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2001-09-19 10:23:42 PM  
"But many teens said they had no idea about the risks that come from playing Space Monkey." Hahaha.
2001-09-20 12:05:56 AM  
It's really pretty cool, I wouldn't knock it until you try it. But if depriving the brain of oxygen for 30 seconds is that fun, I wonder what 5 minutes of oxygen-free fun you could have?
2001-09-20 12:06:39 AM  
In the seventh grade we used to do "The Hulk".

Kneel down and hyperventilate.
Stand up and act like the hulk.
Wake up laughing.

We did it in the library because when you pass out you are pretty quiet.

~ Pinky ~
2001-09-20 12:06:55 AM  
Space Monkey. Where the fark did they come up with the name space monkey? Does this encourage kids to do it? Be cool like the space monkey?
2001-09-20 12:09:06 AM  
Goddammit, I hate teenagers.
2001-09-20 12:11:10 AM  
that's pretty funny because we used to do that in the 7th grade too.. except the "act like the hulk" thing (lol!!), we'd just grab our necks and grimace until we'd fall down. i watched someone do that and fall against a bookcase, hitting his head on every shelf on the way down. brain damage, indeed (he was fine, btw). pretty harsh way to get high though.
2001-09-20 12:15:22 AM  
"Every time after that, I faked it," Whitaker said.

Another young female learns the value of faking it.
2001-09-20 12:27:58 AM  
haha we used to play that in 8th grade. funny stuff. I never did it though.
2001-09-20 12:33:28 AM  
this should have been labeled stupid. Don't worrie, these kids will soon supliment "space monkey" with beer and weed. then watch them go nuts.
2001-09-20 12:34:35 AM  
I used to do that in 7th grade before I discovered weed, one time I almost got beat up by my big friend because after I did it to him and he woke up, he though I was an asian kid robbing him.
2001-09-20 12:38:38 AM  
Yeah, everyone thinks a rush is cool till you're staring in the face of Neil Peart.
2001-09-20 12:40:08 AM  
"Gynild and other students were sent to the principal's office last year after a teacher spotted them participating in the pass-out game during class."

Must have been a pretty damn interesting class. I wonder if this teacher of the year thinks she's getting through to the youth of today..
2001-09-20 12:47:17 AM  
Wow there are so many aspects of this story. "Space Monkey" sounds more like it belongs on a list with classics such as the Stanley Steamer and the Angry dragon.

Moving right along...

'"It felt like I was dreaming," said Whitaker, who now lives in Burnsville. "I was against the wall one minute, then I woke up inside a stall the next."'

I mean I've woken up in some strange places, but a dirty bathroom stall isn't one of my favorites, her parents must be really proud.
2001-09-20 12:49:59 AM  
I wouldn't be suprised if the government was looking into ways to make passing out illegal as we speak.
2001-09-20 12:50:49 AM  
Heres and even better game called Monkey Wrench.
First you need at lest two people. One person gets on their
knees while the other person hits the person on their knees with a Monkey Wrench as hard as they can in the head. This is a guaranteed high.
2001-09-20 12:52:35 AM  
Kids blacking out for fun. Ahhh how it makes me yearn for the days of my youth. lol

Sheesh, if this is just hitting the news I wonder how long til they realize that coffee mate packets and fire are a lot of fun too. Of course... brunt eyebrows and no more hair on your arms is kinda scary. heh
2001-09-20 12:56:03 AM  
Hell, Ive been doing that for 15 years, with a little help from Mr. Jack Daniels.

Of course when I read "One girl started drooling and jerking," said Shaneyce Gynild, a 13-year-old at Nicollet Junior High in Burnsville. "Her eyes rolled back in her head, and her tongue was hanging out. We were really scared."
It reminds me of somthing I heard from the cheerleaders in the lockerroom after a homecoming game.
2001-09-20 12:56:54 AM  
Very, very
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-09-20 12:57:46 AM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2001-09-20 01:03:54 AM  
Lol, its a funny preview to college! Drink copious amounts of alcohol in short periods of time and find yourself awakening in the arms of god knows what.

The above applies to female and male alike.

"Will you call me?" "Um, Yeah, sure."

God bless braincells, they will get into more trouble than they are worth. SO I say kill 'em. In whatever way you can, Alcohol, herb, choking whatever.
2001-09-20 01:08:01 AM  
"Gosh, there must be better ways of having fun."
No! Keep it up! Let them weed themselves out! Less work for us.
2001-09-20 01:09:40 AM  
OH! And I want to know details about Kady's comments about "Another" young female learning the value of faking it.

"J-J-J-Jaded" in the immortal words of Stephen Tyler.

Kady, this Farker wants to know, using diagrams and well written flow charts, as well as audio, preferably speaking in a slow, low voice with emphasis on verbs, what YOU mean by 'another' young female learning the value of faking it.
2001-09-20 01:10:44 AM  
I prefer Whip-its
2001-09-20 01:14:41 AM  
Funny, I was remembering about this the other day. Never really worked on me, guess I did it wrong or something...
I don't remember what we used to call it, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't space monkey...
2001-09-20 01:23:24 AM  
i'd rather blaze a fatty than choke myself off, literaly. and the herb ism doesnt kill brain cells

Spark the Blunt
2001-09-20 01:24:50 AM  
NostrilDumbAss predicted this in his 4976th quatrain when he said:

"The young of the great city
will take unto themselves the breath
of life. And into its blackness
they will cry the Keanu 'whoa.'

And many of the children will wonder
at which they have made. Their counterparts
will jest as they poke great fun.
Dain bramage will consult with blackness"

Dude, I swear I read that, like a month ago.

2001-09-20 01:32:55 AM  
When I was a kid in the 6th grade we used to do this by pressing on thier chest till they passed out. Couple kids had sezures and shiat, it was funny at the time.
2001-09-20 01:35:49 AM  
Do not try this at home. It can cause permanent brain damage, even if done only once. You will become stupid in a matter of minutes and will have to wear adult diapers for the rest of your life.
2001-09-20 01:46:48 AM  
When you're a kid and ya wanna go, "Weee!"

But you ain't got drugs yet...
2001-09-20 01:53:33 AM  
yep... "whipits" (nitrous oxide) comes highly recommended!
2001-09-20 02:01:08 AM  
This certainly explains low test scores! What retards! I just got out of high school a few years ago, and I don't remember anybody playing "Space Monkey". Are kids just getting more retarded?
2001-09-20 02:01:47 AM  
[image from laurenh.freewebsites.com too old to be available]
Oh NO! boys and girls huffing and huffing til you pass out is not healthy at all. It will kill many many brain cells, and it will give you a nasty head-ache. I rather you smoke some pot, it will kill less brain cells and you will fell move productive to your enviroment. In short the high will last longer and things will seem more funnier then that breif minute of huffing. Remember to eat your major food groups and get a good night sleep.
2001-09-20 02:02:33 AM  

In Fight Club, the "Space Monkeys" were the shaved-headed army of Tyler Durden....
2001-09-20 02:16:27 AM  
I did this a few times in the 7th grade or so. We would bend over, take about 20 secs worth of deep breaths, cross your arms over your chest., then someone would squeeze your chest from behind wheile you hold your breath. People do go into spazms though, seen it a few times myself. It was quite amusing at the time. hehehe. Lucky I did realize it wasn't too safe and I did stop shorthy after starting. I mean, fark, anything that makes you go into a makeshift seaizure cannot be healthy.
2001-09-20 02:17:22 AM  
Please do not point out my spelling errors, I see them now.
2001-09-20 02:21:10 AM  
....The all singing, all dancing crap of the world.
2001-09-20 02:38:59 AM  
Space Monkey Haiku:

Let me get this straight.
I bend over and breathe deep?
2001-09-20 03:58:06 AM  
What the hell? I did this when I was 16 - over 14 years ago. It's just now making the news? Must explain all the dain bramage I have now.
2001-09-20 04:31:09 AM  
My wife and I do the same thing, but during sex, right when you get ready to climax!
2001-09-20 04:35:25 AM  
Like the rest of you, I saw this in the 7th grade too. I think the term was just "passing out". We didn't need newfangled names like "Space-Monkey"
2001-09-20 04:35:55 AM  
Who cares. We all worry about teenagers too much. Trust me...I am one.

If teenagers lose brain cells, well so be it. Maybe then they'll rid school and I won't have to, or rather can't go.

Oh dear God...that'll be the day.
2001-09-20 04:39:15 AM  
"One girl started drooling and jerking," .... was anyone else turned on by that line???
2001-09-20 05:06:20 AM  
By reading other responses, it seems like this has been going on for quite a while. Damn, I feel so left out. I was never retarded and purposely made myself black out!
2001-09-20 06:51:07 AM  
oh well, natural selection. kill the ignorant.
2001-09-20 07:05:36 AM  
I remember my friends doing that when we were in high school. I thought they were idiots. One guy did have a seizure. Apparantly, they said it felt fantastic when you were waking up, but there's something about being choked until you pass out that doesn't quite appeal to me...
2001-09-20 07:52:41 AM  
We used to hyperventilate and then have a friend push on our chest while we stood against a wall holding our breath.
We called them "Wall Hits".
I did it once and that was plenty.
I agree with Patron and Doctor, go buy some whipits. They're more fun and you don't even have to be 21.
2001-09-20 07:54:32 AM  
Reminds me of the "erase your arm" game from grade school. It's like an evolution of stupidity.

1) Erase arm
2) Pass self out
3) Smoke weed

Gosh, I wish Darwin was right.
2001-09-20 08:05:36 AM  
Sirhc10: OH! And I want to know details about Kady's comments about "Another" young female learning the value of faking it.

"J-J-J-Jaded" in the immortal words of Stephen Tyler.

Kady, this Farker wants to know, using diagrams and well written flow charts, as well as audio, preferably speaking in a slow, low voice with emphasis on verbs, what YOU mean by 'another' young female learning the value of faking it.

Call me and I'll demonstrate for you.
2001-09-20 08:31:34 AM  
"Gynild and other students were sent to the principal's office last year after a teacher spotted them participating in the pass-out game during class. "

Spotted? How do you 'spot' when half your class is unconcious?
2001-09-20 08:51:41 AM  
Whatever happened to good old fashioned crack ?

But, never one to mock before trying. Here I go....
Just push a bit harder there... that's it.... mmmmmm.....spoHG[9 Y8Gaspwr8gyAH RG[ahqw4[yuyqar[8w[89tuhohbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb​bbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
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