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(US Congress)   U.S. Government calls for citizens to pray and fast so God will help win the war   ( divider line
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2003-03-27 12:25:52 PM  
WTF??? Every time i turn around, my country is standing for more and more things i don't agree or believe in. time to move!
2003-03-27 12:26:02 PM  
good grief Maddogjew what size of car do you drive?
2003-03-27 12:26:15 PM  
***03-27-03 11:53:09 AM Fugazi
"Whereas the United States is currently engaged in a war on terrorism in response to the attacks of September 11, 2000..."

What the hell does Iraq have anything to do with the terrorists from 9/11?***

What's more scary is that since history is written by the victors, this will actually be in history books 20 years from now....
2003-03-27 12:26:21 PM  
Wonder how often God goes into His inbox, selects all and clicks "This is Spam" ?
2003-03-27 12:26:31 PM  
Geez...I hate to flame-jack this whole thread...I wonder what party all these asshats belong to? Just guessin'...
2003-03-27 12:27:38 PM  
WTF??? Every time i turn around, my country is standing for more and more things i don't agree or believe in. time to move!

2003-03-27 12:27:44 PM  

Now that would be kinda funny, Christians vandalizing my 89' accord. I don't think their "magical mystery Jesus" would approve. Ahh, here's what I think, Each 1 of these religious nuts hear god all right... and he tells them what ever they want to hear.
2003-03-27 12:27:47 PM  
It doesn't direct to whom to pray. It is not a bill that will become an enforceable "law." It is a handful of Congressmen that put this together. Get a grip.

You are right. I am sure they meant pray to Allah.
2003-03-27 12:27:56 PM  
Hmmm...BigTuna confirms suspicions!
2003-03-27 12:28:13 PM  

To be fair, just because two things are listed in succession on a resolution does not necessarily mean one follows from another.

2003-03-27 12:28:42 PM  

First U.S. money never used the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST"

The original coinage minted by the United States never carried a religious motto. Interestingly, "MIND YOUR BUSINESS" appeared as the first motto (see below). The first American coinage appeared totally secular; as clean from a mention of god as the Constitution.

However, the religious community in America grew. At the time of pre-Civil War days, church membership had risen to 16 percent of the population (1850) and to 23 percent by 1860. From a desire to transform America into a Christian state, several Protestant denominations organized the National Reform Association which aimed to amend the Constitution to "declare the nation's allegiance to Jesus Christ." and to put a "legal basis" of the land on "Christian laws."
Although the National Reform Association failed in its attempt to amend the Constitution, it continued its efforts into the twentieth century. The National Reform Association attracted many powerful men in its ranks, including governors, Supreme Court Justices, and James Pollock who became the Director of the U.S. Mint.
Not until 1865 did the the religious motto appear on the first public issue coin (a bronze two-cent piece). Later in 1865, an Act to authorize the Coinage of Three-cent pieces, containing the motto, got passed. The Act of 1865 gave the authority to place "IN GOD WE TRUST" on coins.
In 1866 politicians put the motto on $5, $10, and $20 gold pieces, silver quarters, halves, dollars, and on the shield nickel, new in that year. They dropped it from the nickels, from the 1883 Liberty Head, until sculptor Felix Schlag placed it on the Jefferson nickel of 1938.
In 1908 Congress ignored the concept of state/church separation and considered a bill to make the use of the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" a requirement of law.
The consideration served, of course, as more of a political polemic than a statement of fact. Congress had not specifically approved the motto until after the Civil war and only some coins had the motto imprinted on them. But on March 8, 1908, they passed the bill and made it a law.
On March 22, 1956, during the Christian anti-communist fever of McCarthyism, Congress passed a bill establishing "IN GOD WE TRUST" as a national motto.
Today, the religious motto defaces all of our paper and coinage, none of which appeared on our Founding Father's currency. Considering that Christians supposedly avoid the love of money, the "root of all evil" (1 Tim. 6:10 ), here we have a perfect example for justifying not only love for money but to place trust in a superstitious entity, the root of maleficence, if ever there existed one.
2003-03-27 12:28:43 PM  
What happens if Iraq also fasts and prays?
2003-03-27 12:29:24 PM  
Unterseeboot: "time to move!"

Nooooo! Time to take back our country. Time to vote.
2003-03-27 12:29:51 PM  
I'm emailing this thread to all the Congressmen from my State who participated in this Bill. Perhaps they'd like to see what the general public thinks of their work.

I'm so proud to be from North Carolina :-S
2003-03-27 12:30:11 PM  
Great, just what we need: A religious war!
As if war itself is not scary enough.
Iran here we come...
2003-03-27 12:30:45 PM  
What Would Jesus Bomb?

That's so funny I'm going to post it again. I told the guy at the video store the other day that we were going to win this war with not one civilian casualty, because God was on our side. He didn't know what to say, he thought I was serious for a minute.
2003-03-27 12:30:47 PM  

I used to have the "Jesus Fish" with a wrench in hand and "evolve" in the middle, but sadly, it was removed by some malcontent.

All though my original choice, "Your Jesus Fish is actually an ancient symbol of fertility, farktards" would not fit in the space allotted-- so I guess it's inconsequential.
2003-03-27 12:30:58 PM  
Here's the part that really chaps my hide:

Whereas all of the various faiths of the people of the United States have recognized...

*all* the various faiths?!?! What a bunch of presumptuous ass-hats!!!
2003-03-27 12:31:23 PM  
it's a good thing that every other domestic and foreign problem has been solved, giving congress so much free time to rename cafeteria food and attack founding principles of this nation. good show!
2003-03-27 12:31:32 PM  
First off, this doesn't mean the bill passed. Secondly, I hate how headlines are written these days it's not to "help win the war" it's just to help coap. Jeez.
2003-03-27 12:31:34 PM  
this is why people who go to church should not be allowed to vote.
Ha ha
2003-03-27 12:31:52 PM  
2003-03-27 12:31:56 PM  
03-27-03 12:25:52 PM Unterseeboot
WTF??? Every time i turn around, my country is standing for more and more things i don't agree or believe in. time to move!

see, it's posts like this that make me really upset. the principal of this country, the founding ideal of this country, is that if it stands for things you don't believe in, you can change it so it stands for what you believe in. that was awkwardly worded, but i think you prolly get the point. people who say "love it or leave it" are so fundamentally wrong that it boggles my mind. i implore you, don't leave, work for a better tomorrow.
2003-03-27 12:32:01 PM  
Hear, hear, Siyuntz
2003-03-27 12:32:51 PM  
God's definitely on our side. He never liked the people in that region:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-27 12:33:38 PM  
I think the world needs anohter big genocide. I think people are forgetting what happens when you let jingoism, religion, and other mental pride masturbation go unrestrained.

How about a good slaughter of all polytheistic morons? Or maybe liberals or conversvatives? C'mon, who's with me!? Who wants to be my Himmler? ...? Nobody?

... a pity.
2003-03-27 12:34:39 PM  
Jesus gonna strike down yo mofo Iraqi asses wit some Spinal Meningitis!

It really hurts mommy. Am I gonna die?
2003-03-27 12:35:18 PM  
"Your Jesus Fish is actually an ancient symbol of fertility," I thought it was symbolic of Christ's pronouncement "I will make you fishers of mens souls" or something like that.

I've read somewhere that the fish symbol was a covert sign of where worship services were being held; scattered like graffiti around towns, the heads would all point towards the hidden meeting place.
2003-03-27 12:36:09 PM  
I'll start that fasting as soon as I finish these all beef corn dogs....yeah, right.

Seems to me there are other important things these cats could tackle. Oh wait a minute....I live in GA...home of the make-the-tea-sweet-or-else-go-to-jail wannabe law.

Nevermind...continue on.
2003-03-27 12:36:45 PM  
Groman: Ooo - me! Pick me! Just as long as my title can be "The Great Equalizer".
2003-03-27 12:37:15 PM  
GreyAlien: We are at War with Iraq. We have always been at War with Iraq.

I propose an ammendment to Godwin's Law: As soon as someone quotes from 1984, the thread is over.
2003-03-27 12:37:19 PM  
While everyone is up in arms about religion, it has given us some rockin' stuff. For instance, providing the format for requiems more than makes up for all the killing and supression. Or maybe that accord belongs to the Italians and Germans?
2003-03-27 12:38:08 PM  
gotcha.....i bow before your intelligence :-/

i am all for peaceful demonstrations but in SF many were found with knives, molotov cocktails, screwdrivers, and clubs...

very "peaceful"
2003-03-27 12:39:15 PM  

I think that we should be praying to the Boognish at times like these.


[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-27 12:39:40 PM  
I say lets go to war against God, that'll teach the ugly farker.

Dang Yo Dang.
2003-03-27 12:39:47 PM  
From what I've read, the fish symbol was used for that purpose, but its use as a fertility symbol came first. I guess it got passed down the line until it became synonymous with mini-vans and Oldsmobiles.
2003-03-27 12:41:23 PM  
Please use your supposed intelligence to realize that New York City and San Francisco are two different places.

That is where your analogy breaks down.
2003-03-27 12:41:28 PM  
2003-03-27 12:41:37 PM  
"I pray to Joe Pesci" - Carlin
2003-03-27 12:41:38 PM  

My apologies, that last post was directed towards you.
2003-03-27 12:41:39 PM  
DannySpaz: So sad. They're also putting a tremendous strain on the local economy, which is impeding sorely needed social services. You'd think that people who profess to be so socially conscious would have that whole "forest and trees" thing down.
2003-03-27 12:42:03 PM  
Boognish is rising.

Lawdy lawdy lord I'm coming home.
2003-03-27 12:42:36 PM  
Why are you people not as outraged by the fundamental Islamic that wished you dead?

People are motivated by fear.
You folks are afraid that the Christian right will take control and you will not be able to (insert anything you find enjoyable yet would never admit to doing or thinking) again. The Muslims are afraid that they will lose their control over their society just the way we have. Fear.

The reason we are attacking Iraq is not about oil or human rights or even weapons of mass distruction. It's about fear.
The fear that gripped all of us when the towers fell. That day we learned we would not be safe within our own borders. I'm not saying there is a direct link to Saddam H. or anything of the like. I'm saying it doesn't matter. We are in Iraq at this moment because a large group of fundamentalist is threatening our very existence. We are afraid that something worse could happen in the future, so we are going to attempt to pre-empt and kill the problem. This has nothing to do with brown people or yellow people. We would just as readily kill white people if the treat came from that direction. America proved killing white people is just as satisfying as killing anyone else. To reduce the fear we must control the region. That is the objective. That is what we will do.
2003-03-27 12:44:39 PM  
rock on, AuntofDogface. i was originally spawned in connecticut myself. we will certianly blow our smoke north to you in solidarity.

more doobies, less war.
2003-03-27 12:45:54 PM  

You got your shiat together!
2003-03-27 12:46:19 PM  

This sure doesn't feel like my country anymore.
2003-03-27 12:46:31 PM  
How many of our congresspeople actually live humbly do you suppose? How many are really religious in the sense that they live their beliefs rather than just spouting them through drivel like this resolution?

If you want to pray and fast, go right ahead, but there should be NO collective call from a secular congress for such. If they want to do it as individuals, fine. They can even go on tv and call for it as an individual, but to collectively get together and call for ALL people to do this is indeed stepping over the line. The fact that these people are usually pretty awful people also seems to point to the theory that they use religion to control and influence rather than to live their life by and make them better people.

So there.
2003-03-27 12:46:35 PM  
Blind Hamster:
Blind indeed!
Are you using CNN as your source of information or something?
Do you really think George Bush is SCARED of Saddam Hussein? That is what he'd like you to think.
2003-03-27 12:46:36 PM  

Thank you for demonstrating that we are being motivated by the fear instilled in us by the Sept. 11th terrorists.

You do realize that was their intention, right? You do realize that defeating the terrorists entails ignoring the fears they have placed in us, right?

2003-03-27 12:46:58 PM  
"If we don't kill Riker then The Picard will punish us"
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