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(Washington Post) NewsFlash White House says the disarmament of Iraq has begun; President Bush to make statement at 10:15 P.M. EST (link goes to not much)   ( divider line
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2003-03-19 9:50:45 PM  
2003-03-19 9:50:45 PM  
This is a war. So sober up.
2003-03-19 9:50:51 PM  
Isn't that past his bedtime?
2003-03-19 9:50:58 PM  
Just saw this on the TV. Waaaaaaaaa, let's get 'em
2003-03-19 9:51:04 PM  
Just great.
2003-03-19 9:51:26 PM  
massive net slowdown predicted
2003-03-19 9:51:41 PM  
Lets get ready to Ruuuuuuuuuuumble!!
2003-03-19 9:51:43 PM  
I'm still waiting for the hundreds of bombs per hour to start. But I hope they wait until the popcorn finishes....
2003-03-19 9:51:50 PM  
Will this just be Gulf War 2 or the beginning of WWW III?

Fark reports, you decided...minus the O'Reily crap...
2003-03-19 9:51:55 PM  
Wow, look. There's the War live on my TV!
That's just a damn trip!
2003-03-19 9:52:03 PM  
let the burnination commence
2003-03-19 9:52:06 PM  
They appear to be targeting leadership sites. They may be taking the inverse approach to take out the head first.
2003-03-19 9:52:20 PM  
Fark em up
2003-03-19 9:52:23 PM  
Cruise missle strike on the way, confirmed CNN.
2003-03-19 9:52:24 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Did someone say GWAR?

2003-03-19 9:52:25 PM  
This is a war. Start drinking.
2003-03-19 9:52:26 PM  
Well, I just turned 18... hmmm
2003-03-19 9:52:27 PM  
2003-03-19 9:52:36 PM  
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me
they stand for greed, they stand for hate but nothing I believe!
don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me, for me

2003-03-19 9:52:37 PM  
Changes NO WAR position to STOP THE WAR NOW!
Support our troops, bring them home alive

/flame bait
2003-03-19 9:52:45 PM  
Well, people, it's been nice knowing you.

Although I'm sure I'll see many of you in Hell. Cheers.
2003-03-19 9:52:49 PM  
w00t!!! I'm jamming to the Imperial March!!!
2003-03-19 9:52:50 PM  
2003-03-19 9:52:58 PM  
Where's the poolie taking bets on how many days this lasts?

4 in 91. Do I hear 5 this time? 3, maybe?
2003-03-19 9:53:12 PM  
War. The ultimate Reality TV,

God bless our troops and the innocent Iraqi civilians.
2003-03-19 9:53:19 PM  
Where's the kaboom? There's supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom....
2003-03-19 9:53:28 PM  
Technically this is the 3rd Persian Gulf War
2003-03-19 9:53:30 PM  
Armagedon has begun...
2003-03-19 9:53:34 PM  
about damn time!
2003-03-19 9:53:34 PM  
IT'S ON B!TCH!!!!!!
2003-03-19 9:53:36 PM  
Expect to get farked.
2003-03-19 9:53:41 PM  
E-Bomb: Designed to take out all electronics in a huge "blast radius". Most certainly to be used against Baghdad. Let's go US. Let's get support out to the men and women protecting this fine country!
2003-03-19 9:53:43 PM  
Awww shiat son!
2003-03-19 9:53:43 PM  
This just in: Duke still sucks.
2003-03-19 9:53:46 PM  
Looks like there's some fire in Baghdad from those first strikes.
2003-03-19 9:53:53 PM  
I think it's good, the sooner it begins the sooner it will end.
2003-03-19 9:54:04 PM  
Hope this is over soon!
2003-03-19 9:54:08 PM  
anyone else view the washington post article in opera? Man they should test ads in more then just IE before approving them
2003-03-19 9:54:17 PM  
"Quick!! Everyone into the basement!! It's word war III!!!"

/Homer Simpson/I got nuthin
2003-03-19 9:54:19 PM  
Go get 'um boys.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-19 9:54:20 PM  
I officially have my entertainment for the weekend.

On a serious note: God bless our troops.
2003-03-19 9:54:25 PM  

You're not the only Farker who didn't want this.
2003-03-19 9:54:34 PM  
Let's rock!

[image from too old to be available]
2003-03-19 9:54:36 PM  
CNN confirms cruise missile launched at 'target of opportunity' in Baghdad.

Here we go...
2003-03-19 9:54:48 PM  
This is gonna be so much more exciting than the first one!

Kidding. This is a bummer. I was watching some Iraqi's being interviewed on TV the other day, and I was thinking, You're all going to be dead pretty soon. I'm glad it's not my birthday or anything.

But at least the Oscars haven't been cancelled!
2003-03-19 9:54:55 PM  
this hillbilly redneck can't even begin a war right, the sun us coming up in Baghdad, You don't bomb as the sun is coming up moron!! Unless, you have so much sh!t tha.......ohh,******* runs for the cellar!!!!
2003-03-19 9:54:55 PM  
'bout G-D time
2003-03-19 9:55:04 PM  
I can hear the protesters crying now.

Always remember:

You can't stop the War Machine.
2003-03-19 9:55:12 PM  
The MOAB (Mother Of All biatchslaps) has begun!
2003-03-19 9:55:27 PM  
Yay! It's about time. Go get 'em boys!

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