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(Fark)   Searching for a Farker-owned and/or operated bar or restaurant for Fark Party Seattle on Apr 5th. Contact Drew if you have a location   ( fark.com) divider line
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2003-03-28 10:35:52 AM  
I have a dorm room in Ann Arbor, if that helps
2003-03-28 10:36:21 AM  
We have a location. An EVIL location.
2003-03-28 10:38:41 AM  
How about Corner Inn (6459 California Ave SW)? Tim Turner band is playing there on the 5th. When I was in Seattle last, we had a blast with those guys... If ya see them, tell them the folks from San Antonio say hi! We miss them! Wish I could go up there and drink some beers with y'all!

Tim Turner Band
2003-03-28 10:39:53 AM  
Ack, my HTML skillz suck!
Try again:
Tim Turner Band
2003-03-28 10:41:22 AM  
now them there is some good ole' boys....
2003-03-28 10:41:28 AM  
Anyone want one at Tony Packo's in Toledo? I could arrange for a discount....

mmmmmm Packo's.....
2003-03-28 10:41:34 AM  
I recommend Lefty's; just tell the guy at the door "Ken sent me"
2003-03-28 10:41:57 AM  
wouldn't it be cool to have a Club Fark? with SdB girls?
2003-03-28 10:42:35 AM  

Thats in West Seattle. Far away for the action of downtown!
2003-03-28 10:45:06 AM  
Woo, that's my birthday. Such a shame I'm on the opposite side of the world to Seattle.
2003-03-28 10:46:11 AM  
I would pick the Ram in Uvillage.
2003-03-28 10:47:48 AM  
Doh Megapaw. That sucks.. Ah well, they're a great band!!!

"Just a white boy lost in the blues!"
2003-03-28 10:51:06 AM  
And since the locals are checking -

I'm in Seattle for this weekend and I've never been before. Where do I absolutely have to go?

Used bookstore suggestions especially welcomed.
2003-03-28 10:51:34 AM  
Cooper's Bar on Lake City Way in Wedgewood. Big fun!
2003-03-28 10:52:37 AM  
2003-03-28 10:58:05 AM  
Bagu - we do have a Club Fark party every week. There are plenty of women there too.
2003-03-28 10:58:23 AM  
Elliot Bay Books in Pioneer square.
2003-03-28 10:59:41 AM  
Need a bar location in Seattle? Don't know if you'll find one here owned by any farkers but this list should have more than enough choices.

From the 570 Bars Project, a list of 570 bars in the Seatle area complete with Bests and Worsts.

2003-03-28 11:00:18 AM  
I vote Abroz. Too bad Everclear's illegal in Michigan....
2003-03-28 11:03:14 AM  
Hatties Hat? Owl & Thistle? Temple Billards? Fado? Ooh, Alki Tavern in WSea. That place is a dump and you can get into food fights and you won't get kicked out.
2003-03-28 11:07:20 AM  
Is there a Portland, OR party still happening?
2003-03-28 11:10:09 AM  

There's a "Twice Sold Tales" on First Avenue downtown.
2003-03-28 11:10:52 AM  
I dig the Tim Turner Band. I've seen them a few times at Legend's in West Seattle and they are smokin'!!

I can't think of a good sports bar downtown, so my vote would be for the Ram. Lots of booze and the beer brewed on the premises.
2003-03-28 11:17:13 AM  
Bollocks to finding a bar, just go and find a nice bridge somewhere:


http://www.boston.com/dailynews/087/region/Security_scare_closes_Willi​ams:.sht ml

Fark on.
2003-03-28 11:17:21 AM  
Heh...that always makes me laugh when I meet someone at a Fark party and there log in is something goofy...

makes me giggle at them.

Yeah, Portland is still on. See Zeke's site....
2003-03-28 11:19:07 AM  
How about Ozzie's in Queen Anne? I saw a girl punch a guy in the face there once.
2003-03-28 11:21:06 AM  
Belltown Billiards?
2003-03-28 11:21:35 AM  
Unter: Portland is on for the 4th. We are working on a real pricy dinner - contact me if you'd like to be on the guest list. (Wear some nice clothes and don't expect to escape for less than $60 a person)
2003-03-28 11:24:37 AM  
The Mecca in Lower Queen Anne? It's small & we could take it over.
2003-03-28 11:24:38 AM  
Typical. I'll be out of town that week. I still think karaoke and rocknroll bowl at Leilani Lanes would be a hoot.
2003-03-28 11:25:35 AM  
And again, now with 100% html enabled:

Bollocks to finding a bar, just go and find a nice bridge somewhere:

Fark Bridges Comment

Fark on.
2003-03-28 11:25:41 AM  
Or...or...or...the Garage on Capital Hill.
2003-03-28 11:26:45 AM  
Yep....too pricey for me.

Anyone else wanna go to a cheaper place with $1 margaritas or something?
2003-03-28 11:27:44 AM  
Or the Bada Lounge...
2003-03-28 11:31:58 AM  
Searching for a Farker-owned and/or operated bar or restaurant for Fark Party Seattle on Apr 5th. Contact Drew if you have a location

just to re-iterate the purpose of the thread.

However, I think most the Seattlites are still asleep or working at their bars and clubs.
2003-03-28 11:32:02 AM  
I'd suggested Rialto for Portland. Lots of space, level tables, heroin dealing just around the block--what more could a Farker want? Oh, except weed. None for sale from anyone I know around there. Just buy some heroin--one time won't get ya hooked, and you'll be amazed at enjoying barfing. I'm 86'd from there, though, so I'd just have to look in the window.

If there's something expensive actually in the works, I'd like to hear about it.
2003-03-28 11:34:42 AM  
um..the Garage is nice but I am not sure how they would handle having a lot of Farkers arround. It is Capital Hill after all.

And Nightsweat Twice sold tales is good and I think after 12am there is a discount on books. Another great store is Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, there is also a good one on about 60th and Roosevelt.

Teddies on 65 and Roosevelt maybe a good one. If it is a sunny day (yeah right) there is a huge patio out back with pingpong. They also have darts, pool and some pinball.
2003-03-28 11:34:47 AM  
Fado is a really nice place but dante's has more stuff to do, pool, darts ect. and food so we could bring the wee ones if we had to. Did I mention the collage age boobies at Dante's?
2003-03-28 11:34:55 AM  
P.S. I used to go to a great bar at 2nd and Bell in Seattle. Homeless crowd, but $2.50 gotcha a highball glass filled to surface-tension capacity with 80-proof Bacardi.
2003-03-28 11:36:02 AM  

Are you thinking of the SpeakEasy?

It burned down.
2003-03-28 11:36:52 AM  
I spent a lot of time at Dantes back in the day and we could probably book the top floor. But it is kinda trashy and there is limited parking arround there.
2003-03-28 11:37:44 AM  
it'd be nice to keep it someplace downtown...great beer at the Pike Brewery down near the Pike Place Market, which is just around the corner from Belltown Billiards, which is just around the corner from the Frontier Room....
2003-03-28 11:38:49 AM  
SuperCatBarf - Frontier Room? Right above Bell Town Billards? Total dive but they have the stiffest drinks on the planet...next to Earl's on the ave.
2003-03-28 11:40:19 AM  
Oooh I forgot. Bad Juju Lounge! Saturday night Death Metal Night. Again, Capitol Hill, but there *might* be some parking around.
2003-03-28 11:41:55 AM  

The Frontier Room has been totally remodeled - it's your typical run-of-the-mill swanky Belltown hangout now...
2003-03-28 11:42:49 AM  
Well if you're in for a night of Martini's
Tini Bigs would be great. ;)
2003-03-28 11:45:23 AM  
I liked the Frontier Room before it was remodeled. Had some pretty wild times there.

Sorry Charlie's on lower Queen Anne would be totally cool. Howard plays a mean piano, although the midget cocktail waitress is gone.
2003-03-28 11:46:41 AM  
I liked the Frontier Room before it was remodeled. Had some pretty wild times there.

Everyone did, as far as I can tell.
2003-03-28 11:47:07 AM  
My uncle is in a jazz band in Portland - if he is playing somewhere on the 4th, we will swing by and catch him
2003-03-28 11:48:41 AM  
Thanks Flamegirl and Megapaw.
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