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(US Congress)   U.S. Government calls for citizens to pray and fast so God will help win the war   ( divider line
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2003-03-27 11:49:29 AM  
"Athiest: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there"

You believe that there is air, not only because someone told you that it exist, but because you can feel it's presence when you breath.

Everything in life is not tangible
2003-03-27 11:50:08 AM  
03-27-03 11:41:29 AM The_sneak
God is on all sides you dolts...doesn't matter what religion or non-religion you happen to follow.

Could not agree more: Well said
2003-03-27 11:50:24 AM  
Did this resolution pass yet? Last I heard on FreeRepublic, this had just been proposed -- I would think that they would have said something had it passed.
2003-03-27 11:50:31 AM  
Athiest: Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.

Right! Ya know how I know? Because the little invisible talking donkey and goose that are with me said so!

2003-03-27 11:51:25 AM  
Religion is the cause and solution to all of life's problems.
2003-03-27 11:51:57 AM  

I never saw Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, so does that mean that they might be real?
2003-03-27 11:52:56 AM  
I'm going to charter a bus to some place sane, any one want to come along...
2003-03-27 11:53:00 AM  
Phenomenon means observable.

I miss Oolong.
2003-03-27 11:53:09 AM  
"Whereas the United States is currently engaged in a war on terrorism in response to the attacks of September 11, 2000..."

What the hell does Iraq have anything to do with the terrorists from 9/11?
2003-03-27 11:53:15 AM  

Then I suppose I should be all indignant about how much time the various branches of the gov't has "wasted" on non-Christian initiatives? Like the big Separation of Church and State? And recognition of other religions?

I'm not. All I (and a lot of other people) ask is some consideration. Again, this "legislation" is destined to be nothing more than a nebulous gesture. They "wasted" a few hours drafting it. Big deal. Be more upset about the pork barrel funding shenanigans that happen far, far, FAR more often!
2003-03-27 11:53:25 AM  
This country was founded with the principles of the "Common Law" in mind-- a system which, as T. Jefferson pointed out, functioned independently of the Christian faith for some 200 years.

Christianity, along with Deism to a lesser extent, was a very, very dominant institution in early America. In fact, the "freedom of religion" guarantee really implied different sects of Jesus-lovin.'

However, thanks to James Madison, our freedom on conscience is unparalleled. Read up on his 15 remonstrances--very good stuff.
2003-03-27 11:53:43 AM  
You will see the U.S. fall when your generation gets into power because of your revolt against the founding principals of your nation. patient, it's already starting to happen.
2003-03-27 11:54:42 AM  
I don't believe in an invisible sky god, but if I did, I would say it appears to be supporting the Iraquis. What with the terrible sandstorms and the sky turning orange and all that. Isn't that the type of ominous signs/smiting that invisible sky gods do?
2003-03-27 11:55:01 AM  
By the way, when you pray for victory, you're asking God to help you win, which is the biblical meaning of taking God's name in vain--asking for success in God's name. This is especially true when, in order to win, you have to kill people. Saying God damn is not what the 10 Comandments contemplate as taking God's name in vain.

So all you "good Christians" are violating one of the commandments by supporting this.

2003-03-27 11:55:27 AM  
Amen, Fugazi.
2003-03-27 11:55:52 AM  
When I look at this I don't see fasicm so much as I see blatant schtupidity (maybe with a few extra ch's thrown in for good measure).

This is why I have a bad feeling about the war. Saddam didn't stay bought, but God - maybe God will stay bought.
2003-03-27 11:55:58 AM  
"What the hell does Iraq have anything to do with the terrorists from 9/11?"

Brown people who make us mad.
2003-03-27 11:55:59 AM  
Fugazi Was that copy/pasted? Because it says that they US knew about 9/11 a year before hit happened... ; )
2003-03-27 11:56:04 AM  
Wow! I thought extreme right-wing survivalist whacko's were paranoid! Some of you people make those guys look tame by comparison.
2003-03-27 11:56:09 AM  
Wil has a posse

The sole purpose of those inconsistencies is to test your faith to the extream. If even after all that confusion you are still faithful to Yahweh(God) then your soul is molded and twisted enough to increase his power upon consumption more than just a regular soul.
2003-03-27 11:56:14 AM  
How about the US letting some portion of its population seccede? Wouldnt that make you folks that dont think this is an issue happy?
2003-03-27 11:56:15 AM  
DannySpaz: FYI Iraq is one of the most tolerant countries (unfortunately only religionwise) in the area; there's almost 1 million christians (the most eminent example being the regime's n.2 mr. Tarek Aziz) and the dictator himself is the leader of the *socialist* Baath party (he was rather useful a few years ago in containing Iranian fundamentalists, wasn't he?...ask Reagan). But then, since they owe the US in excess of $100 Billion (from back when Saddam was a friend) and since Iraq has the world's n.2 biggest oil reserves, why not depicting them as the worst enemy of the "free" people of the US? The deal looks worth a few dozens lives... Fast and pray guys, fast and pray.
2003-03-27 11:57:01 AM  
03-27-03 10:59:53 AM Frazetta_chick
I'm proud to admit it. Prayer works.

I'd like to see this proven empirically in a controlled environment.

Prayer serves chiefly to make those who pray feel like they are doing something about something they can do nothing about.

Does he love us does he love us?
Does he love us does he love us?
I look around and all I see is destruction
We're all counting on his
Divine intervention

-- Matthew Sweet
2003-03-27 11:57:02 AM  
Prayer is for your own peace of mind; anyone who thinks they are going to get special favors for gibbering certain words a certain way with certain body movements at certain tmies of day is an idiot.
2003-03-27 11:58:07 AM  
Despite the fact that I left my asbestos underpants at home, and that this post is probably old already, here I go...

Its not a law; its a resolution...just like thousands passed every "National Ice Cream Day." There is no mandate for you to have a gallon of Chocolate Chip in the freezer.

There is nothing in the resolution about WINNING the war. Where did some of you pull that outta...?

I loved ANT's post..."Geez you people... I'm an atheist and I don't have a problem with this." Amen to that.

If you believe in God, then do the only things you can do--pray and vote. If you don't believe in God, just vote.

Jeez...some of you sound like a bunch of Michael the resolution---there's nothing about laws or mandates or praying to win.

Farkers are a jovial bunch in general...why the overwhelming pessimism? Somebody out there been hurt by prayers? (I said prayers--not 'godly people'...)
2003-03-27 11:58:35 AM  
UUARUUZARE - "Ever heard of deism?"

Yes, and your point? I can no better show you how God has exerted his influence than you can show me how he hasn't. I could say that human suffering is proof that we are not living Godly lives, while you use suffering as an example of why He doen't exist.
2003-03-27 11:58:41 AM  
Nothing can be done about religion except to get out of the way and let the religious kill each other. Only then will the meek inherit the earth.
2003-03-27 11:58:51 AM  
Fark them, I'm going to a buffet to celebrate
2003-03-27 11:58:56 AM  
New Yorkers on Sept. 11th = heros.

New Yorkers today = arrested for peaceful protest.
2003-03-27 11:59:12 AM  
secure the blessings and protection of Providence.

Aww, you want the blessings of my little city? Sure. Just kidding, I know you mean Providence in the divine sense. I bet all the Bible thumpers are pissed that the mayor of a city called Providence is gay. And Jewish.
2003-03-27 11:59:46 AM  
Skooby: This resolution is government sponsored approval of Christianity. Did they pass one for Islam? doubt it.
2003-03-27 12:00:05 PM  
2003-03-27 12:00:41 PM  
i'm up for spliffs and zepplin at seven. count my household in. we can make a difference!
2003-03-27 12:00:50 PM  
The continuum of sanity.

Sanity Religion Insanity
2003-03-27 12:01:18 PM  

So, had all those smelly anti-war protesters abandoned their placards and catchy chants, opting instead for a prayer-based strategy, would there be a war going on?
2003-03-27 12:01:31 PM  
I'll keep Praying, and I'll keep eating.
2003-03-27 12:01:47 PM  
Ahhh the glory of living in america means i can tell you Isthereanynamenottaken? to shut your farking mouth up as well. We already have the glorious censor in the white house, my stupid fellow farker, we needn't one patrolling the forums of fark as well.

Eat shiat, die.
2003-03-27 12:01:47 PM  
an interesting read:
2003-03-27 12:02:07 PM  
how about securing the blessings and protection of "Law and Order"? That's my favorite TV show, much better than that lame "Providence"....although Melina Karakourokookikakaninis (I think thats how you spell itis a hottie!
2003-03-27 12:02:14 PM

This is slightly off-topic but an interesting article about the effectiveness of prayer on illness, done by a doctor who, ironically, died from one of the diseases she researched.

Not saying whether or not I am sure about this, but it is interesting.
2003-03-27 12:02:55 PM  
March 27, 2003

To: Saddam Hussain

From: GOD

Re: Application for martyrdom

Dear Saddam,

I'm happy to inform you that I have reviewed your application for martyrdom

and it has been approved. Execution of your personal martyrdom shall begin soon.

Please make all necessary arrangements prior to your martyrdom, as it will be difficult to

make arrangements on earth after your demise. I'm looking forward to seeing you in

person to discuss your leadership qualities, and your methods of voter encouragement.

I'll judge see you soon.

2003-03-27 12:03:04 PM  
I don't believe in god (don't take the nick seriously). But I respect those who do. What I can't understand is how George W Bush uses God and people's faith in God to fuel anger towards other people. I don't mind "liberating" Iraq even though it's clear that the American government just wants more control in the middle east. The population of Iraq will probably be better off without Saddam. I believe that the problem with USA is the "either you're on our side or on the terrorists side" mentality, no questions asked, we're going to bomb other people in Gods name, even though it contradicts the christian way of thinking (I'm pretty sure that the Bible mentions that killing is wrong somewhere)
2003-03-27 12:03:20 PM  
First Ammenment surrenders...

This is why I'm going to Law School, UK here I come!
2003-03-27 12:03:56 PM  
Hey all complainers. Where are you when December 25th rolls around? I'll bet you celebrate Christmas just like everyone else does, and I bet that you take a few days off work to do it.

Actually, during my "dumbshiat 20-something" period of life, I briefly flirted with the idea of not celebrating any religious holidays. After all, why should an atheist like myself celebrate Christian holidays? Because of my love for all things Christmas-y, however, it soon became apparent that never celebrating Xmas again would be extremely depressing
2003-03-27 12:04:01 PM  
Kpar--where is "Jesus" or "Christ" in that resolution? Allah is "God" to be it.
2003-03-27 12:04:26 PM  
Just a little joke, you know, to lighten the mood.
2003-03-27 12:04:57 PM  

Providence was cancelled last season, actually.
Proof of the existence of God? Perhaps.
2003-03-27 12:05:01 PM  
I can assure everyone that this is fake. No-one from Ohio is a co-sponsor. If this were real, my boy Bob "D'ya want freedom fries wit' dat?" Ney would have been all up in it.
2003-03-27 12:05:26 PM  
"Then I suppose I should be all indignant about how much time the various branches of the gov't has "wasted" on non-Christian initiatives? Like the big Separation of Church and State? And recognition of other religions?"

Yes, you should be indignant when your government wastes time and money on stupid "show" declarations. Whether they have to do with religion (like this one) or not (like national chocolate chip cookie day). Oh, and I don't equate Seperation of Church and State with declaring national chocolate chip cookie day. If you do, then your screwed to begin with.

Like I said, they want to show their piety or their love of chocolate chip cookies, do it on their own time, not mine.
2003-03-27 12:06:19 PM  
Armageddon Days Are Here Again
They're 5 miles high as the crow flies
leavin' vapour trails against a blood red sky
Movin' in from the East toward the West
with Balaclava helmets over their heads, yes!
But if you think that Jesus Christ is coming
Honey you've got another thing coming
If he ever finds out who's hi-jacked his name
He'll cut out his heart and turn in his grave
Islam is rising
The Christians mobilising
The world is on its elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message and worships the creeds
It's war, she cried, It's war, she cried, this is war
Drop your possessions, all you simple folk
You will fight them on the beaches in your underclothes
You will thank the good lord for raising the union jack
You'll watch the ships out of harbour
and the bodies come floating back
If the real Jesus Christ were to stand up today
He'd be gunned down by the C.I.A.
Oh, the lights that now burn brightest behind stained glass
Will cast the darkest shadows upon the human heart
But God didn't build himself that throne
God doesn't live in Israel or Rome
God doesn't belong to the yankee dollar
God doesn't plant the bombs for Hezbollah
God doesn't even go to church
And God won't send us down to Allah to burn
No, God will remind us what we already know
That the human race is about to reap what it's sown
The world is on its elbows and knees
It's forgotten the message and worships the creeds
Armageddon days are here again
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