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2009-11-01 1:44:25 AM  

Peacedog: When my wife and I were first married I already had my own house for a couple of years and really had no supernatural occurrences. My wife on the other hand was different. It first started with her snoring very loudly during the night. I said something to her the first night and she swore up and down that she never snored. I called her parents and they verified that she never snored when she lived with them. So we thought it might be the bed. We changed it out, but the snoring continued for a couple of months.

One night we had went out for Mexican food fairly late in the evening and when we both got home we were fairly worn out. We decided to hit the hay early. That night I heard my wife scream and she sat straight up in the bed. I asked her what the matter was, and she said she woke up smelling one of the most foul odors she has ever smelt. She said it smelled like fresh death. She said that wasn't the weirdest thing though. When she had awoke the covers were completed over her face and tucked behind her head. She never slept with the covers over her head. The other strange thing is that I also noticed a strange, yet familiar sulfur-like smell in the air.

The next day was the weekend and we had spent all day at a sauerkraut and bratwurst festival. Feeling very tired we went to bed early again that night. Almost the same time as before, my wife awoke screaming. She said the smell had come back and it was worse than before. Also the covers were over her face and tucked underneath her head again. I did notice again a strange sulfur-like smell in the room.

This went on for a few more nights before my wife just up and decided to sleep in the other room. I decided to stay in the room to see if the phenomenon would happen to me. Every night I would stretch out on our king size bed underneath all the warm, warm covers wondering if it would happen to me. It never did.

My wife still refuses to sleep in the bedroom, choosing instead to sleep across the hall. She says she never has woken up with the sheets over her face and that putrid smell in her nose since she moved out. But, she has closed the door to her room because she said she could occasionally catch the death smell coming from the bedroom like it was trying to seek her out.

Dude, you dutch-oven'd your wife out of the room!
2009-11-01 1:45:36 AM  
As late as it is I feel compelled to get one more in, and again its about a nightmare. I understand teeth falling out dreams are pretty common but the one I had was just so vivid.

It was just me in my bathroom, and I'm brushing, and one tooth moves a little, just wiggles a tiny bit. I then manually move it with my finger, and wince, theres just a sense of sadness that at my young age i'm going to be permanently missing a tooth, or have a falsie. But I can't stop myself, and the wiggling keeps going, untill with the tiniest bit of effort, and no pain the tooth comes out. Of course it's disgusting. It's saliva-y its bloody, and theres this squishing/squelching/liquid noise as the tooth pops out, and dribbles a little bit of blood into my mouth. Gross, I spit and drink water and spit, and my tongue pokes another tooth. Same as the first one. Wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, squelch-squish-spit, another tooth just physically tugged out. I can feel it in my gums and in my hand and I can taste all the blood and saliva streaming out. And I just felt compelled, easily getting each tooth out, with that tiny bit of dead root resistance that you might remember from losing your teeth. By the end of the dream its blood and saliva and phlegm everywhere, and i'm sobbing because at my young age i'll need full on dentures, and I can hardly breathe with all the blood and everything in my mouth.

I took me two days to get over that dream.
2009-11-01 3:15:43 AM  

muck4doo: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

She looks like Lily Tomlin in that pic.
2009-11-01 3:23:39 AM  
I'm house sitting in a house with... rats and mice. (I hope that's all)
So what with the rustling and all while reading these stories, I am most definitely not getting a kick.
2009-11-01 12:29:44 PM  

JimG521: Last year we bought our first house. Everything was ok at first, I don't remember anything spooky. I'm sure anything weird we just attributed to getting used to the sounds and sights of this new place.

A few months after living there, my 2 year old wakes up in the middle of the night calling for us. We were still up, so I left the living room and went to check on him and get him back to sleep.

He was upset by "the people" in his room and wanted me to hold him. I get pretty easily freaked out, but I had to be dad and get the kid backed to bed without much lasting emotional damage, so I playfully start asking about the people - like how many, what they look like, and so on.

Soon, I ask where they are and he just glances for a second at the corner of the room and then back to me, eyes wide and panicky. So, to make sure, I pointed at the corner and said, "There?"

He grabbed the finger I was pointing with and pushed it down so quickly it scared me and yelled "Don't!" I did it a couple more times, not tormenting the kid, I just didn't understand what was going on. And each time he got very angry and upset, and more scared as he grabbed my hand and yelled "Stop daddy!" or "No no no no no..."

I finally told him, speaking loudly and clearly that there couldn't be anyone else in the house except him, me, Mommy, and his little brother. And if anyone else WAS in the house, they didn't belong and needed to get out and never ever come back. By the time I finished I was yelling.

As soon as I was done speaking, the lights in the house all flickered and we heard the loudest BANG I have ever heard - like a gunshot - come from our back door down the hall.

He's never said he's seen them again, but he still remembers, and I definitely do too. Sometimes on the way to bed he still asks, almost 2 years later, if the people will be there.

Dude, get the fark out of that house.
No, really.

I was thinking about saying the above, and my lamp just flickered and it got dark in here for a second, which means the light from the window behind me (bright daylight) must also have dimmed at the same time.
2009-11-01 1:16:12 PM  

vudukungfu: headstone: Just a piece of my life.

Was her name Margarette or Louise?
note the conjunction.

Sorry for the late response. Her name was Linda.

You may never see this response, but now I'm curious. Why did you ask?
2009-11-01 3:25:13 PM  

Delay: A girl friend some years back, who later became Mrs. Delay, told me a spooky story. Let me post a brief version.

I grew up in SoCal where there are no ghosts. Were a ghost to show up SoCal it would be treated like the old Bill Cosby comedy routine: Ghosts? I pay for this house! There are no ghosts allowed.

Given that background, when I moved to Oregon because the rents are cheaper than California, I had no idea that ghosts thrive there. How did I learn that ghosts thrive in Oregon? My new Oregon girl friend lived with ghosts. Pioneer cemetary ghosts, open field ghosts, empty building ghosts. I had no idea Oregon was sparse with people but crammed with ghosts.

GF and I became more attached and started sleeping in the same bed. Every night she would approach the bed and from about two feet away she would jump in. It became too strange a habit. I asked her why. She said that since a child she had seen the green hand underneath every bed she slept in that would quickly reach and attempt to grab her. She did not want to be grabbed by the green hand. So she jumped. Made sense to me.

Actually no. It seemed batshiat crazy to me but, she was very cute. Anyway, about two nights later I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back I saw in the dark what I thought was a green sock next to the bed and stomped it out of the way.

Girl friend stopped jumping into the bed. She even brought it up. She said she did not feel like she needed to jump into the bed anymore. I asked why. She said, there is no green hand anymore.

Hah -- have you told her this?

I've been wondering whether to share my own experiences. Haven't decided on the rest, but your comment about Oregon prompted me about this short one: I used to live in an apartment in Portland. Once I woke up in the middle of the night, and I knew something was in my room. I was deathly afraid to open my eyes, or to move at all, as my blanket was completely over me, so surely if it was someone who broke in, they'd be able to attack me first. Finally, if I recall correctly, I bolted up with a yell, but the room was empty and the door closed. The door to the apartment, however, I thought I heard snicking shut at the same time I opened my bedroom door, and it was unlocked. (Something I have always been paranoid about has been locking my doors, too)

Well, I decided maybe it was just a classic night terror/sleep paralysis thing, though part of me worried a little that it might have been the slightly creepy head maintenance guy, since he had a key, and like I said I was paranoid. Possibly this event is why I started leaving my TV on all night, with the sound low, to Headline News. I didn't think much about it at the time otherwise, and quickly forgot it. Later on after I'd been laid off and moved to another state, I was looking online at the Oregonian website by chance, and there was an article that a road crew had found the corpse of a homeless person in a culvert just across the highway from my complex, basically. And the guy had apparently died around the time I'd had this episode, a year or so before. Sure, it could all be coincidence, but I do find a second coincidence in that I just happened to be looking for news from my area when that story came out.
2009-11-01 8:22:29 PM  

Forecaster18: I'm almost certain he's talking about Pine Village, IN.

I guess I'm trying to find where he's talking about. I know they've redone how the road goes over the last numerous years.
2009-11-02 7:00:25 AM  

These are the stories that creep me out most of all. Nicely done. Such a good thread, I had to re-read it three days later.
2009-11-02 1:15:18 PM  
2009-11-02 9:38:48 PM  
When I was a kid I used to love to watch strange mystery shows like In Search Of, Unsolved Mysteries, Ripley's Believe it or Not (with Jack Palance), etc., and I was also a big fan of corny horror movies though watching the stuff nowadays I tend to find horror movies funny and not scary (I could also complain about how most horror movies nowadays are all about gore porn and having stuff jump at the camera but I digress). I also lived on an island that started out as indian holy ground, then became a significant stop back when fur trade was big, then was an important area during the war between america and england (there are two forts, battles were fought on the island, lots of dead people and stuff like that). Point being I was into ghosts and spooky stuff and the whole area was prime location for haunting.

Nothing happened... ever. No ghosts, no unexplainable lights or animals or anything like that. Even if other kids claimed some place was haunted or that something creepy happened, whenever I checked it out there was never anything there or anything that couldn't be explained by natural causes. Which is why despite all the stories in this thread or any halloween thread I don't believe in ghosts or any such foolishness of that sort.

/house I'm living in right now is a crappy old place that tends to go through lots of troublesome room mates (drugs and alcohol are the usual problems) and one past room mate claimed to have used a ouija board with some friends and supposedly there's some evil spirit here, I've been here for a couple years now and never felt or seen a thing even if I walk around at night with the lights off
//only creepy thing in this house is spiders
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