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(The Straight Dope)   What's the size of your hand, runs 25 mph, eats the stomach out of live camels until their intestines fall out, and screams like a human child?   ( straightdope.com) divider line
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286 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2003 at 6:52 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-29 01:01:03 PM  
Nothing, as it turns out. Why do stories like this get approved?
2003-03-29 01:06:38 PM  
So, today is April 1, 2003, eh?


Be sure to start doing April Fool's Day pranks as early as possible.

/heads off to plan April 1, 2004 prank that will be pulled off on April 2, 2003 ....... RIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!
2003-03-29 01:14:03 PM  
Early April Fools. WTF?
2003-03-29 01:23:32 PM  
This this the best that can be posted? There has been nothing on the main page for a while now.
2003-03-29 01:43:35 PM  
That's okay, Woody, they've redded out dozens of great stories. TotalFark rules!!!
2003-03-29 01:55:21 PM  
slow news day

i'd like to take one of those farkin spiders and send it to chase my ex - im bitter and drunk already slow day blah
2003-03-29 02:27:07 PM  
That's it, I am taking my wife hiking. Newsday sux arse. :)
2003-03-29 02:30:23 PM  
/brain x-ray of type of individual who goes live with web page of April Fool's Day prank 2+ days before 4/1
2003-03-29 02:35:22 PM  
unfetchable img URL?
2003-03-29 02:39:08 PM  
2003-03-29 02:40:33 PM  
o-tay, size matters (Doh!)

/feh ..... slinks away
2003-03-29 03:01:08 PM  
Maybe its not a Camel spider, but I do have one of these:

[image from atlas.imagemagician.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:40:24 PM  
"What's the size of your hand, runs 25 mph, eats the stomach out of live camels until their intestines fall out, and screams like a human child?"

Tom Cruise?
2003-03-29 04:47:59 PM  
I hear he's gay.
2003-03-29 05:21:24 PM  
[image from wrbu.si.edu too old to be available]

Harmless or not, they're still evil lookin little critters.

Didn't somethingawful have a thing about them like 2+ years ago?
2003-03-29 06:55:56 PM  
Danny DeVito?
2003-03-29 06:57:47 PM  
El Chupacabra?
2003-03-29 06:58:08 PM  
yeah, but I heard that they can shoot laser beams out of their asses.
2003-03-29 06:58:19 PM  
Too cool. But what do you do with it?
2003-03-29 06:59:09 PM  
Don't be silly. Danny DeVito can't run that fast.
2003-03-29 06:59:17 PM  
Actually I think it was ehowa that had the big CAMEL SPIDERS ARE EVIL article.... Those things are nasty.
2003-03-29 06:59:58 PM  
Really? I thought he was smaller than my hand...
2003-03-29 07:00:29 PM  
Well, they are not all they are cracked up to be. But are they good eatin'?
2003-03-29 07:00:43 PM  
oh, so you've met my mom?
2003-03-29 07:01:14 PM  

That's what I was a-wonderin'
2003-03-29 07:01:28 PM  
Those little old people at the end of Mulholland Drive?
2003-03-29 07:01:58 PM  
I dunno, but I'd hit it.
2003-03-29 07:02:21 PM  
The answer is... a human child!!!
2003-03-29 07:02:39 PM  
Awww man, I thought I had the correct answer.
2003-03-29 07:03:25 PM  
2003-03-29 07:04:01 PM  
Michael Jackson?
2003-03-29 07:04:18 PM  
Rosie O'Donnell after the Al Roker surgery??
2003-03-29 07:04:29 PM  
[image from thewb.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 07:05:31 PM  
Didn't somethingawful have a thing about them like 2+ years ago?

I saw something about them in the last couple weeks, maybe on snopes.
2003-03-29 07:05:41 PM  
So when is the "kentucky gets beat down by marquette" article going to be green-lighted? I don't watch college basketball, but I'm sure there will be some good shiat talking in that thread.
2003-03-29 07:06:11 PM  
Argh! seeing those pictures with out any warning just shortened my life by 10 years. jebus. I'm highly Arachnophobic lol. Good god i havent screamed that ever. Good scare. hehe. i pray i never, ever come across a spider the size of my hand...Trantulas are ok.. but no actual spiders.
2003-03-29 07:06:13 PM  
2003-03-29 07:07:34 PM  
Curse you quickdraw AQuigley!!!!!! Curses!!! LOL
2003-03-29 07:08:39 PM  
Kentucky got blew the fark out by a team of camel spiders today.

Or was it Marquette?

Dwayne Wade looks like Seal, the singer, not the animal.
2003-03-29 07:09:40 PM  
All of these creatures pale before the AWESOME creepiness that is....

2003-03-29 07:10:27 PM  
errr Is it Rosemary's baby ?
2003-03-29 07:11:13 PM  
Kentucky lost hahahahaha! who sucks now?
2003-03-29 07:11:20 PM  
My ex-girlfriend.
2003-03-29 07:11:50 PM  
Goes great with mustard.
2003-03-29 07:13:52 PM  
This was put up instead of a boobies link?
2003-03-29 07:14:29 PM  
Marquette sucks. Anyone not pick Kentucky?
2003-03-29 07:16:22 PM  
2003-03-29 07:16:57 PM  
If #3 Duke lost to a #2 seed by 4...

what does it say about #1 Kentucky, who lost to a #3 seed by fourteen?
2003-03-29 07:20:26 PM  
Weaps How long have you been collecting cutsey stuffed snowmen?
2003-03-29 07:21:16 PM  
attack of the somethingawful cliches
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