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2003-03-30 04:14:14 PM  
Isn't that episode like 5 years old?
2003-03-30 04:24:03 PM  
By Selena Maranjian (TMF Selena)
November 8, 2001

2003-03-30 04:47:06 PM  
I am a time travler. There will be another gnome-related story in one hour. That is all.
2003-03-30 04:47:20 PM  
Don't most episodes of South Park show how certain people think?
2003-03-30 05:02:53 PM  
1. Steal underpants
2. ???
3. Profit

There, I did it so you don't have to.
2003-03-30 05:27:50 PM  
Fark.com's plan:

Phase 1: build an amazing site with thousands of page loads a day.
Phase 2: Sell advertisments aimed at Farkers.
Phase 3: Break even.(almost)
2003-03-30 07:28:19 PM  
1. Invade Iraq
3. Be welcomed as saviors by grateful population, and Profit!!
2003-03-30 07:32:01 PM  
Wow, 2 posts in less than a half hour.... is that a record for today or what? Hope the mods enjoyed thier nap.
2003-03-30 07:33:20 PM  
1. Post story that features a commonly used theme.
2. Read story and post your comment in that format.
3. Rinse and Repeat.
2003-03-30 07:35:23 PM  
[image from ericcartman.fsnet.co.uk too old to be available]

Is that all ya got, pussy?
2003-03-30 07:36:07 PM  

2003-03-30 07:38:36 PM  
Don't forgot about the political aspects of the show. every episode has it's own message to hand out. it's not all about swearing and killing. Matt and Trey no more about the government then most of us wish we could.
2003-03-30 07:39:13 PM  
Well, considering, like the author said that phase 2 of all these websites in question used to be sell internet advertising space which now goes for only a few percent of the price it used to, I don't really see where he's gotten insight into a damn thing.

Phase 1: Write a crummy article to meet some unknown deadline
Phase 2:???
Phase 3: Get some half-assed, uninspired farker feedback on it a couple years later
2003-03-30 07:42:23 PM  
Ahh, doesn't everyone miss the good old days of the internet stock bubble, when any idiot with a website could get money from corporations because they thought that everyone would click on their ad?
2003-03-30 07:43:52 PM  
1. Submit funny story to fark.
3. Watch unfunny stories get posted.
2003-03-30 07:44:16 PM  
Fark's real business model:

Phase 1: Post user-submitted "weird news", b00bies, and cliches on a hugely popular website.
Phase 2: Charge for advertising and premium memberships.
Phase 3: Break even... and be foremost in the minds of countless shut-ins, flame warriors and bored cubicle cowboys almost all the time.
2003-03-30 07:44:46 PM  
I suspect that the advertising revenue was never enough to sustain those companies even at the height of the dot com boom. A lot of them simply ran until the venture capital was gone and folded.

I always wondered what Napster's business model was - no one could ever tell me either...

1. Develop and maintain P2P software for free
3. Profit
2003-03-30 07:46:54 PM  
Motley Fools' Business Plan:

1. Break news on Iomega's Zip Disk. Become instant millionaires. Advise everyone to invest in tech stocks.
Watch tech bubble burst, and watch credibility go down the crapper.
2. ????
3. ????
2003-03-30 07:49:17 PM  
this is like my "whole life plan" - missing step two..

Step One: Born
Step Two:???
Step Three: Die an old man
2003-03-30 07:54:15 PM  
Don't forgot about the political aspects of the show. every episode has it's own message to hand out. it's not all about swearing and killing. Matt and Trey no more about the government then most of us wish we could."

I "know" more about spelling.

Matt and Trey weaving political opinion into some of there episodes DOES NOT equal them knowing "more about the government than most of us wish we could."
2003-03-30 07:56:34 PM  
I thought everybody's step 2 in their whole life plan was something along the lines of drink lots of beer, sleep with lots of women and win the lottery. Not necessarily in that order, but hey, it's all part of Step Two.
2003-03-30 07:59:35 PM  
[image from da5id.home.attbi.com too old to be available]
2003-03-30 08:00:46 PM  
OBB: Isn't that episode like 5 years old?

OK, let's read the first paragraph of the article again, shall we?

I don't have cable television, and that's on purpose. Since I watch a lot of television already, I'm afraid of how much I might watch if I had 10 times as many channels. Without cable, I've not had a chance to get hooked on the show "South Park." But I have managed to see two or three episodes.

Yep, why the author didn't catch the underpants episode for 5 years is a real stumper.
2003-03-30 08:00:49 PM  
Here's my favorite part of the article:

"Once I stopped and thought about it, I realized that the gnomes' underpants business is a lot like many other businesses in America"

What the fark did you think they were making fun of? You had to stop and think about it? But then all my wondering was cleared up:

By Selena Maranjian (TMF Selena)

Women just don't appreciate sarcasm the same way.
2003-03-30 08:01:17 PM  
2003-03-30 08:01:20 PM  
I was just thinking that!
2003-03-30 08:03:03 PM  
Yeah, what you said.

Re the article:
So this woman is trying to insinuate that you can just start something, leave it alone, and earn money from that?

2003-03-30 08:06:04 PM  
South Park is full of satire and sarcasm. Of course the idiots who like fart jokes are going to watch it...but that's not to say that Trey and Matt should be politicians.

Retard. I could write a satirical show and get paid for it.

I like Trey and Matt b/c they're just so up front about selling out. I can respect that, they're honest. They had a good product and kissed the right ass, and they don't bother to make up a sob story to go along with it. Kudos to them.

/completely OT
2003-03-30 08:08:52 PM  
Holy cow, I just finished talking with a friend about this. It's not just in business or any venture, but it's true in EVERYTHING we do. From mowing the lawn to going to work to going out on a date.

Phase 1 is the dream/vision. This is where you outline the grand idea that you want to see come to fruition.

Phase 2 is the EXECUTION...or the actual work and effort required of Phase 1 or the application of it to task.

Phase 3 is the reaping of the reward for Phase 1's success (PROFIT!).

So you can see how EVERYONE (not just businesses) pays so much attention to phase 1 and 3, but not phase 2. Because they are the fun parts, where you get to kick back and have fun with ideas or spend money lavishly and live the life. Phase 2 is the ugly, tedious part. Phase 2 is the arduous, complicated part. But Phase 2 is also the most important part. That's why it's left blank; intended to be a stab at the type of people who talk and talk and talk about all these great ideas and how succesful they'd be if these great ideas were put into action....but they don't get off their asses to do it. Probably because they don't know how.

Anyone can dream. The vision is the easy part. And everyone loves the reward....hell, that's the whole point of the dream in the first place. But no one wants to put together the work and effort integral in phase 2 to make phase 1 become phase 3. Everyone wants the quick fix, the easy out. Everyone wants to skip from Phase 1 to Phase 3, because Phase 2 is too much hard work. Well, there's no such thing as a free lunch. And there's no such thing as a Phase 2 that will take care of itself.

We can all learn to become better Phase 2'ers.
2003-03-30 08:09:01 PM  
I steal girls' underwear from the dorm laundryroom. I don't do it for profit, so this article does not apply to me.
2003-03-30 08:13:43 PM  
know know-know know know know know-know-know-know know know-know

...Land of a Thousand Dances
2003-03-30 08:15:37 PM  
LivingLegend if you have a pair of pink french cut with purple pinstripes I would be interested, say $10?
2003-03-30 08:19:20 PM  
[image from ebaumsworld.com too old to be available]
2003-03-30 08:21:40 PM  
Ah but it does apply to you! Your dream is to get girls' underwear from the dorm laundry room(Phase 1), and the reward(aka "profit")of your "venture" is the girls' underwear from the dorm laundry room(Phase 3). Phase 2 for you would consist of ducking in between washing machines(depending on how they're arranged)or distracting the girlies with your suaveness in order to get your hands on the coveted...yeah I'm going to shut up now. :-P
2003-03-30 08:21:57 PM  
Let's see...

Phase One: Invade Iraq

Phase Two: Hmmmmmmmmmm

Phase Three: Get Reelected!
2003-03-30 08:23:50 PM  
Don't they still have vending machines in Japan dispensing young ladies panties??.

If so then that's the mysterious Phase 2 that the gnomes need to make their millions.....
2003-03-30 08:24:20 PM  

'I "know" more about spelling.

Matt and Trey weaving political opinion into some of THERE episodes DOES NOT equal them knowing "more about the government than most of us wish we could."'

dont you mean "their"? i guess all the time you spent studying spelling you forgot to learn the tricky "their there they're" rule. dickface.
2003-03-30 08:26:46 PM  
commence the spelling and grammar wars!
2003-03-30 08:26:59 PM  
Dang it, Generation_D!!!
2003-03-30 08:27:58 PM  
i dont care if someone has a spelling or grammar mistake, except for when its in the same post as their complaint about someone elses spelling/grammar.
2003-03-30 08:33:19 PM  
Anagrammer - Making references to television shows that came out 5 years ago is terribly out of date, and anyone who's seen the episode knows straight out to what the show makes reference. It'd be like if I made up an economic theory based on an episode of Golden Girls I might've seen yesterday (I don't watch TV, and I did, it sure as hell wouldn't be Golden Girls, but that's just an example)
2003-03-30 08:35:25 PM  
[image from flockmeal.com too old to be available]
Locker Gnome
2003-03-30 08:36:06 PM  
Step 1. Read Article
Step 2.
Step 3. Humor
2003-03-30 08:39:24 PM  
This just goes to show the relevance of South Park in society once again...

Next thing up? Towels that get stoned and follow you around whenever you get out of the shower. Don't believe me? Give it a few years.
2003-03-30 08:39:43 PM  
"The feature you've requested requires registration, but don't worry -- it's quick, easy, and free!"

So, what does the article say? And why does FARK keep linking to registration and/or cookie required web sites? It sucks.
2003-03-30 08:40:10 PM  
Step 1: See photoshop contest on FARK
Step 2:
Step 3: Win contest, bask in adoration of other Farkers.
2003-03-30 08:49:48 PM  
Don't worry about reading it, you're not missing much. This article suxors. I mean, she is talking about looking at "phase 3: profit" to determine whether you should invest in a company, but only said if ya looked at margin and this leads to a mistake because ya didn't know inventory turnover. Now why-tf would you do that when you could just see their NI and cash flow to evaluate the company's profitability. . . i mean, they're printed on their financials, so why not use 'em instead of dicking around comparing the company to a tv show parody? You obviously found the margin numbers from the same piece of paper, so would it be that hard to find actual income?
2003-03-30 09:02:44 PM  
[image from image.allmusic.com too old to be available]
2003-03-30 09:06:19 PM  
Maybe Cartman represents corporate America...because he's fat... and everyone hates him.
Kenny represents tech stocks...
Kyle is...a Jew.
Stan is the public.
Timmy is the CEO of said corporations. So I guess he controls Cartman...?

/got absolutely nothing
2003-03-30 09:16:54 PM  
Phase 1: Kill underpants gnomes.
Phase 2: ...
Phase 3: Be on receiving end of Bubba's snake.
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