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2003-03-25 03:22:15 PM  
And in case you forget what grass looks like, they include a photo.

[image from content.clearchannel.com too old to be available]
2003-03-25 03:33:24 PM  
Wow. It's been a long time since I've seen any decent grass.
It looks different now.
2003-03-25 03:37:23 PM  
At least he wasn't asheep at the wheel.....

/kill me
2003-03-25 03:41:00 PM  
what the fark is "mering"?
2003-03-25 03:43:40 PM  
Wouldn't it be more like drunk grazing instead of driving?
2003-03-25 04:13:02 PM  
03-25-03 03:41:00 PM Flavorflanks
what the fark is "mering"?

It's the sound sheep make when you're trying to "cuddle" them.
2003-03-25 04:15:05 PM  

Cows say "mer". It might actually be spelled "merr", but they don't care so why should we?
2003-03-25 04:17:35 PM  
it's the sound cows make, instead of "moo".
when is the last time you heard a cow say "moo"? ha! that's what I thought- never.
they say "mmmeeeerrrrrr"
2003-03-25 04:20:34 PM  
2003-03-25 04:42:58 PM  
French cows say "mer."
HPZ [TotalFark]
2003-03-25 04:51:51 PM  
No, Solzhenisin, if our cows say "mer" then French cows should say "sea."
2003-03-25 05:08:06 PM  
French cows say "merde".
2003-03-25 07:06:56 PM  
No, they say "Le mer". Sheesh, have none of you watched Pepe Le Pew cartoons?
2003-03-25 07:30:26 PM  
Boy, its a good thing they copyrighted that photo. It's got "Pulitzer" written all over it.
2003-03-25 11:52:36 PM  
The article said nothing about this drunk "mering," whatever the fark that means. It said he was grunting like a pig. Everyone knows that French pigs go "Oui Oui Oui" all the way home.
2003-03-26 12:25:03 AM  
As stock photos of grass go, that one is very... stock.
2003-03-26 05:57:53 AM  
the french lion goes "meowxie"
2003-03-26 05:59:57 AM  
Dang, "Mer" has cliched itself out of existence.

All you oldtimers, y'all should feel...old...or something.

And how many people here have actually SEEN the original cliche kitty picture?

Well, not THAT one, but the other one. The Pshopped one.
2003-03-26 06:05:55 AM  
Those French have a different word for everything.
2003-03-26 06:07:38 AM  
Check out the headlines on the right:

Bin Laden to Launch Pop Career

Shark Attack at Petting Zoo

'Exotic' Dancer Copes as Favorite Panties Stolen

Gator-napper Strikes Again
2003-03-26 06:07:42 AM  
im done some stupid things while drunk..far too many to list here, but never.. never have i tried to eat grass and imitate a pig. thanks for planting the seed in my head.
2003-03-26 06:07:47 AM  
French Pigs go "Huit, huit, huit, that's why they are considered wonders of math
2003-03-26 06:08:08 AM  
[image from mckinnonsc.vic.edu.au too old to be available]
2003-03-26 06:13:31 AM  
He was a freakin' werecow!
2003-03-26 06:13:49 AM  
is no-one going to say 'this may have appeared on fark before, old chap?'
2003-03-26 06:13:56 AM  
Not mer, what he was saying was:
[image from members.shaw.ca too old to be available]
2003-03-26 06:14:43 AM  
We're easily amused..
2003-03-26 06:17:40 AM  

I mean, Bahhhhhhhh....

2003-03-26 06:21:32 AM  
Just some more pictures of grass because I don't know about you but I can't get enough....

<img src="http://thepluginsite.com/products/photogalaxy/contactsheets2/gras​s.jpg"

Chew the cud my friends...
2003-03-26 06:22:17 AM  
God damn tag line....

[image from thepluginsite.com too old to be available]
2003-03-26 06:23:47 AM  
In America we get drunk and tip cows - in France they get drunk and imitate them.
2003-03-26 06:27:53 AM  
But he was Belgian, not french.
Belgium, like where the French freedom fries came from.

Oh. I get it. we've finally found a country that we don't have a stereotype for..

Let's make one up!
2003-03-26 06:30:51 AM  
The Belgians are all mayonnaise eating child molesters.
There you go, Ku_No_Ichi.
2003-03-26 06:31:37 AM  
welpers.. they do have waffles right?
i dont know much else besides that.

they are inferior to pancakes, thats all i got.
2003-03-26 06:34:56 AM  
they have beer in odd size bottles.
2003-03-26 06:35:53 AM  
I thought all belgians were private detectives that have funny little moustaches.
2003-03-26 06:37:25 AM  
Belgians are to French what newfies are to canadians. Except that newfies are not very famous for their great beers and their delicious chocolate.
2003-03-26 06:38:40 AM  
2003-03-26 06:39:04 AM  
Belgians used to make Browning shotguns and Weatherby rifles - some of the best firearms in the world - until it became too expensive to produce them there.
2003-03-26 06:41:26 AM  
I live in Belgium.

This story does not surprise me in the least.

Stereotypes to feed the fire:

They're child molesters.
They're beer guzzlers.
They eat mayonnaise on everything.
They're more corrupt that anyone in Europe.
Tax evasion is the national sport.
Oh yeah, and they're stupid, boring and ugly.

Why the hell am Ihere again?
2003-03-26 06:42:53 AM  
sounds not to bad.
2003-03-26 06:44:21 AM  
"I'm not a Frenchy - I'm a Belgy"
</Murder By Death>
2003-03-26 06:44:53 AM  
Belgians are to French what newfies are to canadians Canadians are to Americans. Except that newfies Canadians are not very famous for their great beers and their delicious chocolate.

/how American newspapers write their stories
2003-03-26 06:51:27 AM  
The article says the guy was Belgian but not where (or when)the incident took place. Maybe he had strayed over the border into Cloggieland where the 'grass' is much better.
2003-03-26 06:53:14 AM  
Mer. Psychadelic Republicans...
2003-03-26 07:03:45 AM  
I live in Belgium.

So you'll probably understand this joke:
Q: Pourquoi la plupart des familles belges n'ont qu'un seul enfant ?
A: Parce qu'ils font l'amour, une fois.

Well, they say that French loves belgian jokes because they are easy to understand.
2003-03-26 07:04:55 AM  
[image from dattaway.org too old to be available]
2003-03-26 07:09:59 AM  
Careful with that axe, Eugene.
2003-03-26 07:17:02 AM  
"Mer" is the sound made by an adult Belgian during an attempt to surrender, this when only other weasels are available. Mering most typically occurs when Germany is too is busy surrendering to third-world countries to take notice and only a Frenchman is nearby. As you all know, France is genetically incapable of taking a surrendering, they are most handy at accepting a conqueror's "sword" up the wazoo.
2003-03-26 07:20:20 AM  
I was going to say something about the simple pleasures of Belgians, but now...
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