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(Pravda)   Eight billion people will fall victims to water crisis in 25 years   ( english.pravda.ru) divider line
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2003-03-26 08:18:32 AM  
Interestingly enough, the US has a doohickey that fixes water.

It's being used in Iraq.
2003-03-26 08:24:48 AM  
According to experts' estimates, wars for water might happen in Africa in the current century.
Oh yeah, that takes a lot of work to figure out. Hmmm, there's going to be violence somewhere, can you come up with a place that's likely to be a part of it?
2003-03-26 08:58:02 AM  
God almighty, any more of this cheerful news; war, famine, plagues, I'm going to turn into that nervous kid on Southpark. I forget his name, parents always pouring coffee in him.
2003-03-26 09:08:15 AM  
The end of the world has been predicted since people realized there was a world. Be "aware" and live your life, you'll be alright, Rctay.
2003-03-26 09:25:04 AM  
Isn't that about the entire population of Earth?
2003-03-26 09:27:59 AM  
Can't you see it now? "No war for water" on protest signs, politicians accused of accepting excessive campaign moneys from water companies. "Culligan" at the top of Forbes richest companies list.

Sarcasm aside, water will become more critical, especially if govts. don't do what it takes today to insure adequate supplies down the road. This means making tough choices and perhaps building reservoirs where people live and work now so they can be ready in twenty or thirty years when our city populations increase to where they totally max out available supplies. And I'm just talking US, not having focused much on Africa, Asia, etc. - they'll likely have it worse.

“You see this? This is sand. You know what it’s gonna be a hundred years from now? It’s gonna be sand! Nothing grows here! Nothin’s gonna grow here!”
   â€" Sam Kineson
2003-03-26 11:31:42 AM  
Rctay, I think his name is Butters.

Eight billion people??? Isn't that 2 billion more than the present human population? Serves us right. Almost as bad as the damn bunnies.
2003-03-26 11:32:43 AM  
Actually, it's not Butters. I dont remember his name either.
2003-03-26 11:57:44 AM  

And that's a lot of drowning people from the rising seas due to global warming.
2003-03-26 12:01:50 PM  
Uh Oh. Time for Canada to finally get some nukes.
2003-03-26 12:40:13 PM  
At least the population of India is doing their part to conserve.

They simply "bathe" in a river of urine, feces and other wonderful bacteria. It's okay tho - they already frolic with diseased rats as part of their religion, so I imagine they're already crawling with nasties.
2003-03-26 01:57:16 PM  
Numberz, you forgot the Coalition of the Thirsty, and the Axis of Oases. Oh, and naked hippies. Don't forget the naked hippies who I know will drink their own urine in the hope of peace. We couldn't have a war without them.
2003-03-26 03:16:31 PM  
i hope im not in that 8billion bracket..lets see what are my chances...oh...hmm only..6 billion...damn.
2003-03-26 03:16:38 PM  
Alton: I was thinking that, too... thats a bejesus of a jump in population in 25 years...
2003-03-26 03:16:41 PM  
Wow I wish I had super human abilities to see into the future!
2003-03-26 03:17:15 PM  
doh sorry alton.
2003-03-26 03:19:33 PM  
Google results for 
"drink your own urine"


2003-03-26 03:20:03 PM  
All this talk of cool, refreshing water makes me have to pee.
2003-03-26 03:20:37 PM  
Clive Cussler was there first - the talentless hack.
2003-03-26 03:21:51 PM  
There was a South Park Episode where Butters turned into the 'Lord of Chaos' or something like that, and tried to drown the entire population of the world with his garden house, but people from the city just came and turned it off.
2003-03-26 03:21:57 PM  
Rctay it was "Tweek"

[image from images.art.com too old to be available]
2003-03-26 03:22:01 PM  
Remind me, when this occurs, never to have a glass of water at Kevin Costner's house.

[image from datacore.sciflicks.com too old to be available]

2003-03-26 03:22:15 PM  
Wow, that's even worse than AIDS. At least some countries, like Botswana, will be wiped out before the water crisis hits, at least according to their president.
2003-03-26 03:23:11 PM  
This was interesting, I thought:
The situation with water in Russia is the best in Moscow. An average Muscovite consumes 380 liters of water a day - this is the world record.

The average Muscovite consumes 380 liters of water a day. That's a lot of water. At 1kg/liter, that's 380kg or 838lbs or water a day.

Chlorine is a Russian way to save people from dirt in the water.

Those Russians and their ingenuity. Next they're going to come up with something crazy like fluoridating the water or something.
2003-03-26 03:28:03 PM  
I'm not surprised. As for the startling jump in population, from 1960's to 2000 the world population went from three billion to six billion. I see 8 billion thirsty people as quite reasonable in 20 someodd years. Looks like I may see the end of civilization in my lifetime after all.
2003-03-26 03:29:21 PM  
Ahhhh, but I see the world's water issue as half clean, not half dirty.
2003-03-26 03:30:28 PM  
Ehh, who cares? I'm going to water my lawn, wash my car, fill my pool, and take an extra long shower! We recently had a water restriction here in Point Pleasant, NJ and once it was over, it's back to 'waste as much water as you can'...funny how we conserve until we can go buck wild with the water again...
2003-03-26 03:32:32 PM  
Throw in global warming and resultant weather pattern disruptions, and this will really be a nightmare. This is why huge multi-national corporations are "privatizing" water supplies in the LDCs and even Lexington right now. mmmmmm, profit.
2003-03-26 03:32:45 PM  
Dry land is not a myth...I've seen it!


2003-03-26 03:32:55 PM  
*shotgun noise*

Here in Michigan we have the world's largest supply of fresh water all around us. None for you, though.

Step behind the line please.
2003-03-26 03:33:17 PM  
Sensationalism + Static Analysis = The Sky Is Falling
2003-03-26 03:33:42 PM  
Can anyone say, "Population control?"

Go-go planet Earth!!!

/AquaMan surrenders!
2003-03-26 03:33:57 PM  
I'm not surprised. As for the startling jump in population, from 1960's to 2000 the world population went from three billion to six billion.

A lot of that happened in Southeast Asia. China and its neighbor India both top one nillion each. It's no coincidence that's also where the common cold has now mutated into a super contagious pneumonia. I would look for a sudden and severe reversal of those population gains in the coming years.
2003-03-26 03:35:32 PM  
'Tis a sad day indeed when Stevarooni becomes the voice of reason.

I remember being in school in the late 1970's. We were all going to be thrust into a world wide food and water famine by 1990. Roving bands of cut-throats would...ummm...cut your throat for a gallon of water.

Somehow, we survived.
2003-03-26 03:36:19 PM  
Interestingly enough, the US has a doohickey that fixes water.

It's being used in Iraq

hmmm, doohickey ? is that a technical term ?.

seriously tho I guess the issue is purifying water using as little enrgy as possible, cause the places that really need this technology don't have much enrgy as well.

How about using the temperature differential in the ocean to boil seatwater and seperate the salt ?.

or if that doesn't work maybe we could use tachyon rays to adujst the phase modulation of the tides to create big waves just when we need them. ;-)
2003-03-26 03:36:26 PM  
By "nillion" I meant "billion". A nillion is what they will have if the quarantine does not work. Of if they all start reading Nietzsche.
2003-03-26 03:36:42 PM  
If there's a water shortage, it'll be the USA's fault.
2003-03-26 03:38:14 PM  
Roving bands of cut-throats would...ummm...cut your throat for a gallon of water.

And they would all be roving on foot, since all the oil would be gone by 1985.
2003-03-26 03:38:59 PM  

That is all.
2003-03-26 03:40:28 PM  
yeah ok
2003-03-26 03:40:59 PM  
Yea, this is BS!! Water falls from the sky, for christ sakes.

/rolls eyes
2003-03-26 03:43:20 PM  
I guess it's time to break out the old still-suit.
2003-03-26 03:46:08 PM  
Canada has plenty of water. we will invade
2003-03-26 03:46:35 PM  
I'll take all your water! GRUNT... SNORT...

[image from turner.com too old to be available]
2003-03-26 03:46:55 PM  
Who cares if we run out of water, so long as we have plenty of alcoholic beverages.
2003-03-26 03:47:03 PM  
>Up to six thousand people, basically children in
>developing countries, die of bad quality water daily. >Twenty five thousand people more die every year on >account of microbes that they drink with fresh water.
> This was said in a conclusion that was made by a group
> of United Nations experts.

Err.. so 2.2 million children die of "bad quality water" ever year, but only a 25,000 additional die from microbes in "fresh water"? Does this sound slighly wacky to anyone?
2003-03-26 03:48:25 PM  
All hail Ebawb - for he is the Kwizatch Haderach!!

My spelling is probably way off and it's been a long time since I've read Dune. Maybe that's the thingee they chased around on the brooms in Harry Potter....
2003-03-26 03:49:39 PM  
Culturemock looks right to me.
2003-03-26 03:50:35 PM  
I would like to see everybody bookmarks this link which leads to a page where you easily can contribute help the african population get clean and sanitated water...


(I don't know how to make a direct link, copy and paste you lazy bastards)
2003-03-26 03:51:13 PM  
10-4 Ebawb
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