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(DM Register)   Pot-growing college president resigns. Students to seek crack-dealing president next, as this was just a harmless gateway president   ( divider line
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2003-03-27 11:36:16 PM  
Great headline.

Also, oxygen is a gateway drug, as everyone who has used any drug previously inhaled oxygen.

Just say no to inhaling!

/stupid War on Some Drugs logic
2003-03-27 11:41:04 PM  
Weed is a gateway food too. Smoke a little and it leads to BBQ chips but then you move on to harder stuff like jalapeno chips and before you know it you're eating artichoke heart and buffalo pizza or White Castle, from where there is no turning back.
2003-03-27 11:54:10 PM're eating artichoke heart and buffalo pizza or White Castle...

And now you see the reasons we must take the War on Drugs more seriously.
2003-03-28 12:22:45 AM  
great topic!

and I like artichoke heart.
2003-03-28 01:36:39 AM  
first thought: Robert Glidden
2003-03-28 01:37:19 AM  
Loved the headline, got about halfway through the article before I got distrac... heyyy man is that a pop-tart?

2003-03-28 01:39:44 AM  
heh, awesome headline. saw 'coke' and 'president' thought bush.
2003-03-28 01:39:49 AM  
2003-03-28 01:41:10 AM  
2003-03-28 01:41:20 AM  
following the same arguement I reckon church is also a gateway drug for many, as most addicts of any substance have at least once in their life attended church
2003-03-28 01:41:56 AM  
Nice of him to involve his entire family.
2003-03-28 01:43:59 AM  
I don't know too many people who would smoke crack who wouldn't smoke pot. That gateway drug logic is pretty flawed.
2003-03-28 01:44:07 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-28 01:44:09 AM  
Now that is a great headline. But you knew that.
2003-03-28 01:44:45 AM  
everybody....just's like.....society.....i don't chill, man......cuz like.....farkin weed,'s like.....why are we here, you know?

This PSA brought to you by your first time smoking pot
2003-03-28 01:46:06 AM  
Let's see, this guy was a college president, he made $183,750 annual salary...not a great case for the old "all potheads are dumb lazy losers" stereotype. I want some of what this guy was smoking...
2003-03-28 01:46:54 AM  
Jeez! Is it just me or did that guy have a hella sweet deal at that job?
2003-03-28 01:48:15 AM  
Oh wait, "England faces more than 10 years in prison if convicted of drug trafficking, conspiracy, possession of paraphernalia, and violation of the state drug tax stamp law."
Okay, well maybe he's not the smartest guy out there after all, sucks though, even if it does sound like he was way overpaid.
2003-03-28 01:48:30 AM  
It's just pot, who cares anyway? That stash you have in your closet had to come from somewhere.
2003-03-28 01:48:54 AM  
CB - Yes, he did have a hella sweet deal. And, he is a loser for farking it all up.
2003-03-28 01:49:50 AM  
hahhHaHhahaHhahahaa good one! gateway president! That would be so freaky, scoring oh-zees from my dean, I don't think I could handle it.
2003-03-28 01:51:13 AM  
What was he charged with? I would think he was off loading bales on his horse farm with the Contras and the Columbian mafia, though the rich deserve to be punished and severely.
2003-03-28 01:51:42 AM  
Whatta Boob!
2003-03-28 01:51:53 AM  
I could be the heroin president. I was the dean at my last job, but my monkey was getting the better of me. I tried to give it up, but it was all in vein.
2003-03-28 01:56:33 AM  
I like artichoke salad. Real easy, just artichoke hearts, tomatoes, onion, and black olives. Mmmm.
2003-03-28 01:56:48 AM  
What if he wasn't selling it for money?
He was making good money as teh Prez.
What if he was just keeping the faculty buzzed enough to deal with all the shiat that students give teachers?
2003-03-28 01:57:57 AM  
Sogirlshaveacrotch - I've been wondering so I figured that now is a good time to ask. Is it:
"So, girls have a crotch" or it it "So, girl, shave a crotch"?
2003-03-28 01:59:25 AM  

unsolicited advice bro, but if I were you I'd spank that monkey, 5-33 times a day.

"up to Lexington, 125, feel sick and dirty more dead than alive"
2003-03-28 02:01:00 AM  
England, 50, was arrested in his Johnston home. A day later, his wife, Donna, 49, and their daughter, Jessica, 22, were similarly charged. The Englands' son, David Charles England, 16, was charged with possession.

The family that spliffs together, sticks together.
2003-03-28 02:02:16 AM  
tnediserp yawetag sselmrah a tsuj saw siht sa ,txen tnediserp gnilaed-kcarc kees ot stnedutS .sngiser tnediserp egelloc gniworg-toP
2003-03-28 02:06:33 AM  
At least this President didn't deny "inhaling".
2003-03-28 02:08:30 AM a political platform!
2003-03-28 02:09:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-28 02:09:58 AM  

tnediserp yawetag sselmrah a tsuj saw siht sa ,txen tnediserp gnilaed-kcarc kees ot stnedutS .sngiser tnediserp egelloc gniworg-toP

i can't tell if this is welsh, severe dyslexia, or another damn flashback.


*reaches for another xanax*
2003-03-28 02:10:44 AM  
violation of the state drug tax stamp law? i hate when articles mention things that need further explaination but blow it off. does anyone have info on these drug tax stamps and where i can get sum?
2003-03-28 02:11:03 AM  
*reaches up and closes the goddamn bold tag*
2003-03-28 02:11:10 AM  
I think he's just bored with nothing in particular to say.
2003-03-28 02:11:30 AM  
I's bored.
2003-03-28 02:12:27 AM  
and PsychosisGoneCrazy is ahead of our time.
2003-03-28 02:14:50 AM  
2003-03-28 02:15:10 AM  
News to me, MCK. I must be one of those idiot savant types.
2003-03-28 02:17:49 AM  
Andonbray, that's making my head hurt.

i want my max.

[image from too old to be available]

ah... much better. max loves me. he loves you too.

so smile.
2003-03-28 02:23:30 AM are unnyfay.
2003-03-28 02:24:17 AM  
Isn't he the head model for those magnetic "Wooly Willy" toys?
2003-03-28 02:25:14 AM  
I wonder what size hat Max wears.
2003-03-28 02:29:36 AM  
England surrenders
2003-03-28 02:34:35 AM  
Perhaps I missed the first article, but what drug did he traffic, possess and not pay taxes on?

ps, hola fellow posters, this is mine first
2003-03-28 02:37:43 AM  
Hanss - Pot. What size hat do you wear?
2003-03-28 02:41:32 AM  
I'm unsure of my hat size sir, sorry.

Oh it was wizzle, but what college prof. hasn't smoked?
2003-03-28 02:42:25 AM  
A few states have "drug stamps" Like Kansas and apparently Iowa. It's so when they arrest you for illegal drug possession they can also get you for tax evasion. It's kind of like how they caught the mafia guys for not paying taxes. They know you're doing something wrong, they just need a way to bust you.

Ahhh, tax evasion.
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