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(Fark)   Fark University gear - Throw a Fark thong up on stage next time you see someone in concert   ( divider line
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186 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Mar 2003 at 2:38 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-31 02:40:22 AM  
2003-03-31 02:40:46 AM  
I'm going to see George Carlin in a couple weeks - going to throw him a Fark U shirt.
2003-03-31 02:42:18 AM  
Silly Putty and Napalm
2003-03-31 02:42:57 AM  
Hee, the baseball jersey is cute.
2003-03-31 02:43:07 AM  
I think what we need is a Farkette modelling the exact wearing and throwing technique.
2003-03-31 02:44:01 AM  
He would love that Jeff!!

I can hear it now...

George-"Fark U?!"

George-"Fark U??!, no goddammit! fark You!"

As he tosses it into the audience and they shred it to pieces. least he said Fark twice!, or three times if you don't count the filter.....
2003-03-31 02:46:15 AM  
They need some of those shorts with the Fark U printed on the butt. ha ha
those would be funny.
2003-03-31 02:50:54 AM  
i don't understand the university gimmick. isn't it lame and "Co-Ed Naked"-esqe?
2003-03-31 03:17:26 AM  
Mmmmmm... Co-ed Naked Farking...

I'm gonna call that two great tastes that taste great together.
2003-03-31 03:26:59 AM  
Eventually, I'll buy some Fark stuff. lol
2003-03-31 03:33:08 AM  
Anyone able to vouch for the quality of this gear (clothes)?

I don't want to be dumping cash on this only to have it disapear after 10 washes.
2003-03-31 03:42:07 AM  
it just seems so wrong putting fark u on baby products...i can't imagine trying to teach a child what fark means before they learn to control their own bowel movements...
2003-03-31 03:50:08 AM  
I'm guessing most can't read at that age either Cardina16.

And besides, they are a result of one kind of farking so why not let them know early.
2003-03-31 03:56:09 AM  
wasn't there going to be a logo change in the works? just curious...
2003-03-31 04:01:28 AM  
that's comin' from someone who thinks 29 is old ;P

I'm purchasing ten of 'em, one for each of my baby mamma's babies!
2003-03-31 04:26:21 AM  
Shouldn't this have the PLUG tag?

Oh well.

No cash = no FARK gear for me.
2003-03-31 04:27:30 AM  
the thong actually has "fark u" printed on the back. that's funny. i can tell off a dude without even having to know that he's staring at my arse.
2003-03-31 04:52:38 AM  
I'de never buy one. I'm not going to buy a slashdot t-shirt anytime soon either, or a weekly world news hat.
2003-03-31 05:03:27 AM  
Well, I suppose I could toss a thong on stage, but I don't think they'd appreciate my "doody floss" hanging off their microphone.
2003-03-31 05:21:45 AM  
Why not throw the thongs at Wil the next time you see him? Oh, that's just the WWDN thongs that he wants.
2003-03-31 05:46:59 AM  

I shall vouch.
2003-03-31 06:12:23 AM  
I usually throw my colostomy bag.
2003-03-31 06:59:15 AM  
I mean I could throw one up I'm sure, but how do you choke it down in the first place?
2003-03-31 08:05:55 AM  
Hmmmm....I know a chickie who could use a Fark thong
2003-03-31 08:34:27 AM  
To quote Les Claypool from a year or so ago:
"I have got enough sweaty t-shirts, what I don't have enough of are bags of marijuana..."

Primus in concert. Pure gold.
2003-03-31 08:36:15 AM  
Flying Disc

What, is "Frisbee" a registered trademark or something?
2003-03-31 08:40:15 AM  
Yerp. Of the Wham-O corporation.

You know...for kids.
2003-03-31 10:28:08 AM  
Speaking of Fark thongs, where are the Fark thong girls?! That link was hot.
2003-03-31 10:35:43 AM  
Wasn't there some Farkette with a webcam who posed with the Fark thong? Anyone have any screencaps of that?
2003-03-31 10:37:08 AM  
I can vouch for my fark thong from the first time they were's a hit with the farkers. Get em while they're hot.
2003-03-31 12:35:50 PM  
Still my favorite thong, although not Fark:

[image from too old to be available]

It says "What would Jesus do?"

2003-03-31 01:57:30 PM  
Make sure you get it good and cheesy first.
2003-03-31 03:35:24 PM  
Shameless self promotion, what's next, trying to take the credit for the giant Cheeto? Shees.
2003-04-02 11:39:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sorry - just testing this...
2003-04-07 09:10:32 AM  
2003-04-07 09:11:34 AM  
2003-04-07 02:51:04 PM  
2003-04-07 10:17:43 PM  
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