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(Yahoo)   Man smashes all the previous records with payout on horse that doesn't exist   ( divider line
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53 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2003 at 1:48 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-03-26 01:50:00 PM  
Does the horse sh!t out guns?
2003-03-26 01:51:29 PM  
In other news, every man in Scotland named Stuart.
2003-03-26 01:51:39 PM  
the gambler surrenders
2003-03-26 01:51:53 PM  
Commenting on his bumper payout, Johnstone said: "This is absolutely magic, I'm the virtual magician

no, you are just lucky. twit
2003-03-26 01:52:17 PM  
"Fictitious betting on fictitious horses ! Shame on you, Stuart Johnstone, shame on you !"

[image from too old to be available]

2003-03-26 01:53:09 PM  
i hope he does get a virtual money payout from this...
2003-03-26 01:54:00 PM  
I need a good horse.
2003-03-26 01:54:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-26 01:55:42 PM  
I'm sorry, but.. rofl. Nice, Skinink.
2003-03-26 01:56:18 PM  
"I've finally beaten the bookies..."

Wow. Sounds like this win might almost put him back in the black.

More likely, though, he's spent 90,000quid and wins 84,000 back.
2003-03-26 01:58:07 PM  
God, you farking British are weird.
2003-03-26 01:58:53 PM  
i doubt a *ahem* 'lorry driver' has ever had 90K to spend (and i mean over time not at once... course if i knew what the hell a lorry was this could be a more accurate statement.

/trying to hide that he has nothing.
2003-03-26 01:59:08 PM  
Countdown til 3 mafia lackeys kick his door in:

2003-03-26 02:02:03 PM  
OK, we need a Brit-American dictionary for the word "punter".
2003-03-26 02:05:12 PM  
84,198.50 pounds?  Pounds of what?
2003-03-26 02:05:33 PM  
If a virtual horse stalls on a track, do they remove it by shooting it?
2003-03-26 02:07:11 PM  
Virtual horse racing? This is as bad as keno... I what? Pick a bunch of numbers and then you tell me if I win? Oh, I lost? Bummer.
2003-03-26 02:08:24 PM  
Show me da moneyyyyyyy!
2003-03-26 02:09:25 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Epitath, Valentine, Paul Revere,
I got the virtual horse right here!
2003-03-26 02:14:18 PM  
Machine malfunction voids all pays or plays.

Please play again
2003-03-26 02:14:57 PM  
Did the shiat contain prime numbers?
2003-03-26 02:15:41 PM  
Undertoad -

Bettor (US) - Someone who places or has a bet. A 'Punter' in the UK.

But the US has some unusual betting slang too. Take "Buy the Rack" or "Flash" for example.

Heh..Bettors gone wild.
2003-03-26 02:18:36 PM  
How much is that in real money?
2003-03-26 02:19:26 PM  
Skinink: Good one!
2003-03-26 02:32:55 PM  
I'm the virtual magician
2003-03-26 02:56:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Rigged? That's about as crazy as a screen door on a battleship. Now make like a tre and get out of here!"
2003-03-26 02:57:35 PM  
Lorry = truck.
Punter = gambler, usu. horses/dogs (IIRC).
2003-03-26 04:28:35 PM  
this dude will be broke again in no time.
2003-03-26 04:41:05 PM  
MilkBone: Does the horse shiat out guns?

Wow, dude, that just became a new catchphrase for me.

Does a bear shiat in the woods?
Does a horse shiat out guns?
2003-03-26 04:50:35 PM  

Ed was the only smart man in the world. He worked his way through college with "The World's First Paperless Lottery."

"Here's a dollar," his customers would say. "Did I win?"

"No," Ed would reply.

"Oh. Here's another dollar. Did I win?"

"Yes. You won another chance to win."

"Oh. Did I win with that one?"

2003-03-26 05:15:23 PM  
Wait till he finds out the money is virtual
2003-03-26 05:31:14 PM  
"How much is that in real money?"

In case you people hadn't noticed your economy is in the shiatter, so £84,000 is alot more than $84,000 in "real money". This "joke" seems to appear in every thread where a story involes non US money.

People: Its not funny!
2003-04-02 01:00:11 PM  
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