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(Some Guy)   Trainload of tanks passes by Farker FrAnKiE's Texas home (pics)   ( divider line
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8009 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Sep 2001 at 5:35 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-20 05:37:41 PM  
Let's Kick Some Ass!
2001-09-20 05:38:33 PM  
they are sooooooo f*kd
2001-09-20 05:39:10 PM  
Pretty! What car dealership are they heading to? I want to pick one up. ;)
2001-09-20 05:39:18 PM  
Whoa, dude.
2001-09-20 05:40:33 PM  
Tanks for the photos!
2001-09-20 05:41:09 PM  
Impressive as this is, though, I really don't like the idea of a land war. At least, not until we know we need to fight one and that we can win one.
2001-09-20 05:41:37 PM  
Skater HAW HAW HAW!! Nice..
2001-09-20 05:41:53 PM  
I think this qualifies as troop movement.
2001-09-20 05:41:56 PM  
thats great, but Afghanistan is 60% mountanious with >45 degree grades. And the people hide in complex networks of caves that can barely even fit people.
2001-09-20 05:42:29 PM  
Okay, that is a farking shiatload of tanks... I had a genuine dropped jaw.

This is like when you pick on the kid at school, and he says he has brothers. Then one day as you are walking to the bike racks, you see the kid and about 7 guys, all football players, all 6'5" 280 lbs.

2001-09-20 05:43:14 PM  
umm... isnt it a little possible that this was photoshoped? has that crossed anyone elses minds? am i just weird? the penguins are back...
2001-09-20 05:44:15 PM  
Info on the Bradley.

Nice pictures...
2001-09-20 05:44:51 PM  
It didn't cross my mind, Dachande54
2001-09-20 05:45:27 PM  
Of course, there's no possibility there could ever be a train with a load of tanks on it.
2001-09-20 05:45:58 PM  
Where was this?
2001-09-20 05:46:14 PM  
wouldn't it be more effective to fly the tanks there?
2001-09-20 05:46:46 PM  
I've ridden in a Bradley.
They are some bad motherfarkers.
2001-09-20 05:46:52 PM  
Those aren't tanks, they're Bradley IFV's, what I used to dive out of.

These are actually the early ones, the M2A1. The more recent ones (A2, A3, ODS) have much better armor and more powerful engines.

Headed east or west?
2001-09-20 05:47:17 PM  
come on people...use some common sense. they're probably going to a training exercise at ft. hood.

btw, that looks to be a battalion's worth of bradleys.
2001-09-20 05:47:59 PM  
The flapping of the big metal wings causes complaints.
2001-09-20 05:48:09 PM  
Fly tanks?

Let's see... 23 tons each...

Um, no.
2001-09-20 05:49:05 PM  
"They are some bad motherfarkers."

haha, you're kidding right? they tried to stick me on one of those for a trip to bosnia. funk that.
2001-09-20 05:49:48 PM  
Mike - Dalhart, TX
2001-09-20 05:49:54 PM  
I think 'he was joking, Woody.

Did you ever get to see them fire those computer aimed, rapid fire, high explosive shells?

2001-09-20 05:50:31 PM  
To add, My dad saw B-1 bombers from Ellsworth AFB flying out west in groups, figured that they weren't turning around and landing. I am sure that the vehicles are being moved and prepped to go.

Chach: there really is no other way to go about this than a land war. Politically we can't just bomb the Jumpin Jesus at them and call it good.
2001-09-20 05:50:57 PM  
Sixty miles an hour inside steel is better than dogging it in the dirt. IMHO.
2001-09-20 05:50:58 PM  
May Allah bless you for the intelligence.
2001-09-20 05:51:21 PM  
OOps "out of them" not "at them" bad grammar, I need a nap.
2001-09-20 05:52:07 PM  
woody - they do fly them - i used to live next to a military aiport

and no US trains go to the middle east
that i have seen anyway
2001-09-20 05:53:09 PM  
Those Bradleys are only good against infantry. Put one up against a real tank, and its TOAST.

Not that the Taliban has more than a few tanks.
2001-09-20 05:55:32 PM  
That's so many tanks I would've thought it was photoshopped if not for the close ups.
2001-09-20 05:58:23 PM
2001-09-20 06:03:06 PM  

The best part of a Bradley is when the ramp opens and you can get the hell out of it. It's taller, louder, slower, and less well armored than a tank. I was never a Bradley crew; I was always a dismount, and proud of it.

You can fly them, but it ain't pretty. They travel much more efficiently on rail or boat.

Bradleys have a TOW missile system for tanks. Ain't great, but it's okay. Especially when used in conjunction with another Brad splashing the target with HE shells (at about 4/second). No real damage, but tell that to the guys inside the tank.

And the biggest fear of a tanker? An infantryman armed with one of those Javelin missiles. I once chased an Abrams into a tree. His turret was at about the 2:00 position, and I popped up and fired an AT missile (simulator) from his rear. The commander (an LT) told the driver to take off, and the gun barrel caught an oak tree. the tree shook, the tank shook (and stopped), and I fell down laughing.
2001-09-20 06:03:15 PM  
look around a little and you find other photos on that site
[image from too old to be available]

...rrrrrrright, ok
2001-09-20 06:03:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-20 06:04:35 PM  
Trip: Agreed. If you believe what the natives say, there's nothing to bomb. Blowing up rubble solves nothing. Although I like the idea of scooping up what's left of the WTC and bombing them with that.

If we don't go in with troops we can't hunt them down like we need to. American lives are going to be lost. That's the kind of courage and bravery we are going to have to muster to exact the reckoning that they deserve.

2001-09-20 06:04:54 PM  
heh... A friend of mine used to drive Bradleys in the army reserves. He said that they were actually really damn comfortable compared to some of the other armor that he had been in. But he hated the fact that during every single war game engagement his unit would be sent out first to soak up enemy ammo and reveal positions of enemy forces for the M1's and aircraft. He said they should just go ahead and change the paint job so that they big white and red targets sitting on the front.

He is kind of a cynical guy
2001-09-20 06:07:17 PM  
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2001-09-20 06:07:21 PM  
thanks nano!
2001-09-20 06:08:29 PM  
Triplenine: I know, you're right, but how in blazes are we going to get at them? I mean, look where Kabul is, or ANY of their cities for that matter; we have to negotiate steep mountains, evade well-placed, hidden snipers, and then come to their cities full force? Smells like failure to me. Not that I'm not waving my flag. Pacifism, no. But sensible war, please.
2001-09-20 06:09:18 PM  
i remember hearing that bradelys destroyed more enemy tanks in the persian gulf war than the abrhams did. It has tow missles that fire at 2 miles or something, im no expert. But i guess as long as they dont go too close to the battle then they are very effective.
2001-09-20 06:09:43 PM  
Outshined: During the Gulf War, the Air Force dropped concrete blocks on bunkers, cheaper than bombs. Who knows, maybe they'll take your idea to heart.
2001-09-20 06:11:51 PM  
Everybody is a bit nervous because of the ass kicking the Rooskies got back in the 80s. But really, there hasn't been much of an advance technology-wise on the Afghani side, and we've jumped forward in about a thousand ways.

Yes, it's going to be ugly, but I don't know if we need to be quaking all that much.
2001-09-20 06:12:32 PM  
Tell me who this hottie is frank!!!!
2001-09-20 06:13:43 PM  
Hey I've seen that picture on Hot Or not, I think I gave her a 9.....
2001-09-20 06:14:47 PM  
2001-09-20 06:15:21 PM  
dude your farkin pimp!
[image from too old to be available]

if the pic doesnt work...

Man I wish I had "freinds" like that...
2001-09-20 06:15:53 PM  
That would be Heather. She lived with me until recently. I had two pics up on hot or not of her
2001-09-20 06:19:05 PM  
shes bonerific.
2001-09-20 06:21:12 PM  
Hey anyone notice that in this pic the train looks like it is about to hit another train?
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