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2003-03-25 12:07:44 PM  
I beg to differ there Ookdalibrarian,

Well if you are discrimante against those boobs, then who's to say that the boobs of tomorrow wont be effected in some perverse way? Now I know what your thinking...What the hell is this guy talking about?!?! And all i can say is that you are now learning...
2003-03-25 12:08:08 PM  
Say what you will...

I like them fit, thin, and tight.

That sounds too chauvanistic of me...I'm ashamed.
2003-03-25 12:08:51 PM  
i agree! velcro wouldn't hold me for long. hell i've busted metal front clasps.
2003-03-25 12:09:01 PM  

I hope we can get through this thread without someone posting maggies fugly mug.
2003-03-25 12:10:12 PM  

Breast augmentation stats (Total Patients): from this site

1992: 32,607
1996: 87,704
1997: 122,285
1998: 132,378
1999: 167,318
2000: 187,755
2001: 206,354
% Change 1992 to 2001: 533%

It's not your giant hands.
2003-03-25 12:10:14 PM  
Remind me to not click on NSFW images in the profiles of farkers....
2003-03-25 12:10:16 PM  
Methinks TS will be sticking to his gun_.
2003-03-25 12:11:10 PM  
It's been a while since I've been in practice -- but you never do forget the thumb-and-finger pinch of the clasp.

I remember once when she switched to the front-closing snap. What a dirty trick.

Great-grandmother boobies. I saw 'em once. Please, God -- never again . . .
2003-03-25 12:11:57 PM  
2003-03-25 12:12:16 PM  
[image from sportsbybrooks.com too old to be available]
Only problem with Maggie is that the bag you'd put over her head would look like a McDonald's bag after you dumped all of the fries into it, Jeho.

/tee hee

2003-03-25 12:13:05 PM  
or farkettes...

Now...it's always been said that there is some difficulty in unclaping a bra...but how many of you men or boys out there have actually tried to put one back on the girl...now that is a challenge. Itty bitty hooks for itty bitty holes....pure evil.
2003-03-25 12:15:33 PM  
PHE! I'm used to handling small things!.......wait a minute...did I really say that? Ahhh crap....Oh yea! and...
[image from imgmag.net too old to be available]
2003-03-25 12:15:34 PM  
Cardinal - you're funny!
2003-03-25 12:15:43 PM  
Nice and simple... Fake boobies have a HUGE gap between them. large real boobies are close together.

And it's not always a case of large breasts = large girl... When I was at Uni I shared a house with a girl who's waist I could oh so nearly get my hands around, but whos breasts would never have fitted in my great mitts...

*cheap TV dream ripply effect thing*
2003-03-25 12:17:15 PM  
I always wonder at those who say "any more than a handful is a waste"... how many of them have actually experienced more-than-a-handful? I've only had experience with big breasts (not by design), and I'm strongly convinced they're superior in every way. 'Course, I like curvy girls, so that may have something to do with it.
2003-03-25 12:17:16 PM  
... and sexually inexperienced men
... and sexually inexperienced men
... and sexually inexperienced men

LOL I just had to post that again!
Sorry guys, but it is too farking funny!
2003-03-25 12:20:54 PM  
The HR Issue,

See! Right there! What the H E -double toothpicks is an image host and where do I find a good one?
2003-03-25 12:21:01 PM  
The_Synergism: What would you want to put it back on for?
2003-03-25 12:21:19 PM  
Those farking clasps are made by Satan himself. Either that or by a father with daughters.
2003-03-25 12:23:29 PM  
03-25-03 12:20:54 PM Sheena
The HR Issue,

See! Right there! What the H E -double toothpicks is an image host and where do I find a good one?

It's a site with an accessible URL where you can store your image file. Your ISP provider may be able to supply one -- or someone online here might. For a good cause (and it sounds like this is one), I'd expect someone to maybe step up.
2003-03-25 12:23:42 PM  
Sheena: I think you have to find someone to 'host' the photo on-line. Then to transfer it here, or there, you type the following incantation:

Lots of Farkers, including all PSrs know how to do that hosting thing. I suggested JDX because I owe him a favor, and I predict he'd be grateful.
2003-03-25 12:23:57 PM  
(My above comment has nothing to do with my inability to remove bras either I'm just stating that those things are designed by very cruel people)
2003-03-25 12:24:24 PM  
2003-03-25 12:27:19 PM  
Good old doggy style - the convienience of the animal kingdom, right at your front door.

Wait, you meant with a girl?

/tee hee again

2003-03-25 12:27:23 PM  
Crap. Incantation deleted. It's:

left arrow eye emm gee space ess are cee equals quote location of your photo closequote rightarrow

sheesh. Is Microsoft to blame for this?
2003-03-25 12:28:23 PM  
I just emailed you instructions, and I can host the image if you want.
2003-03-25 12:30:53 PM  

You've got mail. I'd say picturestage for host. But they're going the way of the dodo. :( Photoisland sucks.. but it's workable.
2003-03-25 12:32:27 PM  
sheesh... I don't know why, but I decided to post a pic of a girl wearing a bra made of duct tape. Can I find it? Noooooo....

Lots of picts of the girl in a black dress with duct taped boobs, but no duct tape bras... Someone?
2003-03-25 12:33:03 PM  
You guys are going through a lot of effort just so she can post a pic of her favorite kitty playing with a ball.
2003-03-25 12:33:31 PM  
Seriously, folks -
Breasts are all about quality, not quantity. If a girl has humongous cans, but they're big and doughy and foul - blech, go away. But some girls I've dated have had great, reasonably sized breasts. And I don't think there's any question (although my fellow men on this thread would hesitiate to admit it) that a girl who carries whatever she's got with confidence has got my vote first and foremost. Confident boobies are the best kind.

/not kidding

2003-03-25 12:35:46 PM  
happy boobs mean a win against terrorism!
2003-03-25 12:36:12 PM  
Now that I think about it...I HAVE a bra with velcro in the front. So this isn't anything new.
2003-03-25 12:36:13 PM  
It's going to be funny when it turns out "Sheena" is really named Larry from Jersey.
2003-03-25 12:36:37 PM  
Triphammer - agreed about the quality bit... I've handled some very fine bit boobs in my time. Some farking horrible ones too, but still...
2003-03-25 12:37:34 PM  

Thank you God
2003-03-25 12:37:36 PM  
I don't trust women with small boobs. I once met a girl in a bar with really small boobs. When we got back to her place, she showed me her penis. I'm never going to fall for that trick again!
2003-03-25 12:41:25 PM  
and for some reason, she had "man hands"
2003-03-25 12:41:46 PM  
I googled "duct tape bra" -

[image from octanecreative.com too old to be available]

Pdoubleop - I hear you, man. That happened to me once, after I saw her penis, I was so mad! As soon as we'd finished farking you can bet I got out of there! The nerve!

/tee hee three

2003-03-25 12:43:54 PM  
See, there's the challenge. Find a skinny girl, who you can easily get your arms around her waist, and see what kind of boobage she has. It's that simple. That's the body frame I'm most attracted to. In SIU tradition, I consider anything "curvy" to be "hoggin".
2003-03-25 12:44:27 PM  
CandyPink: Thank you for being the first person ever on the internet to convert anecdotal evidence to imperical evidence right before my eyes.

I don't think I've ever been with a girl with fake ones, though. I feel like I'd know if I did.

Are there any sure-fire clues, besides scarring? Is there a fruit analogy or something?

Any farker ever buy fake boobs? How much do they cost?
2003-03-25 12:44:45 PM  
I feel dirty now. dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty ahhhhhh What was I saying?
2003-03-25 12:45:01 PM  
Triphammer - I did that and got some bloke in army camo gear. Odd...
2003-03-25 12:46:54 PM  
I would like to know why I never get this kind of attention from farkettes to post pictures of my package.

2003-03-25 12:48:12 PM  
Right... I'm off home for a little assisted kitten killing with a big boobed goddess... ;) tata...
2003-03-25 12:48:43 PM  
My wife has fake boobs. She prefers to call them "Jelly Filled". I think I paid around $4500 to get it done. Money well spent. She didn't go overboard though, it put her at a full C size. I don't think a single soul who knows her has a clue, even in a bathing suit she looks totally natural
2003-03-25 12:51:09 PM  
Triphammer why did you get something different on gis i did the same and got this
2003-03-25 12:54:27 PM  
You know...my ex-girlfriend about 3 years ago had size d boobs and she was only 16! Now she is fatter per-say and they are even bigger...I think girth has it's limits...
2003-03-25 12:57:25 PM  
triphammer i got this [image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2003-03-25 12:57:34 PM  
I think Kylie's pic of the german shepherds and the cat would be appropriate here.

ummm unless I am mistaken.. thinking of another profile..

feh.. too lazy to look.
2003-03-25 12:58:08 PM  
So a male farker's counter is like an enumeration of how many enemies he's made? Then go to hell, all of you.
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