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(HeraldSun)   Kim Jong-il seizes all triplets in N. Korea because he's scared of them   ( heraldsun.news.com.au) divider line
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2003-03-29 01:09:47 PM  
I'm going to be so glad when this asshat gets up-close-and-personal with a Tomahawk cruise missle.
2003-03-29 01:26:27 PM  
"Stalinist dictator Kim Jong-il has an irrational belief that a triplet could one day topple his regime."

[image from dahmgirls.com too old to be available]
"Yo, Jong-il...it's ALL good! You asshat."
2003-03-29 02:31:02 PM  
Why do Stalinists always have to be so freakin insane?
2003-03-29 02:31:35 PM  
That'd suck. I know a set of triplets... glad they aren't from North Korea. ;)
2003-03-29 03:59:12 PM  
Watch out, NK, don't anger the Triplet-American community...

[image from twinsworld.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:01:16 PM  
Triple action, now with braces...

[image from visi.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:02:19 PM  
Please do not fap to the triplets...

[image from homepage.ntlworld.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:06:26 PM  
World's Weirdest Triplets:

[image from sunpk.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:24:34 PM  
Please DO NOT fap to the Weirdest Triplets you sick farks!!
2003-03-29 04:26:00 PM  
[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:41:58 PM  
Gee seems perfectly normal to me.

Good thing this guy will have his very own nuke soon.
2003-03-29 04:53:20 PM  
Round up all the triplets we can get and invade his country. Not only will he kill them, but he'll have a heart attack and die too. Then the worst of both worlds will be dead and everyone elsewill be happy.
2003-03-29 04:53:32 PM  
Why does it seem to me that in Wldncrzy14's pic, it seems Jong Il is getting oral from an intern?
2003-03-29 04:54:42 PM  
sheeeesh, could Fark get just a little more phucking depressing today?
2003-03-29 04:55:30 PM  
Zork! Where's mein treeplets? WHERE'S MEIN TREEPLETS?!?! Ah, dere dey arrrrrr. Mineminemine...
2003-03-29 04:55:36 PM  
[image from powerpointbackgrounds.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:56:38 PM  
Let's go get 'im!!!!!
2003-03-29 04:56:44 PM  
Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If you take all the triplets, drop them in sensory/affection deprivation for all their life, and tell them that this guy is responsible... what do you think will happen?
2003-03-29 04:56:49 PM  
That is wierd. Besides, Bush Senior's son is going to topple his adversary (Saddam), and Bush Jr's offspring are going to topple Jr's adversary (Kim Jong-il ). So it isn't triplets he should be afraid of, it should be twins.
2003-03-29 04:57:07 PM  
"The policy is carried out on the orders of Stalinist dictator Kim Jong-il, who has an irrational belief that a triplet could one day topple his regime"

US, UK and Australia?
2003-03-29 04:58:04 PM  
Trell It looks more like the heroin just started to kick in.
2003-03-29 04:58:08 PM  
He'd lose his mind with Sextuplets, eh?
[image from lucianne.com too old to be available]
2003-03-29 04:58:49 PM  
2003-03-29 04:59:15 PM  
This has all the making of a bad action B-movie.
2003-03-29 04:59:15 PM  
And the propaganda war begins.
2003-03-29 05:00:03 PM  
Sick sad world
2003-03-29 05:00:31 PM  
Good thing they aren't in China. They'd just force you to have an abortion before they are even born.
2003-03-29 05:00:43 PM  
More like US, China, Russia... once they tire of this asshat stirring up trouble.
2003-03-29 05:01:34 PM  
[image from raisingkids.co.uk too old to be available]

Topple the Dictator!
2003-03-29 05:02:48 PM  
Syria is helping Iraq. Iran is part of the Axis of Evil. Now anti-N. Korea propaganda? Can't we settle on just one country for the next war?
2003-03-29 05:02:55 PM  
I dunno, triplets kinda freak me out too. You can't blame the guy, if I was the ruler of my country I would prolly come up with loads of silly and half assed ideas to pass the time.
2003-03-29 05:03:13 PM  
Fear not, these girls are still okay!
[image from theycamefromhollywood.com too old to be available]

2003-03-29 05:05:05 PM  
I was thinking the same thing JOHNDX...

If this is true, this may be the most disturbing thing he has come up with yet.
2003-03-29 05:05:15 PM  
Awesome, we'll have someone else to attack as soon as we're done with Iraq.
2003-03-29 05:06:22 PM  
What a sick freak, every one knows its octuplets that topple regimes.
2003-03-29 05:07:04 PM  
but North Korea essentially operates a state religion infused with superstition, astrology and a personality cult that glorifies Kim as a unique individual.

I wonder if he has a direct-phone line to Miss Cleo.
2003-03-29 05:07:18 PM  
"Triplets are supplied by the state free of charge with clothing, bedding, a one-year supply of dairy products and a pre-school subsidy, and special medical workers take charge of such mothers and children and care for their health."

[image from tandem-fahren.de too old to be available]

I think the least old man Jong-il could do now is throw in a bicycle built for three.
2003-03-29 05:08:25 PM  
[image from heraldsun.news.com.au too old to be available]

Not only that, he has their hair combed like his too.
2003-03-29 05:09:05 PM  
Alright, you're next farker! As soon as We're done kicking ass in the desert, We're going to stick a boot up your ass!
2003-03-29 05:11:02 PM  
Jebus Christ this maniac is running an entire country!!
2003-03-29 05:11:16 PM  
If there's one thing mythology has taught me, it's that if prophecies predict that a child will kill you, the best thing to do is take it away from its parents and leave it alive. Then it's smooth sailin'!
2003-03-29 05:11:21 PM  
Or will China beat us to it? Man, it has GOT to suck to be in NK.
2003-03-29 05:11:29 PM  
That nutter in North Korea is more of a threat than Saddam ever was...
2003-03-29 05:12:26 PM  
No kidding Timberbeast ... After Saddam goes down, we're coming for you, KJI.
2003-03-29 05:13:03 PM  
And some people call him mad?!?!?!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-29 05:13:07 PM  
It is a little known fact that North Korean dictator Kim Jon Il frequents YAHOO!, and not the site translated in Korean.

other than that...

What is he doing in this picture?
[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
a) Counting the dots on the ceiling
b) Thinking about kidnapping Mothra Haiku Twins so they can summon Mothra if Godzilla is pist.
c) Getting a hummer
d) Wishing he coud haved b and c but will have to resort to surfing the internet looking for porn while doing the same thing he does every night, Pinky: TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

2003-03-29 05:13:45 PM  
03-29-03 04:59:15 PM Arch Stanton

And the apologists for Kim are getting warmed up.
2003-03-29 05:13:57 PM  
Damn! If Saddam is insane then WTF is Kim Jong il?? He probably thinks that something terrible happens if get them wet or feed them after midnight too!
2003-03-29 05:14:33 PM  
03-29-03 04:26:00 PM Wldncrzy14

I was hoping someone had posted that when I clicked open the thread, job well done.
2003-03-29 05:14:57 PM  
3 times is the charm:
[image from newsimg.bbc.co.uk too old to be available]
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