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2003-03-28 04:23:52 PM  
HI I'M FIRST!!! Nice to meet you =)
2003-03-28 04:23:52 PM  
I certainly won't be the FIRST one there.
2003-03-28 04:24:29 PM  
Fark that!
2003-03-28 04:26:02 PM  
you must be kidding me.
2003-03-28 04:26:11 PM  
Now my head really hurts.
2003-03-28 04:26:35 PM  
what i want to know is why in SF they can't get enough people to get a fark party together WTF
2003-03-28 04:27:39 PM  
What time is all this excitement starting? I'm so thrilled to meet a bunch of computer nerds in Portland that I can hardly keep my diapers clean.
2003-03-28 04:28:14 PM  
This will be a blast and I'm looking forward to kickin'
it with y'all up there.

Even in victory I am magnanimous, JahJeff, so I shall
share the firstness with you since we simulposted.
2003-03-28 04:28:56 PM  
Wow. I didn't even know there was going to BE a FARK party in Portland.

Cool. I could walk over after work.....
2003-03-28 04:30:59 PM  
We'll be there.
2003-03-28 04:32:30 PM  
I think I might need Sweatergirls cell number, just to be sure.

2003-03-28 04:34:31 PM  
You are by far my favorite new troll, TheTerrorists.

You had me at "we have already won"!
2003-03-28 04:37:16 PM  
I wish I could be there. I live in the area, but can't make that date/time :(
2003-03-28 04:40:20 PM  
and hey Aeonite I want one o'them Ninja Burger shirts bro!
2003-03-28 04:41:55 PM  
Weeners: The profile pic of TheTerrorists is nice also. And unlike Rmz, I'm just too lazy to show. Flame away.
2003-03-28 04:46:16 PM  
Whoa, I didn't realize the filter did that when you switch the F and the P around in the name of the poster who was the Weeners on this thread. Cool.
2003-03-28 04:50:12 PM  
That was supposed to say:
1n 50v13t Fark1stan, the filter farks you.

Fark it, everyone's moved on to the hijack thread anyway.
2003-03-28 04:52:58 PM  
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler olaces than those on the bill. Screw the westside! Eastside, all day, all the time! Whom was it that approved/suggested/finalized these locations? L-A-M-E!!!!

2003-03-28 04:54:06 PM  
heh heh. never gets old, never gets old. =)

It's worth being motivated for tho, PowerSlacker.
2003-03-28 04:54:50 PM  
I was just going to say kudo's to whomever decided to ignore that festering abortion on the wrong side of the river...
2003-03-28 04:57:18 PM  
And I would like [image from storetn.cafepress.com too old to be available] a hat because I'm coming the furthest and there should be a prize..or something.

and my head wouldn't hurt with a hat. :-)
2003-03-28 04:57:52 PM  
Isn't el gaucho a megabuck steak house? I agree with Eccehomer that the eastside may be a better (more affordable) choice. Barley Mill, Lucky Lab, Delta Cafe?
2003-03-28 05:01:41 PM  
I hope you all have a good and safe time. even though I live just out side the portland area I will not go near downtown because of the bunny lovers protesting the war.
2003-03-28 05:07:36 PM  
Yeh, I is too poor to afford that. In fact, I can only
afford the first two letters, so I am just po'.

There was an alternate location posted in the Seattle thread
for the destitute...Snake Pliskin's Pizza, or summat.
2003-03-28 05:08:20 PM  
Some @sshat's throw themselves down on the corner of second and burnside and you refuse to go downtown because of it? Have a nice evening in Lake Oswego.
2003-03-28 05:10:23 PM  
Why not one of the McMinnamins? Edgefield or Kennedy School comes to mind.
2003-03-28 05:11:04 PM  
Weren't Stars, the Acrop, or Exotica considered? Why come here if you're not going to hit up the quality adult establishments?
2003-03-28 05:11:40 PM  
We aren't actually going to EAT at el gaucho's, are we? I thought it was like go hang out in the bar? Do people actually eat food when they go out? It's a waste of good booze money if you ask me.
2003-03-28 05:11:57 PM  
Hmmmm, the first fark party I've seen near me. And on my day off as well. Hmmmm.
2003-03-28 05:13:39 PM  
Yeah, you've got to do a McMennamins...and a strip club...and a dive bar...and a porno store

...and a protest
2003-03-28 05:14:02 PM  
I vote for Woody's Topless Bar! Who's with me?
2003-03-28 05:15:04 PM  
Speaking of the protestors, we've had a front row seat in our building for several of the 'confrontations' with police.

Most have consisted of earnest young people trying to lay down in front of the MAX, and grim looking cops in full riot gear encouraging them to move on.

Note to PDX area Farkers: there are supposed to be three protests this evening timed for rush-hour. Should be entertaining, considering the statement by the police that they essentially through being Mr. Nice Guy about this crap.
2003-03-28 05:15:37 PM  
The Eastside is an abortion? Fark all of you lame west siders! Why don't you all go out to the Beavertron and stay in your lame comfort zone? I am going to the Vern and drink my 2.50 small pitcher of beeer, jam some punk, and laugh at all the retards from the Westside and the 'burbs coming in "slumming" on the eastside. Vern rules! I rule! Eastside rules! F the McMennazi's. F all of you!!!!

2003-03-28 05:15:57 PM  
Swingbozo: Eating gives you something colorful to throw up.
2003-03-28 05:15:59 PM  
What dive bars do you like? I won't even mention the one I hang out in because it sometimes scares the shiat out of ME and I'm in there.

The matador and hung far low are always at the top of the usual lists.
2003-03-28 05:16:45 PM  
1. I can't do hats because I don't stock them - CafePress makes them to order.

2. I could bring some shirts (I'd need to know what size - email me) but would prefer to be reimbursed at cost, which is $7.50, rather than give them away.

3. It is my understanding that reservations at El Gaucho are already made, and that yes, it is expensive - $50 to $75 for dinner. However, it has also been made clear that there are more affordable options very close by for Farkers who wish to do that instead.
2003-03-28 05:17:10 PM  
2003-03-28 05:17:37 PM  
Request to know the time for this shindig. Also agree that eating at el gaucho will damage my drinking budget. Any McMinnamin's pub would be better.

Or does Drew only eat $teak these days? ;-)
2003-03-28 05:21:56 PM  

What time are these reservations for? $50-75 for El Gougeo? Are we out of our farking minds? Sure there are cheaper places around, but the idea of a party is to all get together y'know, like in one place. Affordable place.
2003-03-28 05:23:19 PM  
So if we are supposed to eat at El Gaucho, what time is everyone going to show up at the Candlelight? This is still going to end up costing too much. Doing my usual haunts I can get way loaded for under $30. Sometimes it's good to grease the bartenders.
2003-03-28 05:24:31 PM  
I had a faint glimmer of hope this was a Portland MAINE Fark party. Then common sense won.
2003-03-28 05:27:38 PM  
Well sure brotha, I'm not axin' for no handouts or nothin'.

That will work. XXL black, mah good man.
2003-03-28 05:29:24 PM  
If I'm spending $75/per on dinner, its not gonna be at El Gaucho.

I'm up for McMenamin's if anyone else wants to.
Or Old Chicago. There's a new one opening next week in Mall 205 by McMenamins. Hit both in one swoop.
2003-03-28 05:31:00 PM  
I guess our little $5 donations are really paying off...or something...


from the other thread.

03-28-03 03:03:24 PM Sweater Girl
The reason El Gaucho is the plan is because those coming from Kentucky wanted to go there.

Afterwards we are planning on going to the The Candlelight for a bit, then Crystal ballroom.
2003-03-28 05:33:23 PM  
You all need to wake up. I grew up in Lake Ego that isn't the rich yuppies anymore it's anyone that has credit can live here land... there really isn't anyone that lives there that can say they own their house/car/. Now I live in NE, yeah when you watch the news in the morning to find out who got shot for the new day... That my house or street you see in the background (Killingworth/Albina). The protesters are idiots, they say they want to represent the dead people, so help them by running them over. Police have committed to turning their heads as long as you don't get out of your car. Crystal Ballroom is a Mcmenamins for all you people who are budgeting.
2003-03-28 05:34:30 PM  
And remember the wisdom of Thangle:

"Gauchos aren't Brazilian, they're Argentinian!"
2003-03-28 05:34:38 PM  
Hey, if you need a really expensive place in Seattle to eat, that would be Canli's on Lake Union. That will guarantee that NO ONE attends either the Seattle or Portland parties.

2003-03-28 05:36:05 PM  
I would be honored and proud to display a Ninja burger t-shirt!

XL please! wo0t!!
2003-03-28 05:42:05 PM  
Are there Fark Snobs? Heh...
2003-03-28 05:43:09 PM  
I'll be bringing some fark bumperstickers to pass out to all who attend!
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