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(TechTV)   Drew will be on The Screen Savers tonight around 8pm EST, 11pm EST, and 2am EST   ( divider line
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1131 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Sep 2001 at 4:41 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-09-19 04:43:47 PM  
It is to officially announce to foundation of Farkistan. (Don't forget who runs the ATF) ;)
2001-09-19 04:49:54 PM  
I am incharge of the movie industry once we get up and running. 2 rules only for movies here.

Rule 1) No hot Boobies in the movie--Then you cant show it here.

Rule 2) Follow Rule 1
2001-09-19 04:53:38 PM  
But it is not Friday? what gives? they call whenever they have time to fill? don't be a slave to the man, Drew!!!

2001-09-19 04:54:23 PM  
I call department of sanitation.
2001-09-19 04:57:05 PM  
Hey now I have something to look foward to, I guess I'll put my suicide off until tomorrow. Thanks Drew.
2001-09-19 05:04:49 PM  
Watching a T.V show about computers is cool.
2001-09-19 05:05:31 PM  
Drew is the Cokie Roberts of Screen Savers.
2001-09-19 05:09:49 PM  
Cokie Roberts?
2001-09-19 05:10:18 PM  
Ahhhhh good then. I just got DirecTV so i get all these crazy stations now.

Who'da thunk it...a whole TV network about computers! Next thing you know they'll have cable network about food or easter eggs or telephones or something.
2001-09-19 05:15:56 PM  
...or golf. Or game shows. Or, god forbid, soap operas.
2001-09-19 05:19:45 PM  
That's right, Cokie Roberts.
2001-09-19 05:22:13 PM  
Drew, are you going to show-off the Photoshops we subjected him to the other day?
2001-09-19 05:22:41 PM  
You going to show Leo his PS'd pics?
2001-09-19 05:32:23 PM  
2001-09-19 05:32:34 PM  
milk for life?
2001-09-19 05:34:11 PM  
I heard it's going to be a whole segment on Fark's TOP BOOBIES!
2001-09-19 05:34:55 PM  
What's tech tv?
2001-09-19 05:58:41 PM  
Hey Drew! Say hi to Leo for me. I will be watching to see if you do.
2001-09-19 06:01:55 PM  
Check Leo's blog at He got a good laugh out of them
2001-09-19 06:13:27 PM  
Looks like is down for the moment.
2001-09-19 06:40:53 PM  
Is it Friday already?
2001-09-19 06:42:02 PM  
Are you on the pay role yet?
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-09-19 06:47:09 PM  
Fb-: What's tech tv?

TechTV: Television about technology

It's a channel that tries to focus on tech-related stuff.
2001-09-19 06:49:42 PM  
DRAT!!! I am housesitting right now and this place dosnt get it. You'll have to post what you said please please drew
2001-09-19 07:28:06 PM  
Wasnt drew just on the other week?
2001-09-19 07:32:13 PM  
is drew not coming on on friday this week???
2001-09-19 07:51:22 PM  
Remember to keep your cool and your natural colour
2001-09-19 07:52:50 PM  
2001-09-19 07:53:40 PM  
How do I know which number (html talk here) is which colour?
2001-09-19 07:59:56 PM  
I'm on every week (usually). I'm doing today because I won't be doing Friday
2001-09-19 08:03:41 PM  
I always seem to miss it...not this time!!
2001-09-19 08:07:48 PM  
You looked like a ghoul Drew... what happened to the video quality???
2001-09-19 08:08:30 PM  
Damnit, Drew - Friday SHOULD be on Tech TV. LIVE coverage. :-)
2001-09-19 08:09:30 PM  
Man, they keep cutting your time, Drew. Tell 'em you need more pluggage. How much airtime does your contract stipulate you get? :P
2001-09-19 08:13:06 PM  
mr happy, check out webmonkey

or, you can remember offhand, colors in hex have
2 digits for red, 2 digits for green, and 2 digits for blue

therefore, #FF0000 is the reddest red
#00FF00 is the greenest green
#000000 is black
#FFFFFF is white
#009999 will give you some greeney-blue...
2001-09-19 08:13:31 PM  
They didn't show the right photoshops, either.
2001-09-19 08:13:47 PM  
As the Minister of Militia and Misinformation Services Office of the independant State of Farkistan, I encourage everyone to sign Leo's blog.
2001-09-19 08:14:00 PM  
...and post number 69 is the best place to ask this type of stuff (just change the idlink in the URL at the top of this page to 69)
2001-09-19 08:14:09 PM  
Cool, the only 2 things I've submitted to fark where shown on tv!(I submitted the Photoshop Leo Laporte and Deport Laporte)
2001-09-19 08:19:20 PM  
Mrplaid, yeah no fark photoshops, mine sucked but a lot of them were really cool. Well at the least Leo added a link on his website. So that's pretty cool.
2001-09-19 08:26:15 PM  
Was Farkistan on ???? Did we have fair representation?

"Free the People!"
2001-09-19 08:34:15 PM  

It is NOT on at 8:00pm Eastern.... that would mean 7:00pm Central (where I am), and it was half-over when I turned it on at 7:00, so I missed half the goddamn show AGAIN.

WTF is up with that.

2001-09-19 08:35:48 PM  
What do you talk about drew?? Can't find them in my local listings? Do you plug Fark?? Speak out for more prime time boobies and beer??
2001-09-19 08:36:10 PM  

Screensavers starts at 7 it'd start at 6 CT. Drew USUALLY appears at around 8 ET.
2001-09-19 08:43:04 PM  
Thanks, Shitty.... I was misled by the tagline on this one again, that's all.....

2001-09-19 08:51:47 PM  
I love seeing Drew with Leo......
todays show was great Kevin was one and we love him, ya know.

Leche Por Vida!

2001-09-19 09:11:23 PM  
Yeah anyway just to get back on topic because some unnamed individual like Mr Happy derailed the train of thought in here......... This room is all about "The Drew" so let rip guys.

Make me Happy
2001-09-19 09:11:37 PM  

If you were Michael J. Fox, friends with Emmit Brown and had a Delorean (sp?) that also acted as a time machine...where would you be right now?

I am your density...I mean, your destiny
2001-09-19 09:15:09 PM  
Mattjarrells, ouch ya just made my brain hurt!
2001-09-19 09:17:12 PM  
Great SCOTT! How many gigawatts do we need?
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