What does it cost the US? The price to rent the use of 2 engines, and the time it takes to drag a couple hundred unueseable, decommissioned tanks all over (on government-subsidized tracks, and helping the economy by pumping a couple hundred thousand dollars into the pockets of the shipping company). Our government is really good at performing large-scale disinformation tactics....
2001-09-20 10:29:14 PM  
2001-09-20 10:32:14 PM  
Frankie! I'm in Amarillo....haven't seen the tanks coming through here. I would assume they're heading for the Gulf of Mexico. I do wonder where they came from. Any ideas?
2001-09-20 10:34:45 PM  
That's one of the stupidest things I've read all day, AzraelBrown. We've never made any efforts to conceal how many tanks we have. The world knows.

"through towns & cities no less" How dumb can you be? Yes, train tracks go through cities and towns in places!

The train is obviously not part of a mobilization, as has been already pointed out, they're probably on the way to get refitted to a newer version. Every day of every year military equipment gets moved from place to place with no effort to conceal them.

Quit being a moron.
2001-09-20 10:34:58 PM  
Oh, and note that a mobilization performed THAT way would show up, bright as day, on satellite images. There is a definite intent for the Army to draw attention to that shipment of Bradleys. Arrange for hand-offs, so that local engineers hook up & take part of them elsewhere, or leaves them on a siding for a couple days, only to be taken somewhere else by an entirely different locomotive - the engineers wouldn't even know where they're taking them, or where they came from, but even if nobody knows where they've come from or where they're going, EVERYONE is sure noticing where they are now.
2001-09-20 10:36:31 PM  
Well, the issue isn't how many tanks we have, but how many are going where. It could be a shell game -- which ones are active duty, which ones aren't. Which ones are being sent to blow people up, which ones aren't. It's been done in the past.
2001-09-20 10:39:15 PM  
Frankie-- where was the picture taken?

Somewhere along highway 79, maybe?

Anyway, my guess is those Bradleys are on the way for a refit and a paint job somewhere, more than likely one that had been planned as part of the M2 SEP program for some time.

We did/do the exact same thing with our older M1s.

I'm a M1 tank gunner, so I've a fairly knowledgeable about the M1 SEP program that changes old M1s and M1IPs into M1A1s, and even some of the M1A1s into M1A2s.
2001-09-20 10:39:52 PM  

that's right azrael, it's all a big conspiracy to rob you of your sleep.

some people have way too much time on their hands.
2001-09-20 10:43:27 PM  
I still doubt that it's a "shell game" of any kind; I'd bet that train would have been there that day with the same cargo if the events of September 11 had never happened.

That that was a shell game of any type is a remote third possibility.
2001-09-20 10:46:43 PM  
Not MY sleep -- I think it'd be really smart of the Army to do that. So sorry that you think our military are such idiots.

Everyone's up in arms "ooh, army is mobilizing, army is mobilizing", and for sure Afghanistan is watching extra closely. You guys have already said that there is a lot of media attention, showing what's going where, and someone complained at FrAnKiE for showing these movements on the internet. You think the army is so dumb that they'd make it easy for enemies to prepare & keep track of our military? Or, go through a lot of expense & effort to show force, before our diplomatic options have been exhausted?

My theory would be a cheap, easy way to show force, without causing extraordinary expense & effort on our end. Definitely, if these pictures made it to Afghanistan, there would certainly be turmoil in the population - "have you ever seen so many tanks!" "those are coming HERE?!" The ratio of outcome to effort is really high, compared to lining up soldiers on their borders (which has trouble in itself, seeing Afghanistan is isolated, surrounded by our enemies).
2001-09-20 11:09:12 PM  
Yellowbusdriver: These cartographers nowadays ... they all think they're comedians. There's also a city in Pakistan that is called "Sukkur" ... not to be alarmist, but do you think we can really trust them?
2001-09-20 11:19:38 PM  
AzraelBrown - in the immortal words of me: so farking what?
2001-09-20 11:28:16 PM  
God bless America
2001-09-20 11:56:14 PM  
As for how to get them into Afghanistan.... ever hear of air drop? I'm a Marine reservist, and at CAX (Combined Air eXercise in Souther California every summer) I've seen M1A1 Abrams dropped from a few thousand feet out the ass end of of a Globemaster on 'chutes. Then I got to watch our trucks (HumVees, 5-tons, I'm motor-T) dropped... it wasn't pretty, and it snapped a leaf spring on a 5-ton (that wasn't pretty!!!). But the point is, it got 'em there. We took a few truck loads of grunts, tank crews, and drivers out, secured the site, called in the drop, mounted up, and moved out. Worked great. But we only did it with a few vehicles... imagine a whole tank Division or three getting inserted that way..... all you need to do is use a FAST group to clear an insertion route for the crews... or just make 'em jump :-)
2001-09-21 12:02:35 AM  
Um, they paint the Bradleys on post.

Don't know where they upgrade them, though.

These are definately the old-school Brads. The new ones have steel plate welded on, and attachments for reactive armor. And much better fire control systems. I can't tell you about the Force 21 package, but let's just say that it will do some pretty wonderous things in mountainous terrain.

And the new ones don't have those stupid weapons ports on the hind quarters.

Scraping-Fetus: Eleven people?!?! yougottabekiddinme. Three crew, six dismounts is normal. They were talking about seven dismounts, and there was some movement towards eight, but that'd be packed like a clown car.
2001-09-21 12:07:04 AM  
cartographers... comedians... LOL!!
2001-09-21 12:14:37 AM  
Please show me where it says Genghis Khan was defeated in Afghanistan.

Genghis Khan and his general, Subotai, never lost a conflict while Genghis was alive. It wasn't until after he died and most of his forward army was pulled back to Karakourum for a Kuriltai when Tamerlane managed to be the first leader in history to defeat the mongol horde.

I'm sick of people using that completely inaccurate note to describe what a whoppin' we're in for.

Read a book you little pricks.
2001-09-21 12:29:09 AM  
I thought the Talibanoutlawed the internet anyway :-P
2001-09-21 02:25:19 AM  
Actually, I like AzraelBrown's idea. "See how many tanks we have, Mr. bin Laden? Do you see? Wait, here's some more. Look at those. And those. And here's another trainload. You ca surrender as soon as you change your underwear. Thank you."
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