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(News.com.au)   Woman claims headaches and dizziness after being hit in head with toilet door at McDonalds. Judge says she's just nuerotic and depressed   ( news.com.au) divider line
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2003-03-21 09:42:02 PM  
"Their simple minds just cannot seem to understand, you are neurotic and depressed, it doesn't mean that you are sad..."


(oh, and... boobies.) ;)
2003-03-21 09:42:51 PM  
Talk about a big mac attack.
2003-03-21 10:19:25 PM  
2003-03-21 10:26:46 PM  
Maybe she'd have won the lawsuit if the door was made of pipin' hot coffee.

2003-03-21 11:51:55 PM  
Thank you, your honor. This deserves the hero tag.
2003-03-22 12:08:26 AM  
This lady's lawyer was an idiot. Clue to future lawyers below.

Seeing a lock in a public restaurant's bathroom should prove that this bathroom was meant for the occupation of one person at a time. Why would two people lock themselves in the same bathroom? (any argument based on the idea that two people doing "other" things in this bathroom are shot down as that is not the basic purpose of a bathroom.) Since this bathroom on your property was offered to the customers (and the general public, as almost any fast food restaurants will provide access to a bathroom, regardless of a food purchase), failing to ensure that the bathroom was up to reasonable standards (including a working lock, since there was a lock provided) is ground for negligence. Either put a "use bathroom at own risk" sign on the door, or get rid of the bathroom. I'm pretty damn sure that meets the elements of negligence.

2003-03-22 01:50:52 AM  
I wish i had a reason to sue McDonald's :(

I've got it! I shall spill coffee on my lap.
2003-03-22 01:51:32 AM  
I cannot believe that I'm the first one to notice, or at least comment, that neurotic was spelled wrong.
2003-03-22 01:52:21 AM  
Re-elect West Australian District Court Judge Peter Blaxell.

Or don't. Send him to the US, we need him.
2003-03-22 01:53:12 AM  
Stop being so technical ;)

Hopefully this is the begining of the end of stoopid lawsuits.
2003-03-22 01:53:29 AM  
see in order to operate it
You have to be smarter than the DOOR.
2003-03-22 01:55:27 AM  
there's a crazy neurotic woman at my univerisity, although i wonder if she's actually a student or if she just likes to hang around campus. she walks around talking to herself, sometimes quite angrily. one time i saw her sitting at a picnic table carrying on a conversation with three other people, none of whom were actually there.
2003-03-22 01:58:05 AM  
toilet door? Toilets have doors now? I mean I knew they had seats and lids, but what would you do with a door on a toilet?
2003-03-22 01:59:55 AM  
I cannot believe that I'm the first one to notice, or at least comment, that neurotic was spelled wrong.

I was going to make a joke about nu-erotic, but I got nothin.
2003-03-22 02:00:57 AM  
Sue the person who slammed the stall door open. Who the hell doesn't check for the presence of feet in a stall before trying the door? And even then, you push the door slowly just in case you were mistaken.

Goddamn bathroom nazis invading our space will lead to nationwide incontinence. Stop them before they stop us!
2003-03-22 02:01:17 AM  
Stubblyhead: Rather than neurotic, I think she's probably schizophrenic!
2003-03-22 02:04:07 AM  
FarkJunkie--you wouldn't happen to be a uwf student as well, would you?
2003-03-22 02:04:29 AM  
Stubblyhead there's several of those same people that I've become used to. It's called "living in the city". There was a guy last summer who would wear full winter gear in massive heat (which I've sinced learned is symptomatic of schizophrenia) who would sleep in a graveyard not far from my house. I told a cop about him one night, and he said, "Oh, that's Kevin. He's harmless."

I've sinced learned to harness some laughter and entertainment from them. Ticket to hell for me, perhaps, but it keeps me laughing ;-)
2003-03-22 02:08:25 AM  
Sorry to threadjack here but, My Girlfriend met the father of the toddler that was given the Xanax-laden apple juice for having a tantrum on the recent airline flight.. Anyone have the link to the forum topic that I can send her to give to the family? I thought it would be interesting to share with the couple what the internet community thought of the story.

I searched and searched for the link, but i cant find it~!
2003-03-22 02:09:27 AM  
I've heard people say laughter is basically just a reaction with a situation so strange you can't mentally grasp it. So it's not such a bad response, and it's much better than hating or biatching about the crazy homeless people.

I guess it's nice that the cops know him by name and probably keep an eye out that he's ok.
2003-03-22 02:09:47 AM  
uwf has some characters, but this girl is the only one i've encountered that i think is really disturbed. there's one woman that's always wearing a parka and a rain hat kind of thing, every day, no matter what the weather is. she looks like she's on her way to a camping trip or something.
2003-03-22 02:10:05 AM  
TheFarmer gimmie a few minutes to search, I'll post it if I can find it
2003-03-22 02:10:39 AM  
Only neurotic and depressed people eat at McDonald's regularly anyway. Unlike myself, who eats regularly at Taco Bell. I'm not neurotic or depressed, just an idiot.
2003-03-22 02:12:27 AM  
I'm telling ya Stubblyhead, move to any city and it's the norm. I don't really know what kind of community you live in now, but any metro area has hundreds of characters like that.
2003-03-22 02:13:12 AM  
thx CandyPants- I tried every word that i remember being in the title, but alas nothing..
2003-03-22 02:13:54 AM  
Sounds like she forgot to duck. Toilet Duck, that is.

[image from gyro.co.nz too old to be available]
2003-03-22 02:14:01 AM  
How hard did she get hit? Dizziness? Headaches? Was her head propped right against the door? Was the other person entering at top speed or something? Then again, considering it's McDonalds, that last possibility seems entirely likely...
2003-03-22 02:16:49 AM  
pensacola's a small city, but it's still a very small town. there's this one black dude who's always out walking in leather pants and cowboy boots and a stetson. i think he's kind of like your little friend kevin; no one's really quite sure what to make of him, but he's been around forever and seems mostly harmless. i lived outside boulder for a while, and everyone in nederland a little bit nuts. must have been all the pot smoke wafting about. lewisburg, pa had a couple, but it's a very small town.. good luck john and this dude who always was in the bison playing pinball are the only ones who stand out ni my mind.
2003-03-22 02:18:06 AM  
2003-03-22 02:18:16 AM  
ok, this is just creepy---

[image from pottypaper.com too old to be available]
2003-03-22 02:18:21 AM  
I used to work at a George Webbs (if you're from the Milwaukee area you'll know what I'm talking about) and there was this Schizo guy that would come in to drink coffee. Well he was obsessed about bees, and he would always ask me off the wall things like "Do you know how bees mate?" and "Can bees see in color?"
One time while my mother was getting the mail he walked by our house and was telling my mom about giant bees that chased him. It really creeped her our so I told her "Oh, thats just soem crazy guy that comes into Webbs all the time."
Eventually the manager hired him to wash dishes. Yeah that dude was weird.
2003-03-22 02:20:03 AM  
What the hell is a toilet door? Do they even exist?
2003-03-22 02:20:51 AM  
TheFarmer, here ya go:

2003-03-22 02:21:07 AM  
Candypants--I gotta say, your bio kicks ass.
2003-03-22 02:22:23 AM  
Damn Candy- you quick with the ol digits.. and I thought I was a good internet researcher.. thx again :)
2003-03-22 02:31:52 AM  
thanks, and you're welcome ;-)
2003-03-22 02:44:37 AM  
You need burned and/or maimed wangage to beat McDonalds in court.

And I'm just not that greedy.
2003-03-22 02:46:03 AM  
[image from rocpoint.com too old to be available]

Hey everyone! It's the don't-sue-eachother-panda!
2003-03-22 02:46:50 AM  
"Mama Compensation!"


"Compensation, from the ancient latin word meaning "Free-money"

I wish I could orchastrate a disabling, yet non-crippling injury...
2003-03-22 03:17:19 AM  
**Waiting for a really funny comment, so that I can spew coffee all over my keyboard, but actually miss it and spew it on my genitals and burn them, thus making me able to sue McDonalds...**
2003-03-22 03:48:01 AM  
Crazy local characters?

[image from metrotimes.com too old to be available]

Did someone say Shaky Jake?
2003-03-22 05:50:21 AM  
If only all doors had a comprehensive list of instructions and warnings on them.
2003-03-22 07:35:45 AM  
she was suffering from "shock and trauma"? I suppose she would have won her case if it had been "shock and awe".
2003-03-22 09:24:48 AM  
Stubblyhead: (if you even read this 6 hrs later, just woke up & came back to fark) - Naw, I'm not a UWF student. I'm just in P'cola 'cuz I'm stuck here! If I had more $ and could afford to, I'd move... (sigh) maybe someday...

BUT I am pleasantly suprised to find another P'colian (?) in a fark thread - that's pretty cool! You're welcome to email me if you'd like to chat.

2003-03-22 09:44:38 AM  
Hit in the head in the head.

That is all all.
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