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(CNN)   Fort Hood suspect Hasan went into a 7-Eleven morning of shooting to buy coffee. (With video and analysis of Hasan buying coffee at 7-Eleven.)   ( cnn.com) divider line
    More: Followup, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, Fort Hood, Eleven, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, September 11 attacks, R-Texas, Silver Spring, Friday prayers  
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2009-11-06 04:05:53 PM  
He's wearing traditional morning coffee garb.
2009-11-06 04:05:54 PM  
I bet Maj. Hasan took a shiat at some point too.

Taking a shiat must be a terrorist action.
2009-11-06 04:06:13 PM  
No big deal. If I was planning to shoot a bunch of people I'd probably start the morning with a nice, hot coffee. Or a few beers. Most likely beer, but coffee would be my second choice.
2009-11-06 04:06:18 PM  
Hagbardr, NOW it all makes sense.
2009-11-06 04:06:56 PM  
(copy and paste)
2009-11-06 04:07:02 PM  
cherryhill.injersey.comView Full Size
2009-11-06 04:08:07 PM  
You people are missing the big picture here. This isn't just about the coffee. It's about the coffee and the hashbrowns. The hashbrowns are the key to this whole case. Don't let the mainstream media distract you by discussing his coffee, focus on the important stuff, his hashbrowns.
2009-11-06 04:08:44 PM  
[image from everydayyeah.com too old to be available]
2009-11-06 04:08:58 PM  
I know I just can't concentrate on my killing sprees until I've had a good, strong cup of coffee.
2009-11-06 04:08:59 PM  
just as always suspected 7 eleven is a cell
2009-11-06 04:09:33 PM  

2009-11-06 04:09:36 PM  
Just like Obama said, let's not jump to conclusions here. Just because the guy shouted allah akbar and then killed 13 innocent people that doesn't mean it was motivated by government health care.
2009-11-06 04:09:38 PM  
If he had stuck with the "Hot Coffee" from Grand Theft Auto this would have never happened.
2009-11-06 04:09:49 PM  
Stop using this fark-face's name.
2009-11-06 04:09:52 PM  

steklo: Know who else bought coffee at 7-11?

2009-11-06 04:10:04 PM  
Why does 7-11 hate America ?
2009-11-06 04:10:07 PM  
I thought it was a Falafel House.

/dang muslin
2009-11-06 04:10:26 PM  
farm3.static.flickr.comView Full Size
2009-11-06 04:10:32 PM  

dahmers love zombie: HASAN SHOP!

Came for this, leaving satisfied.

/Mine mine all mine!
2009-11-06 04:10:33 PM  

Tom_Slick: I love the 24hour news cycle. Quick find something new....he drank coffee....Can we confirm that?.....Check.....Air it Danno!

There, FTFY.
2009-11-06 04:10:40 PM  

TheKnownUniverse: Oh, and hazelnut sucks, unless you're talking Nutella.

BEHEAD those who insult hazelnut!
2009-11-06 04:10:55 PM  
the store clerk was reported as having said "I'm not even supposed to be here today"
2009-11-06 04:11:13 PM  
I love 7-11 coffee. Only place were I can get 64 ounces of coffee for 1.49, my Thermos is that big. I use to have a 52 ounce cofee cup I bought from there but it broke.
2009-11-06 04:11:16 PM  
Did we decide if he was Muslim yet?
2009-11-06 04:11:46 PM  
He ordered it with 'half and half'.

CLEARLY a connection to OBAMA!
2009-11-06 04:11:50 PM  

sweetmelissa31: I get coffee from the 7-11 every morning. Does that make me a terrorist sympathizer?

Kinda *shrugs*
2009-11-06 04:11:58 PM  
Hasan drank coffee.
Coffee beans are picked by Juan Valdez.
Juan Valdez is a terrorist.
Back to you in the newsroom.

//CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and especially MTV - FARK off
2009-11-06 04:12:04 PM  

Il Douchey: It was the Domo cup. Isn't Domo-kun a muzz?

Lulz...that's the first thing I thought of.
2009-11-06 04:12:30 PM  
2009-11-06 04:13:01 PM  
[image from wpix.com too old to be available]
2009-11-06 04:13:24 PM  
WHY do we have muslim terrorists in our own army, to begin with?
2009-11-06 04:13:26 PM  

liquidlen: Decaf by mistake?

Home run, my good man.
2009-11-06 04:13:47 PM  

Kygz: Stop using this fark-face's name.

Yes, from now on, we will refer to him as Terrorist McIslam
2009-11-06 04:14:03 PM  
Well, now we know his motive. He got his coffee, got in his car, drove away, went "sniff sniff... what the? Maple syrup? Did someone spill maple syrup in my coffee?" When he drove back and was informed that it was flavor the month, hazelnut crunch, the kid behind the counter refused to pull his pants up. Then he just lost it.

/Leary never gets old
2009-11-06 04:14:04 PM  
dahmers love zombie: HASAN SHOP!

2009-11-06 04:14:11 PM  

RockIsDead: He ordered it with 'half and half'.

CLEARLY a connection to OBAMA!

Alright that was funny.
2009-11-06 04:14:23 PM  


Big shoes to fill....big shoes to fill....big shoes to....
2009-11-06 04:14:38 PM  

BlorfMaster: Did we decide if he was Muslim yet?

He was, but that had nothing to do with claiming that muslim suicide bombers are heroes. Also when he screamed allah akbar before he opened fire, that was only because he thought it was just a cold blooded thing to say to a motherfarker before he popped a cap in his ass.
2009-11-06 04:14:41 PM  
No one has said Religion of Peace yet?

Wow. I am pretty sure this dude winds up getting executed by military tribunal or whatever the hell they do. I hope that chick shot him in the balls.
2009-11-06 04:14:41 PM  
/old news is old
2009-11-06 04:14:50 PM  

BlorfMaster: Did we decide if he was Muslim yet?

I don't think it's been decided for us yet. We're giving a sufficient amount of time before we'll be told whether to be saddened by this "incident" or angry and hurt because this was part of another Bush failure in the war on terror.

If only Bush had kicked him out of the army before he left office!
2009-11-06 04:15:01 PM  

apotheosis27: domo


[image from hyphenmagazine.com too old to be available]

/hot, unlike 7-11 coffee
2009-11-06 04:15:07 PM  

dahmers love zombie: HASAN SHOP!

Icee what you did there. It was Daffy.
animationusa.comView Full Size
2009-11-06 04:15:35 PM  
2009-11-06 04:15:43 PM  
The religion of peace
2009-11-06 04:15:54 PM  
The real question is.. did he get a domo kun cup?
2009-11-06 04:16:05 PM  
2009-11-06 04:16:05 PM  

sweetmelissa31: I get coffee from the 7-11 every morning. Does that make me a terrorist sympathizer?

no but it dose make you a poor judge of good coffee......

2009-11-06 04:16:11 PM  

reported: This is an outrage! I am now going to boycott 7/11 for collaborating with a muslin terrist!

oh no! a sheet terrorist! I just knew those cloth makers would get us in the end.
2009-11-06 04:16:27 PM  
I started to watch this last night when they had it on... They had someone narrating the video, going on and on basically about how nothing was going on in the video and giving the details that the convenience store owner told him.

Then, they had someone (I don't know who, but they were on the phone) who had spoken to the store owner in his native language, asking them if they had learned anything different... And she proceeded to say THE SAME THINGS that the first person said. I shut it off after about 3-4 sentences because it was just too embarassing to watch.

Why is it that whenever there's a big news story that comes out with very little detail in the beginning that the media spends virtually every single second going over the same information over and over and over again, while AW jackoffs try to put themselves in the spotlight to give their 'interpretation' of things?

/It's rhetorical, you don't really have to answer...
//It's more exasperation than curiosity
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