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(CNN)   Sharon orders cease fire, agrees to meet with Arafat if there are no terrorist attacks for 48 hours   ( divider line
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2001-09-18 11:32:24 AM  
Cease fire # 2,980,891 this year.
2001-09-18 11:33:06 AM  
Oh Yeah! Can you smell what the Knesset is cooking? It's not ground-fruit!

That puts the lotion in my basket!!
2001-09-18 11:33:45 AM  
If this ends up working out(cease fire), suddenly the spotlight regarding conflicts will be put elsewhere.
2001-09-18 11:34:11 AM  
Call Vegas, get the odds....
2001-09-18 11:34:33 AM  
oh, shiat. now we've got the americans pissed at us too.
2001-09-18 11:35:23 AM  
"Arafat ordered his security commanders not to fire on Israeli targets even when under fire from Israeli forces -- the first time he had told his police officers not to shoot back in self-defense if attacked."

I like the way this implies he was being unreasonable in not asking themselves not to defend themselves before..

Ooooh. Too many negatives in one sentence. Must lie down.
2001-09-18 11:35:47 AM  
This is Palestine/Isreal argument will never result in peace.

BTW does anyone know why orthodox Jews are anti-isreal. Whats the difference between orthodox jews and zionists??

Any links?
2001-09-18 11:36:21 AM  
Sharon? the girl in accounting? I gotta pay attention to her more. And watch her phone bill.
2001-09-18 11:37:13 AM  
LOL Mungo!!!

I'm sure someone will come here to say how the media is biased towards jews now.
2001-09-18 11:39:55 AM  
"the media is biased towards jews now."
2001-09-18 11:40:07 AM  
Ever notice that Palestinian leaders never appear speaking English on American news, but do so on the BBC?
2001-09-18 11:41:23 AM  
The troops involved, which Arafat and Sharon can possibly control, are only part of the conflict in the region. There's also civilians on either side who want to see the conflict continue. I'm not sure I'd want to bet more than a few bucks on a cease fire lasting 48 hours if it also depends on civilians honoring it.
2001-09-18 11:49:09 AM  
2001-09-18 11:49:34 AM  
There will always be opposing views in any conflict on all sides. IDIC everyone! So lasting peace, or even temporary peace, will be only by the means of suppressing the war tendancies of people on both sides. Some people will need more suppressing than others. In any case a cease fire offers some peace. It's all about duration. How long can they make the peace last? That's the best you can hope for because it will not last forever. I'd take 48 hours of peace over 48 hours of war any day.
2001-09-18 11:49:39 AM  
What Palestinian "troops?" They're all civilians.
2001-09-18 11:50:48 AM  
hopefully they'll get over this shiat.
2001-09-18 11:53:36 AM  
Well if this does work out. At least some good will come out of everything that is happening lately.
2001-09-18 11:55:57 AM  
Jews hate arabs, but arabs hate jew.. arabs hate the jews cause the jews hate arabs...

Jews hate arabs, but arabs hate jew.. arabs hate the jews cause the jews hate arabs...

Repeat this for 2000 years and I think you get the idea.
2001-09-18 11:57:21 AM  
Typical. Farker.
2001-09-18 12:00:48 PM  
You can add....

Arab think its their land, but the Jews think its theirs.
Jews think its their land, but the Arabs think its theirs.

Arabs say they have lived their for 2000 years before they got kicked out.
Jews say they lived their for 3000 years before they got kicked out.

Arabs say religous significance to them.
Jews say religous significance to them.

And so it goes on......
2001-09-18 12:07:28 PM  
Worms make the dirt and the dirt makes the earth. Worms excrete soil, yeah yeah yeah.
2001-09-18 12:08:12 PM  
If there is one person I do not trust, it is Arafat. In my opinion the man is a snake.
2001-09-18 12:11:13 PM  
Unfortunately, all it takes is one Islamic Jihad or Hamas wack job to piss this chance away.

They are, of course, not under Arafat's control, and don't want peace talks to succeed. The Israeli army couldn't prevent them from carrying out attacks, and I don't see how the Palestinian Authority could now.
2001-09-18 12:22:34 PM  
Just found this interesting:

Flag description: three equal horizontal bands of green (top), white, and black with a gold emblem centered on the three bands; the emblem features a temple-like structure with Islamic inscriptions above and below, encircled by a wreath on the left and right and by a bolder Islamic inscription above, all of which are encircled by two crossed scimitars

note: the Taliban uses a plain white flag <-- Zoinks!
2001-09-18 12:29:22 PM  
Scatpack: That's pretty convenient.
2001-09-18 12:36:49 PM  
It's worth noting that Arafat called the cease fire, not Sharon. Israel agreed after Arafat instructed his troops to cease fire. It's a minor point, in some ways, but there has been a bias towards Israel in the press and, on this occassion, some credit is due to Palestine.
2001-09-18 12:37:15 PM  
You know who I don't trust? Those people giving me my food in the drive thrus. They cannot be trusted.

Sorry, it takes awhile to get my political machine rolling in the morning.
2001-09-18 12:45:57 PM  
I was always taught, that if peace ever did come in the middle east, then that would basically be a sign of the end times...or something to that effect... (Being a christian and all..this stuff is all very freaky...mainly because things that I've been taught for years...are in some ways..coming true...)

And circumstances that continue to arise in the middle east are all pointing in the direction of some major changes in the world...

Accordingly... (this is all in revelations if you want to look) Here's the way things supposively transpire in there...(as it is...I've known these for I'm not really trying to bend them to suit the situation at hand, ok?)

1. The Twin towers are not mentioned..just so you know:)

I believe there is supposed to be a great offensive against Isreal, supposively from Russia..but the entire attack is take down by a "mysterious force" and after that...peace is achieved in Isreal... (if you've ever read the "left Behind" series or seen the'd know that all of this if kind of falling into that area... kind of creepy right?

Anyways...after the peace is's supposed to be like a 7 year peace treaty, but only last about 3 and 1/2 years..and then it it broken and all hell breaks loose. Appearently whoever instigates peace between the two nations is supposed to be the anti-christ.

So pay attention as of late and see if the Bible is right:) You might be surprised. Oh yeah...lots and lots of people are supposed to disapear is what is known as the if that happens... (of which christians all over the world just up and disapear) then should definately reconsider your religious outlook.

ok enough out of me if you want

2001-09-18 12:50:19 PM  
Shogo, I believe that part of the issue between Israel and the Palestinians recently has been that many feel that Arafat does have some control over the actions of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. I have heard Jews in the US state that they see him as a danger because he signs peace treaties with one hand while he plans attacks with the other, but uses organizations he claims to have no control over so that he has deniability in the actions.
2001-09-18 12:52:52 PM  
Hmmmm Sarin, maybe the reports of the woman going out her sunroof on the highway because of the rapture are true....
2001-09-18 12:55:27 PM  
And Dubya secretly controls the KKK.
2001-09-18 01:09:04 PM  
So let me get this straight, if I'm listening to Blondie's "Rapture" I should look up? Did Fab 5 Freddy look up, and that's why we never see him anymore?
2001-09-18 01:10:00 PM  
Hamas and Fatah (the wing of the PLO led by Arafat) have been at odds since the 70s.
2001-09-18 01:18:11 PM  
I'll take a grilled steak Hamas, two chicken Fatah's, and a large diet.
2001-09-18 01:35:07 PM  
ooona panona blancaaa -aaA-AAAAAAAAA
2001-09-18 02:10:25 PM  

Yeah, all of the weird happenings of late have me a bit concerned...seems like a "sign of the times". Revelation is so confusing to me, I can never tell what is symbolic and what is literal. I know that for hundreds of years people have thought that the end times were near, and would happen in their lifetime. But even so, it still seems to me that it's getting closer.
2001-09-18 02:14:13 PM  
"BTW does anyone know why orthodox Jews are anti-isreal. Whats the difference between orthodox jews and zionists??"

It really isn't Orthodox Jews who are anti-Israeli, it's a small subset of a subset of Orthodox Jews called the Hassidim (that is, they're a subset of the Hassidim). This very small subset believes that the state of Israel shouldn't exist until the messiah comes down. They are not mainstream in any way and are really a rather small group.

Shna'h Tovah!
2001-09-18 03:26:47 PM  
Esteban Galapagos: ONLY if the vehicle involved is a Cadillac, Lincon, Mercury, or Subaru.
2001-09-18 03:33:01 PM  
Scatpack: "Sharon? the girl in accounting? I gotta pay attention to her more. And watch her phone bill."

You mean she's running around with Bill Clinton. A new scandal! Yippee! Happy days are here again!
2001-09-18 06:25:46 PM  
Gee, I knew my mom was pissed about the whole thing, but I didn't realize exactly how influential she is.

Yeah, farkers can be misleading.
2001-09-18 06:47:21 PM  
If the US is about to attack, then the last thing they need is Israel attacking someone at the same time. It will create the illusion in the arab world that the two fights are connected and may upset the apple cart.

I bet that US delegates have gone to the Israelis behind closed doors and told them to hold fire. The exact same thing happened during the Gulf War. The Israelis were asked not to respond regardless of the provocation's of Iraq.

I would not say silver lining. This is a good indication that the US will attack and soon.
2001-09-18 10:06:45 PM  
Sango: "But even so, it still seems to me that it's getting closer."

If there is such thing as a day which will be the end of the world it's a foregone conclusion that it's getting closer. And it's even closer now. And now even closer than before. (bonus points to those who recognized the TMBG reference)

Worrying about it seems pretty pointless. It's not going to change when/if it happens. And there's a pretty good chance some random fragment of rock will slam into the planet at 30,000 miles an hour killing everyone long before God realizes he left the Earth unsupervised for a few thousand

It would be wonderful if the new peace stuck. If the terrorists, in their attempt to cause havoc have actually pushed the world towards the reduction of needless violence.

But then again, when your country is in economic ruin and you are jobless and without much hope... carrying around a gun and getting to shoot people and go to heaven (or its regional equivilent) probably doesn't sound all that bad.
2001-09-19 10:19:45 PM  

I'm a Modern-orthodox Jew - dress like Americans. I think you are referring to ultra-Orthodox Jews (Hasidim - with the coats, hats and long sideburns). Only some of them are anti-Israel and that's because they believe Jews are not allowed back into Israel until Messiah has come, which all Jews (except Jews for Jesus) believe he hasn't. Zionists on the other hand is a philosophy, not a sect of Judaism. It simply means "Lover of Israel." People who believe in it believe that Israel is a state and has a right to be a homeland for Jews - which is why Arabs declare it racist. (Even though they believe that Israel should be the homeland for Arabs).

On side note, Israel has Arab members in its democratic Parliament.
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