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(Zanesville Times-Recorder)   Despite constant press conferences, U.S. suffers fertilizer shortage   ( zanesvilletimesrecorder.com) divider line
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2003-03-24 11:09:23 AM  
who wants to pay for poop anyway
2003-03-24 11:10:26 AM  
shortage of anything is bad, but there's limits.
2003-03-24 11:10:44 AM  
I'd hit... oh, wait.

Get me 5 burritos, a plate of nachos, Buffalo wings, and a giant sandwich with roast beef and salami. I will handle this.
2003-03-24 11:10:54 AM  
Saddam is hoarding it to make Ryder bombs.

2003-03-24 11:11:24 AM  
the boss just said no more farking...time to find a new job.
2003-03-24 11:11:30 AM  
Someone get Michael Moore on the phone, quick!
2003-03-24 11:11:38 AM  
Well one solution is to tie Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter and Mike Savage by their ankles to the bottom of a dust crop airplane. Then fly them over the fields that need fertilizer. As long as they continue to talk, they'll be enough to last generations.
2003-03-24 11:11:56 AM  
Get four metric tons of Metamucil to the nation's cows - stat!
2003-03-24 11:12:12 AM  
We have plenty of surplus hog waste here in NC. They can have it for free. Nothing beats the smell of hog waste being sprayed onto crops.
2003-03-24 11:12:59 AM  
just post boobies links, lots of fertilizers from farkers... oh.. that fertilizer. nevermind.
2003-03-24 11:14:29 AM  
Just strap a bag aroung Ari Fleisher's neck, empty it out every now and then.

Thanks folks, I'll be here all week! Try the veal!
2003-03-24 11:15:26 AM  
That's because the terrorists are cornering the ammonium nitrate market.
2003-03-24 11:17:08 AM  
Can we have ONE thread that doesn't turn into political bashing?? I mean this one is about poop, what does poop have to do with politics....oh wait
2003-03-24 11:18:25 AM  
No shiat?
2003-03-24 11:21:04 AM  
i guess we'll all have to start re-eating our corn.
2003-03-24 11:21:13 AM  
Hey Hogans

That's right. No shiat
2003-03-24 11:25:11 AM  
there ought to be plenty in Iraq, they seem to have several highly guarded, camoflauged "fertilizer plants" and yet still have no crops or grass, so there must be a lot laying around somewhere.
2003-03-24 11:29:12 AM  
Import fertilizer and loose jobs at fertilizer plants, import corn and loose farms. Does farm run off produce more pollution, or chemical processing plants? Nice choices.
2003-03-24 11:38:25 AM  
Please Help. The White House Lawn is turning brown !!!!
Send your shiat to:

GW Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington, DC
2003-03-24 11:40:01 AM  
How can their possibly be a shortage of shiat? Hell if I knew there was a shortage I would have saved mine from this morning!
2003-03-24 11:40:17 AM  
BS. Fertilizer: Operation Iraqi Freedom.

As if the US leadership really cared....the US doesn't care a twit about Iraqi democracy and freedom. This is so cynical.

Operation Iraqi Free Oil....

oops, wrong thread....
2003-03-24 11:46:12 AM  
Amen on the headline, bro/sis.
2003-03-24 11:47:13 AM  
Some American fertilizer companies already complain low-priced foreign competitors are pushing them out of business and want the government to stop imports of some fertilizer products from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Well duh, then produce cheaper products. Odd Lots/Big Lots competes nicely with Wal-Mart and Mejier's.
2003-03-24 11:51:15 AM  
And just how am I supposed to masturbate to this?
2003-03-24 11:53:03 AM  
could this possibly be today's

I think so.
2003-03-24 12:08:43 PM  
haha funny headline.
2003-03-24 12:13:28 PM  
I really hate it when people rant and then type "wrong thread" at the end. Its about the equivalent of saying "Im too stupid to not hit "add comment".
2003-03-24 12:23:05 PM  
Best. Headline. Ever. Not today, ever.
2003-03-24 12:25:29 PM  
I think you posted your comment in the wrong thread
2003-03-24 12:25:37 PM  
Despite constant press conferences, US suffers fertilizer shortage
Very funny headline.

Your statement could be true. It would be a good idea for Fark to have a "best headline" bid
2003-03-24 12:28:30 PM  
Ahh, yes...the monoculture dilemma. The thing is we've known this would happen for quite some time. This is what happens when you treat your soil as merely a vehicle for delivering chemical inputs. The amount of required inputs increases, but so does the price. I am not suggesting that they all "go organic" because, as much as I'd like to see it, it may not be practical anyhow. Besides, these fields are "clean" (dead). With chemical inputs becoming pricier and pricier, you will see more farmers turning to Monsanto and their patented GMOs. They will save money but as one farmer I know put it "...just one more noose corporate America has around my neck."
2003-03-24 12:30:11 PM  
Just so it's out there, I considered "Despite Michael Moore speech, US suffering fertilizer shortage" as the headline too. But #1 there's already a thread for that and #2 i'm not sure i'd agree with it :-)
2003-03-24 01:25:13 PM  
you talking about chemical?..then no it hasn't, it cost to much to buy, the fertilizer we sell where i work, has gone way up, around 60$ more a ton compared to this time last year
2003-03-24 01:48:53 PM  

At least as far as I'm concerned.
2003-03-24 02:57:27 PM  
You know what they make fertilizer from? Oil.
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