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(Sun Sentinel)   NBC to honor 75th anniversary of Three Stooges. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk   ( divider line
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2003-03-31 8:43:31 AM  
2003-03-31 8:44:49 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-31 9:23:32 AM  
cool. and with the extra cash from firing Arnett, they oughtta have a hell of a shin-dig !!
2003-03-31 9:35:06 AM  
Now that's Wise Guys!
2003-03-31 10:32:51 AM  
"I'll take 2 rotten eggs and some burnt toast"
"Rotten eggs and burnt toast?!"
"Yeah, I gotta tapeworm and it's good enough for him."

Joe Besser was the worst. He was about as flaming as fire island. The only girl he ever got was Fee Fee who was more like the Michelin Man in drag (oh, and that one that was reincarnated into a horse.)
2003-03-31 10:53:53 AM  
"Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned. Step by step, inch by inch..."
2003-03-31 11:29:26 AM  
Cflagg :)

AMC used to show an hour of the Stooges - now I can't find episodes anywhere - which is a shame as my 2 year old daughter does a killer impression of Curly.
2003-03-31 2:34:20 PM  
I love it. That will make a nice break from the war news.
2003-03-31 4:14:49 PM  
shemp rules.
2003-03-31 4:15:50 PM  
Nice divert-the-masses-from-the-bad-war-news ploy.

How'd they wind up with the rights to the 3 stooges anyway.
Thought they were MGM, or Turner nowadays.
2003-03-31 4:16:04 PM  
As long as they don't mention anything about that horrid made for TV movie!!! The Commish as Curly? Somebody ought to squeeze the cider out of his adam's apple.
2003-03-31 4:16:14 PM  
nyuk nyuk nyuk

In Spanish: ñak ñak ñak
2003-03-31 4:16:26 PM  
I thought they were dead!
2003-03-31 4:17:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-31 4:17:56 PM  

The rights are owned by Comedy III....who robbed the Howard family, and continue to rob them daily.
2003-03-31 4:18:07 PM  
"Why, I oughta..."
2003-03-31 4:18:21 PM  
Coolest thing about my grandfather: he was a movie & TV actor/director, and appeared in a bunch of stuff you see on TV Land and on AMC. BUT in my opinion, his biggest claim to fame was: he took a pie in the face from Moe. In the 3 Stooges Go Around The World In A Daze, 1963. Dumb movie, but how many other people can say that their grand-dad was "pied" by the 3 Stooges?
2003-03-31 4:18:25 PM  
My new years schedual always involves a 5 hour Stooges marathon that UPN does. Or, should I say, used to do. The Stooges are the archetypal(sp) comedy trio, and are sorely missed. BTW, anyone remember that special they did a few years back, I remember it starred Paul Ben-Victor(again, sp) as Moe, and it was really touching.
2003-03-31 4:19:00 PM  
Helloooooo HelloooooHellooooooooo !

Hello !

2003-03-31 4:30:02 PM  
what happened to the naked women spelling peace forum?
2003-03-31 4:34:33 PM  
Anybody know when this airs?
2003-03-31 4:34:44 PM  
Unkotabete - how many other people can say that their grand-dad was "pied" by the 3 Stooges?

I can say it. It's not true, but I can still say it. see - my grandad was pied by the 3 Stooges. hehe

2003-03-31 4:35:43 PM  
I always found it highly amusing when they would air the Stooges right after the 700 club on the Family Channel.
2003-03-31 4:36:17 PM

Official site, plus you can request a catalog for lots of good stuff.
2003-03-31 4:39:22 PM  
I remember when CKVR used to show two hours of the 3 Stooges every Sunday morning. I'd watch it with my brother and dad, and we wouldn't stop laughing... those were good times.

My all-time favourite short was 'Disorder in the Court'... anyone else?
2003-03-31 4:41:18 PM  
christ.. talk about old and busted..
2003-03-31 4:41:55 PM  
they are about as funny as a bottle of milk
2003-03-31 4:41:59 PM  
I never really thought the three stooges were very funny.

/Suddenly feeling very alone.
2003-03-31 4:43:35 PM  
Diabloloco - It's on tomorrow night at 7:00 Central time.
2003-03-31 4:43:44 PM  
Disorder In The Court, Men In Black, or any of the ones where they spoofed the Nazis.
2003-03-31 4:44:18 PM  
I did not know that Geraldo had been with NBC for so long.
2003-03-31 4:44:50 PM  
Shemp is where its at.

I can't wait, I haven't seen any episodes for years...
2003-03-31 4:45:06 PM  
I guess the writer couldn't be bothered by details like when this program airs. According to, it's on Tuesday, April 1 at 8pm Eastern on your local NBC affiliate.
2003-03-31 4:45:46 PM  
Moe always did a great job poking fun at Hitler... which probably meant extra to him ,as Moe and Shemp and Curly's real last name was Horowitz (I'm pretty sure)
2003-03-31 4:47:33 PM  
Now I have the Three Stooges Alphabet Song stuck in my head.
2003-03-31 4:48:09 PM  
Right on. I believe it was changed to Howard through a clerical error on their parents immigration papers.
2003-03-31 4:48:34 PM  
I think they still show them early sunday (?) mornings on TBS Bump. The format change of AMC pissed me off because of this, and the fact you can never find Marx brothers movies on anymore, or any of the old true classics. Speed got 4 stars? Shoot me.

I would take Animal Crackers any day over the crap 85% of the movies are today. We need another Groucho :/
2003-03-31 4:49:10 PM  
I'm 'running' in circles on the floor in delight.

"Gnaa, gnaa, gnaa! Raow, raow! Bwub-bwub-bwub-bwub-bwub-bwub-bwub!"
2003-03-31 4:49:30 PM  
Wait, I'm stupid. Howard was their showbiz name... Horowitz was the clerical error...
2003-03-31 4:49:52 PM  
All of them were nice Jewish boys, OBB.
2003-03-31 4:49:55 PM  
Paging Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard.
2003-03-31 4:51:39 PM  
FatherG - what's the 411 on old Abbott and Costello movie showings?
2003-03-31 4:52:01 PM  
The Stooges RULE.
2003-03-31 4:52:37 PM  
credit goes to the stooges...Curly specifically for teaching me how to gobble like a turkey....

Favorite scene: Curly in the rowboat with a giant brace
and bit set... the "water letter outer"... and so many

what a tribute to youth's wasted hours: Looney tunes,
Little Rascals, and Three Stooges. know most all the episodes, and could watch 'em all day long. for a day or
two anyway...
2003-03-31 4:52:51 PM  
I'm so tired of this shiat where everyone longs for the good old days of the silent movies and 1950's sitcoms that were so much funnier than the movies that are out today. If the old stuff was better they'd still make them that way, most of the really old stuff is retarded!

/Get's down off soap box
2003-03-31 4:53:24 PM  
"Heh heh Heh Moe is their leader."
2003-03-31 4:53:32 PM  
didn't put down anyone and had no political point of view

Not entirely true:

[image from too old to be available]

Really funny stuff. I'll never heil again!
2003-03-31 4:54:35 PM  
. . but then, so were all the Marx Brothers.
2003-03-31 4:58:39 PM  
ah gravy. I loves gravy. A one. A two. A three.
\eats peas with smashed potatoes on a knife.
2003-03-31 4:58:49 PM  
Was Charlie Chaplin Jewish? I guess a lot of Jewish people got into entertainment around this time...
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