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2003-03-30 05:18:13 AM  
Stop posting these weener links! There are no girls that visit Fark and all of the males that do are straight!
2003-03-30 05:37:37 AM  
DAAAAAAAMN, he's pretty. Almost too pretty.

2003-03-30 05:38:26 AM  

Go crawl back under your rock.


A Girl.
2003-03-30 06:50:03 AM  

I am a male. I visit Fark. Apparently only straight males visit Fark.

I was unaware that I was straight! Thank you for pointing that out! How could I not have noticed!!! It's odd cause up until now I thought I was gay. How silly of me. Your two sentance post has changed me completely.
2003-03-30 06:57:17 AM  
Bleccch. He looks like a melted Brad Pitt Barbie doll. And I like Brad Pitt. They should let a girl pick the weeners links.
2003-03-30 08:50:11 AM  
We need a non-weeners tag.
2003-03-30 10:15:34 AM  
Think before you talk out of you a$$, you end up stinking the place up.

Anyway, nice weeners to wake up to.

A farkette.
2003-03-30 10:26:35 AM  
Here's one courtesy of Marilyn Manson.

[image from home.kc.rr.com too old to be available]

Though I really don't mind the lack of nudity in a weeners link.
2003-03-30 10:41:20 AM  
Anime_honeydew - I don't mind the lack of nudity either. One of the main differences between the Farkettes and the Farkers I guess!
2003-03-30 10:44:13 AM  
Yay! I love Travis Fimmel :D

Some of the CK ads are hot as fark.. and the boy's an Aussie. Whee.
2003-03-30 10:45:52 AM  
Hey, mannequin, if you don't want to see any weener links, then how about not clicking. I mean, unless you wanna see a weener . . .
2003-03-30 10:49:01 AM  
Random info: Travis' billboard ads are the first male ones I've heard of that 'stopped traffic'.

Apparently many women and gay guys walked by to check them out, too... and some males filed complaints about the ads being "demeaning to men". Hee!
2003-03-30 10:52:30 AM  
That CK picture of Travis stopped MY clock...as in "Time Stood Still". It's the only model pic I've ever torn out of the paper.

And yes, I'm a "girl".

Farkett and Geekette
Deirdre B.
2003-03-30 10:53:09 AM  
Cola - yeah, those pooooor guys. Always being demeaned. (violins playing in back ground)

">Man Candy in Cosmo Personal chef anyone?
2003-03-30 10:53:27 AM  
"Bleccch. He looks like a melted Brad Pitt Barbie doll."

Right. I would anything to look one tenth that good!
2003-03-30 10:54:04 AM  
crap. Here's the link again. I hope.

Man Candy in Cosmo
2003-03-30 10:54:21 AM  
ok, he's got a good bod and facial symmetry, but, farkettes/gay farkers, does his jawline weird you out? it's the like they wedge out and go to infinity.

you know, like the hood of those recent model mustangs?
2003-03-30 10:56:04 AM  
What is this weener you speak of?
2003-03-30 10:58:49 AM  
RabbitHeadlights: Speaking for myself.. I don't give a shiat about his jawline, quite frankly.

Thanx for the link Blossom :P

[image from a820.g.akamai.net too old to be available]
2003-03-30 10:59:00 AM  
Doublebonus: Faces on the internet is different.
I bet he can't tell a joke. Or cook spaghetti. And I bet he didn't understand 12 Monkeys. Or Speed (whoa) for that matter.
2003-03-30 10:59:04 AM  
Those aren't weiners.

[image from wurst.com too old to be available]

THESE are weiners.

2003-03-30 10:59:43 AM  
He looks more like a doped-up Hansen brother.

RabbitHeadlights: yes.

2003-03-30 11:01:05 AM  
Here are the real weeners...

2003-03-30 11:02:56 AM  
Cola, Saranac

thanks for replies. just curious about what makes women tick, cause man, i need a farking blueprint and instruction booklet to get your breed sometimes.

look at my pic. is it not beautiful? mmmm, guinness.
2003-03-30 11:07:41 AM  
RabbitHeadliights -

I personally LOVE his jawline.. Very strong and sexy to go along with the rest of him...

mmmmmm, he's hot! I may have to go kill some kittens now...
2003-03-30 11:09:43 AM  
Cola - my, er, pleasure. He sort of looks like Tyson Beckford

2003-03-30 11:10:34 AM  
in the eye of the beholder. we all know.

ok, i am going to go to some manly things like eat pizza and drink guinness or smithwick's or hell, just jameson straight up.
2003-03-30 11:10:50 AM  
Oh man, my html skillz suck this morning.

2003-03-30 11:11:53 AM  
Mtrans hahahaah! excellent!

*chants more, more, more*

thanks bud, got a good laugh out of this farker.
2003-03-30 11:14:51 AM  
Rabbit Headlights

Well I think it's beautiful. Then again I'm also named after an alcoholic beverage...
2003-03-30 11:17:03 AM  
2003-03-30 11:17:21 AM  
Yeah he's a bit Tyson-esque around the cheeks and eyes but he has a smaller body. Both cute though.
2003-03-30 11:26:19 AM  
Jimmy Kimmel? Travis Bickle? Nope, never heard of him.
2003-03-30 11:27:00 AM  
JOHNDX: Thanks. I'll keep you posted when others strange photos come my way.
2003-03-30 11:27:06 AM  
I agree a girl should pick the weenies submissions. I think when guys submit them it just gives them ammunition to joke about it.

and there are way too many guys in this thread...hmmm..
2003-03-30 11:28:07 AM  
Fyfush Finkel?

/ok. I'll stop now.
2003-03-30 11:28:54 AM  
Wow. what a hottie. Never heard of him before. Yeah he's hot. Nice bod. Great hair. Just an all around nice package of a guy.
2003-03-30 11:34:39 AM  
I agree a girl should pick the weenies submissions.

There are no female admins that I am aware of. The admins pick the articles. I believe the admin who loses the bet has to pick the weeners. I'm sure he does it in a hurry.
2003-03-30 11:36:23 AM  
I like long-haired guys. They give me a funny feeling. In my pants.

And yes, I'm a farkette! Take that, Mannequin!
2003-03-30 11:41:08 AM  
He kinda looks like a buff Hanson brother. But then I tend to be physically attracted to women a lot more than men anyway. So I'm probably not much of a judge.
2003-03-30 12:12:21 PM  
WOW... He even makes tidy whities look good. YES, I am a Guinness drinking farkette!
2003-03-30 12:32:35 PM  

whoa... yum.
The world needs more treasure-trail tease shots.
2003-03-30 01:02:27 PM  
He sure has got a pretty mouth....
2003-03-30 01:06:15 PM  
I'm a farkette, but, man, in almost every "weiners" link I've ever looked at in fark, the men look really gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's not something that floats my boat. I like long hair on guys, but that pretty boy stuff just doesn't do it for me. I tell my friends I'm looking for a guy who smells nice but looks like he wouldn't. The sears underwear model type just leaves me cold, and the Calvin Klein underwear model types just make me wish I had gay male friend to fix them up with.
2003-03-30 01:09:42 PM  
Yeah yeah DeeDerange, but it's a new time. We no longer have such a rigid view on gender appropriate appearance and behavior and increasingly more women like guys who are pretty rather than stern and rough. And hey, some like both...
2003-03-30 01:12:38 PM  
Mmmm, Cola, yes! I just appreciate a good lookin' person regardless of gender or feminemity/masculinity.
2003-03-30 01:21:36 PM  
re: Cola & Jackycane

Well, I understand that, I mean, I'd totally hit Legolas (the character in the movie, out of make up Orland Bloom is a little too Eurotrashy looking for my tastes). But to me, the character of Legolas doesn't look gay, just (I can't think of the word -- earthy?) I mean, I'm not into WWF types, but guys who are just too clean cut just don't do it for me.
2003-03-30 01:23:54 PM  
"Bleccch. He looks like a melted Brad Pitt Barbie doll. And I like Brad Pitt. They should let a girl pick the weeners links"

my thoughts exactly! If I were with that guy, id feel like such a lesbian. I like my men to look like men.

from another real farkette.
(not a post Op farkette either)
2003-03-30 01:38:53 PM  
NOT post op? What does that mean? You still have your penis? :)
2003-03-30 01:40:02 PM  
Not really my taste (partly because he's probably half my age) but he does have a nice bod. I like the darker ones.
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