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2001-09-19 02:45:37 PM  
let the cruise missles do the talking...
2001-09-19 02:45:42 PM  
but Bin Laden will only talk to Muhammed Ali.
2001-09-19 02:46:08 PM  
``We have had several talks with the present and the past American governments"

Huh? The Taliban used to deal with Indians?
2001-09-19 02:46:18 PM  
Has anyone seen or heard any *actual* evidence that this is linked to Osama? We, as a people, want a villian to be named right away, so the government may have been quick to point to Bin Laden (an obvious bastard regardless), even though he may not have been the one to mastermind this particular attack.
2001-09-19 02:47:45 PM  
Good point, Harim. bin Ladin has denied being involved in the attacks. Hasn't he proudly admited in the past his work? I don't think he was behind this.
2001-09-19 02:48:14 PM  
good point Harimwakairi, everyone thought some middle eastern terroists bombed OK city, but it was a former white us soldier.
2001-09-19 02:50:13 PM  
They say that the Indians support the Taliban. Maybe they did talk to them
2001-09-19 02:51:15 PM  
bin Laden never comes out and says "I did it"... rather, he waits for one of his satellite groups to say it.

Plus, would you turn yourself in if you had the entire U.S. Armed Forces pointing missiles at you? That opium isn't that strong.
2001-09-19 02:51:26 PM  
Well I read somewhere that the CIA or the FBI or whoever intercepted a communication among bin Laden's group that said "We have hit the target," but that was last week amidst all the flurry of rumors on the media, so I don't know how true that would be.
2001-09-19 02:51:45 PM  
"Enough talk!" Conan the Destroyer
2001-09-19 02:53:35 PM  
The point of the Taliban's request, as it should have been pointed out in the article, is that the Taliban wants the U.S. to be forced to recognize them as the official government of Afganistan. The whole point of going through Pakistan with our requests is that it's our way of communicating with the Taliban without acknowledging that they have any right to power.
2001-09-19 02:55:22 PM  
Besides, the US has never come out and said he is guilty. They have however said he is the prime suspect, with a hell of a lot more info than you or I will have. Plus, Bin Laden is already on the FBI's top ten for the Cole, the two embassies in Africa, and the first WTC bombing. Really doesn't matter if he admitted to this or not. I wish people would quit saying "what if it wasn't him?". It's already obvious it's not some American psyco.
2001-09-19 02:56:47 PM  
Hey Mr. Taliban, tally me banana...
Daylight come and me want to go home.
2001-09-19 02:59:08 PM  
"Osammmmmaaaaa, chu have some 'splainin' to dooooo......!"
2001-09-19 03:01:55 PM  
Perhaps they sensed a change in the weather?
2001-09-19 03:03:16 PM  
The "We have hit the target" quote was intercepted between two different groups associated with bin Laden after the Embassy bombings. Not this act. The heirarchy of these organizations makes it near impossible to definitively tie a leader to an act. But bin Laden alost assuredly played a role in this, even if it was just bankrolling the project. No other terrorist groups have shown the organization and capability to pull off anything close to this.
2001-09-19 03:03:51 PM  
Watcher: I'm with you on this. A huge part of this new operation they're planning will be to go after the Al-Qaeda as well as the Hizbullah.
2001-09-19 03:04:49 PM  
Watcher - yeah it'd have to 12 american psychos.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to whether we will talk to these people directly? I mean, based on what I've read and heard etc, their way of governing seems more or less exactly opposite the US.
2001-09-19 03:05:37 PM  
What Watcher said!
2001-09-19 03:06:01 PM  
There's been plenty of opportunities for talk... The Taliban is a little too late methinks.

-he who stacks pork
2001-09-19 03:07:40 PM  
Quetzlgumby: LOL!
2001-09-19 03:12:43 PM  
I think we should take Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein... strap them in chairs holding their eyelids open, and keep showing them images like the WTC crash, rapes, murders, and suicides while playing Ludwig Van REALLY loudly for days on end... see how they like a little of the "ultra violence". **I am serious**
2001-09-19 03:14:33 PM  
TWD - I think bin Laden would enjoy that.
2001-09-19 03:14:46 PM  
Regardless of the fact that Osama may or may not be guilty of this attack, he is guilty of terrorism against american interests around the world, and I find it hard to believe that he or any of his followers had nothing to do with this. Bush wants to declare war on all act of terrorism, and we've been trying to get this guy for years now. Do you people honestly believe that if he did not personally have anything to do with this that we should leave him alone?
2001-09-19 03:17:00 PM  
TheWhiteDragon, I agree with peep. I hate to say it but they'd probably just get hard ons for that type of thing.
2001-09-19 03:17:27 PM  
I think Peep's right. That would have no effect on them. These cats are hard as nails.
2001-09-19 03:18:38 PM  
"All your slushies are belong to US!" Farkistani Press Release
[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-19 03:18:39 PM  
Yeah!! farkin-a!! They're just stupid dumb killers who hate the US of farking A!! Give me a gun, I'll do it, YEAH!

huh-huh, huh-huh
2001-09-19 03:27:30 PM  
Seems to me the biggest let down would be if they just handed him over. Then we got to take him to trial in front of the whole world. No way we could go in after his camps, as world opinion would be extremely negative.
2001-09-19 03:28:05 PM  
I don't care what the taliban does the fact of the matter is we've declared war on terrorist and those who aurbor them. Afganistan has been aurboring this guy for years and they deserve the Wrath of the US period. the cole/the first WTC bombing and the African embassies are enough proof of that. let's get this done and over with....
2001-09-19 03:28:50 PM  
Its not Bin Laden...

Its the brat pack!

(up yours Nostradamous)

[image from too old to be available]
2001-09-19 03:28:58 PM  
So if someone is suspected of murdering someone and they say "I didnt do it" we should leave them alone and not bring them in for questioning and investigation? Wow, when did that law change?!

And he has admitted to past attacks exactly, he need s to be brought in/down for those too. In other words they are harboring a known criminal and obstructing our foreign policy justice system. THere should be no negotiating. BOMBS AWAY!
2001-09-19 03:29:30 PM  
Before anyone corrects me....RAT pack, not brat pack. Althought the Rob Lowe - West Wing connection is eeiry.
2001-09-19 03:30:02 PM  
I love how almost everyone talks about bin Laden like it wasn't the US that did it.
2001-09-19 03:32:21 PM  
I think it was Gary Condit.
2001-09-19 03:32:58 PM  
"Bombs Away", "let's get this done and over with....", "I think bin Laden would enjoy..." indeed.

The genius and individuality evident in most Farkers has vanished, devoured by angry-mob psychology and media poisoning. Congrats to all!
2001-09-19 03:34:55 PM  
Oh, and Harimwakairi: so what if he didn't do this, does he get a free ride on the 2 embassy's and the navy ship? or do you need something like a picture of him lighting the fuse on the bombs for there to be proof that he's guilty. One reason this happened, if it is eventually proven that Osama had something to do with it, is all of you pacifists out there saying that we can't just go into another country and take someone. Bullshiat... We are the single greatest country on the face of the planet, and if we ask for a KNOWN TERRORIST to be exported to us, to stand trial for his actions, then you would think that any *reasonable* nation would agree to that. And if not, it is our nations duty to go in there and get them. This is how we can protect American lives. And, in my opinion, an american life is more important than any other life out there.
2001-09-19 03:35:05 PM  
Talk my ass. It's time to blow up these dirty, camel humping, herpes ridden, festering sacs of hemorrhoidal discharge
2001-09-19 03:35:23 PM  
I agree!

Bomb "4646".
2001-09-19 03:35:33 PM  
2001-09-19 03:35:56 PM  
Stupid Fubar.....
2001-09-19 03:36:39 PM  
...or maybe it was Stern fans carrying out Hank's final wish.
2001-09-19 03:37:42 PM  

And, in my opinion, an american life is more important than any other life out there.

That was so BRILLIANT! Spoken like a true, uh.........hmm.

Why don't you just join the military or something?
2001-09-19 03:40:40 PM  
Tried. Had some stupid medical record when i was in high school called benign recurring vertigo. Basically got dizzy all the time, hasent happened in 10 years, but they still thought i shouldn't get to ride on an aircraft carrier...
2001-09-19 03:42:48 PM  
bin Laden is a terrorist. From what I understand he did send a bomb into a US navy ship. So, per Bush's orders to rid the world of terroists he sould be either turned over to US or eliminated, even if he didn't mastermind the recent attacks on US soil.

I just hope the US government isn't acting too fast in trying to find a scapegoat for the attacks. We need to find the people responsible for the latest attacks on US soil, then go after other terroists in the world.
2001-09-19 03:44:05 PM  
I just read on that US troops began deployment. I tried to submit but it was already submitted on the 12th? But the article said the 19th?

go figure
2001-09-19 03:45:24 PM  
I wonder if DrDave and Scatpack have medical records....DrDave doesn't want to "talk," but....he's......talking.......right?


Join the armed forces and stop talking.
2001-09-19 03:46:07 PM  
<heavy metal>


</heavy metal>
2001-09-19 03:47:36 PM  
I'll give you two glazed donuts, an empty synthetic oil can, two pieces of toast and a dollar for him.
2001-09-19 03:49:34 PM  
The farking Taliban are just a bunch of pussies. They know he did it. They are still protecting him. They are just shiatting bricks cause they know they are in a world of hurt.

Talibanians can you say Farkistan
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